The 10 Most Fun Quests in Elden Ring, Ranked

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One thing Elden Ring does better than other FromSoftware games is questlines.

The game is full of meaningful optional quests that’ll take you to new locations, new bosses, more NPCs with even more questlines, and a ton of bad-ass loot.

However, in typical FromSoftware fashion, the developers made them extremely easy to miss.

To ensure you’ve gotten all you can from this epic fantasy adventure, I’ve put together a list of my picks for the most fun and enjoyable quests in all of Elden Ring.

If you’ve missed any of these, it’s time to hit the Lands Between again.


10. Diallos’ Questline

Diallos in Elden Ring

“The tale of House Hoslow is told in blood…”

That seems to be all Diallos cares about – even though he’s not precisely good at spilling blood.

Despite the regal armor and bloodsoaked pedigree, Diallos is clearly not cut out to be a knight – and yet, he continues to try.

Following Diallos as he discovers himself, hitting new lows and finding new heights, is one of Elden Ring’s most wholesome stories – even though it ends in a bittersweet fashion.

This questline shines for its characters and the feelings it might elicit. You also get one of the most bad-ass helmets in the game, along with an ornate whip covered in rubies.


9. Sorceress Sellen’s Questline

Sorceress Sellen in Elden Ring

If you tend to get the hots for teacher-type characters, you’ll love becoming Sorceress Sellen’s #1 student.

Sellen is the first character to give your Tarnished warrior a chance and teach them sorceries in exchange for a couple of favors.

This character is obsessed with knowledge and willing to go insane lengths to elevate her mind. This involves transferring her mind between bodies, speaking to crystal-brained people, and challenging the authorities of the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

It’s a tale of doppelgängers, academic drama, and flying too close to the sun.


8. Patches’ Questline

Patches in Elden Ring

Usually, nothing good comes from associating with Patches.

That’s how it always has been, from Demon’s Souls to Dark Souls III.

And yet, the Elden Ring questline following this backstabbing prick shows us another side of him – at least after he’s done trying to kill us to rob our corpse.

If you can calm your murderous impulses when you first meet him at Murkwater Cave, he’ll continue popping up in your travels. If you join the Volcano Manor, you’ll even become associates.

To see patches vulnerable and suffering for someone else is the definition of Schadenfreude – to feel gleeful at someone else’s misfortune – and it’s a lot of fun.


7. Volcano Manor Quests

Tanith in Elden Ring

Talking about the “Volcano Manor Quests” isn’t awfully specific – after all, many quests are connected to the Volcano Manor, including Diallos’ and Patches’.

And yet, they can’t exist apart from the Volcano Manor.

Characters like Tanith, Rya, and Knight Bernahl would be completely unknown to you if you didn’t give this blasphemous organization a chance.

Not only do you get some bad-ass drops and a chance to skip most of the Volcano Manor Legacy Dungeon, but there are a ton of awesome one-on-one fights to be had.

Isn’t glorious combat the reason you picked up the game anyway?


6. Fia’s Questline

Fia in Elden Ring

Another quest tightly intertwined with several others is Deathbed Companion Fia’s plan to birth the Mending Rune of the Death Prince.

Most of us get roped into the machinations of Those Who Live in Death by Rogier, a young sorcerer we meet in a chapel at Stormveil Castle.

Fia’s involvement in all of this becomes apparent very slowly at first – then she murders a certain hunter, and all hell breaks loose.

The quest serves as a conduit that guides you to many important people and places – and it ends with an incomprehensibly epic fight against Lichdragon Fortissax.


5. Iron Fist Alexander’s Questline

Iron Fist Alexander in Elden Ring

Elden Ring’s most universally beloved character also has one of the best questlines.

Iron Fist Alexander carries on the long-standing Dark Souls tradition of a rotund character with a warrior’s spirit finding themselves in unfortunate situations only the player can save them from.

In the Dark Souls series, it was the warriors from Catarina.

In Elden Ring, it’s Alexander, the Warrior Jar.

Learning about Alexander is understanding the mysteries behind the Living Jars, how they are made, and what they carry inside them.

Someone should turn that epic final battle at Crumbling Farum Azula into an anime.


4. Dung Eater’s Questline

Dung Eater in Elden Ring

Most characters in Elden Ring would be considered heinous criminals in our times – but only one of them combines degeneracy, terrorism, sexual misconduct, and crimes against humanity:

The Loathsome Dung Eater!

This controversial character’s questline sees you collecting “Seedbed Curses” from the crotch of many desecrated corpses to earn the Dung Eater’s respect. Later, you’ll break him out of jail so he can continue defiling and eventually take on the mantle of Dung Eater yourself.

You’ll get plenty of badass equipment and access to the Blessing of Despair ending, so check it out if you have the stomach.


3. White-Mask Varré’s Questline

White-Mask Varré in Elden Ring

Varré is the first NPC most of us meet on our journey to claim the Elden Throne.

He’s the one who informs us that being “maidenless” is something to be lamented, and overall, he’s extremely shady – leading some of us to give him a wide berth and ignore his requests.

However, if you give him some of your time and engage in wanton bloodshed in the name of the Lord of Blood, he’ll lead you to Mohgwyn Palace.

Mohg is one of the darkest, most sinister characters in Elden Ring – and bringing the fight to him after pretending to serve is quite enjoyable.

Moreover, you get to give Varré a taste of his own medicine and gain access to his stylish bouquet weapon.


2. Millicent’s Questline

Millicent in Elden Ring

If there’s one character whose growth as a warrior is comparable to that of the player, it’s Millicent.

We first meet this red-haired beauty as she rots away in the corner of a chapel in Caelid. Shortly after, we’re offered a chance to help her by acquiring an Unalloyed Golden Needle and later a prosthetic.

From that point on, Millicent will show up to help us in some of the game’s toughest fights, including the Godskin Apostle at Dominula, the Magma Wyrm Makar, the Draconic Tree Sentinel, and the Black Blade Kindred.

Near the end, we get a chance to show Millicent our thanks or betray her savagely. Either way, we’ll have learned much about the Crimson Rot and its conduit, Malenia.


1. Ranni the Witch’s Questline

Ranni the Witch in Elden Ring

Is there anything more fun in life than falling in love?

Defeating epic bosses in the name of your one true love definitely sounds like it.

Ranni is one of the most influential characters in Elden Ring, and helping her achieve her dreams of making a cold and serene night fall over the Lands Between is nothing short of a chivalric romance.

You’ll stop assassination plots, uncover hidden underground cities, and defeat fierce beasts like Glintstone Dragon Adula and Astel, Naturalborn of the Void.

Did I mention she gives you this game’s Moonlight Greatsword?

If you cleared Elden Ring but didn’t get involved with Ranni, you missed around 30% of the game.

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