Top 10 Most Fun Dual Wields in Elden Ring

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There’s nothing more badass for fantasy gamers than dual-wielding.

Fans have always gone wild at the possibility of dual-wielding in FromSoftware games. Even as far back as Demon’s Souls, where the weapon on your left hand was essentially treated as a dagger, people were running dual Uchigatana builds.

The Power Stance mechanic has never gotten as much love as it did in Elden Ring. There are so many weapons with unique dual-wielding movesets!

It’s easy to find the most powerful dual-wield combos – but which weapons are the most fun to dual-wield? Let’s find out.


10. Guardian’s Swordspears

Guardian's Swordspears / Elden Ring

If it looks like a spear, moves like a sword, but is classified as a halberd, it’s most likely the Guardian Swordspear.

This weapon is full of contradictions. Its weight, look, and moveset don’t seem to match a halberd, but one thing does: it’s devastating when dual-wielded.

Much like a regular halberd, you’ll be able to unleash powerful, long-reaching attacks – but thanks to its reduced weight and unique moveset, you won’t have to compromise speed or ease-of-use.

Where to find: This weapon is carried by the Erdtree Guardians. You can find a crowd of them in Leyndell and some more around the various Minor Erdtrees.


9. Ringed Fingers

Ringed Fingers / Elden Ring

The Ringed Finger walks the thin line between ridiculous and terrifying.

It’s a warm and meaty bludgeon made from an ancient Fingercreeper’s appendage, kept from falling apart by the magical rings around it.

Adding to the weird look is the surreal weapon skill, Claw Flick, which lets you flick enemies away like a fly that just landed on your arm, unaware of the power of your finger.

Wielding just one is kind of grotesque – but two? That’s downright hilarious.

Where to find: You can obtain one of these in Gelmir Hero’s Grave. Make your way down past the first chariot, across the lava, and to the left to find the Ringed Finger.


8. Black Knives

Black Knives / Elden Ring

The Night of the Black Knives is one of the most important historical events in the Lands Between – and you can honor its memory by dual wielding its namesake weapon.

Black Knives help you weaken your opponent before shredding them to pieces with a lightning-fast slashing and piercing moveset.

The weapon art – Blade of Death – makes you look bloody bad-ass as you briefly lift off from the ground and launch a flaming curse at your foe, reducing their Max HP.

Once that’s done, you can go to town.

Where to find: You’ll get one from the Black Knife Assassin guarding the Sainted Hero’s Grave in Altus Plateau. Expect fierce resistance.


7. Raptor Talons

Raptor Talons / Elden Ring

One big issue with most cool Elden Ring weapons is that you have to clear the game more than once to get your hands on them – or ask a friend to gift you theirs.

The Raptor Talons are the other way around. You only need a single copy of the Raptor Talons to dual-wield them!

These claws are fantastic for dealing massive blood loss damage as you trigger the effect repeatedly with speedy slashes that’ll make you feel like Shredder from TMNT.

Although the Talons are 100% customizable with Ashes of War, its base skill – Quickstep – is pretty damn good in combination with its dynamic moveset.

Where to find: You can get these at the Sage’s Cave near Windham Ruins.


6. Starscourge Greatswords

Starscourge Greatswords / Elden Ring

Another incredibly bad-ass weapon you only need to get once before you can dual-wield is the Starscourge Greatsword favored by General Radahn.

Looking at their size, it’s a miracle your character can hold one of these colossal swords with each hand. Perhaps the gravity magic crest etched on the black blades helps.

Not only do these have a powerful moveset, but their Starcaller Cry weapon skill is downright oppressive – especially against hordes of lower-level enemies. There’s no better dual-wield for farming runes or items!

Where to find: Enia will gladly hand you these in exchange for the Remembrance of the Starscourge obtained by defeating General Radahn.


5. Magma Blades

Magma Blades / Elden Ring

These two bright orange blades benefit from the mesmerizing and fast-hitting moveset of curved swords, and they deal a fair bit of damage on their own.

From this perspective, they’re excellent for adding some fire damage to your STR-based build.

What really sets them apart and makes them fun to use is the Magma Shower weapon skill, which transforms your character into a lava sprinkler.

The lava puddles left behind create a barrier your enemy will be hesitant to pass. Enjoy healing and buffing while your enemy loses their mind.

Where to find: Farming the Magma Blades is about as fun as a kick to the bell bearings. They’re dropped by one out of every 100 Magma Blade-wielding Man-Serpents in Volcano Manor.


4. Eleonora’s Poleblades

Eleonora's Poleblade / Elden Ring

Fans of double-bladed Lightsaber wielders like Darth Maul can’t overlook Eleonora’s Poleblade.

This powerful twinblade is fantastic for making your opponent bleed out in seconds. Its critical-hit chance is off the chart, and it inflicts fire damage on top of that.

What really makes these twinblades shine is the moveset. Not only does the Poleblade’s unique R2 make you spin around like Link, but dual-wielding also opens up a catalog of lightning-fast flurries that’ll cause blood loss in no time.

Where to find: You can get the Poleblade by defeating Eleanora, Violet Bloody Finger, in Altus Plateau’s Second Church of Marika.


3. Hoslow’s Petal Whips

Hoslow's Petal Whips / Elden Ring

Something that has always struck me about From Software games is their insistence on including whips.

I’d always thought whips useless until I tried power-stancing them in Elden Ring.

A couple of whips can turn a Tarnished into a one-man circus exhibition. The undulating form of your two whips is mesmerizing and – to your enemies’ chagrin – hard to read.

The average foe will either avoid you like the plague or completely ignore the whips and charge you. Either way, their over- or under-reaction will open them up for you to bleed them dry with Hoslow’s Petal Whips.

Where to find: Luckily, you can get two of these in just one run – though you’ll have to clear the Volcano Manor’s questline, then head to Jarburg to witness Diallos’s self-discovering journey.


2. Fingerprint Stone Shields (AKA The Wall)

Fingerprint Stone Shields / Elden Ring

Turning yourself into an indestructible knight buried under a literal ton of steel with every single poise-boosting and damage negation item available was considered one of the cheapest ways to clear the original Dark Souls.

The strategy returns in Elden Ring, and if this video is to be believed, it’s even better for PvP.

Dual-wielding the Fingerprint Stone Shield – the heaviest greatshield in the game – will turn you into an immovable object and an impassable wall.

A weapon skill like Shield Bash or Shield Crash will come in handy to finish them off.

Where to find: Regrettably, you can only get a single Fingerprint Stone Shield per playthrough. It’s located in the Cathedral of the Forsaken, deep under Leyndell, after a grueling platforming segment.


1. Great Clubs

Great Club / Elden Ring

There is no older weapon than the club.

Ever since the inception of the Soulsborne franchise, people have seen the value of the Great Club – a weapon that lets you return to monke and assert dominance over the other apes.

If you’ve got a burning desire to go “unga bunga” on your foes and the STR to back it up, a couple of Great Clubs will do the trick.

Not only are these a great deterrent, but they have fantastic roll-catching moves – and nobody can withstand the catastrophic overhead bonk that is your heavy attack.

Where to find: You’ll take this withered branch of the Erdtree off the hands of a Stonedigger Troll in the Old Altus Tunnel.

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