Top 10 Rarest Armor Sets in Elden Ring

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In Elden Ring, you play as an undying zombie.

If that’s not bad enough, your “pretend” girlfriend keeps urging you to climb the social ladder until you’re king of everyone in the Lands Between.

Being the clueless good boy (or girl) zombie you are, you oblige and pretty soon you start getting accustomed to the finer things in life.

But you’re really doing yourself a disservice by wearing those starting class rags and hand-me-downs from the hapless victims you murdered. Eventually, you’re going to want the rarest and the most stylish accouterments.

So that when you die over and over again, you at least do so beautifully.

Thankfully, you can trust us to know what armor sets are befitting of an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. We employed a highly empirical yet scientific method– totally not eenie-meenie-miney-mo, in choosing which armor sets are the rarest trophy armor in the game.

After all, what’s a king without his rare bling while searching for the Elden Ring?


10. Banished Knight Set

Banished Knight Set / Elden Ring

This one isn’t that rare from a certain perspective. But among the community, this thing is a luxurious fashion statement. The reason why is because it’s hard to obtain it and requires a bit of luck.

The hooded variant is highly-coveted; it gives the wearer an air of mystery, and also hides their misshapen face after having spent too much time with the character creator.

Of course, its value extends beyond style. Since the Banished Knight set is also one of the most protective armor pieces in the game.

It is quite heavy though, but that’s a small price to pay.

Where to find it: You’ll have to kill Banished Knights over and over again. They have a chance to drop the individual armor pieces they’re wearing. There are lots of them in Stormveil Castle (Limgrave) and Castle Sol (Mountaintops of the Giants).


9. Carian Knight Set

Carian Knight Set / Elden Ring

At first glance, you’ll probably mistake the Carian Knight set for some kind of royal armor. All those gemstones in the pauldrons don’t come cheap.

When it comes to rarity, it’s up there alright. Only one enemy in the game wears it, and the stingy wretch doesn’t even drop it upon his death.

The armor’s exact location is more difficult to find, and requires some out-of-the-box thinking. But seeing as the armor is made for spellblades of the Carian royal family, that’s already a given.

Where to find it: In Raya Lucaria Academy (Liurnia) in front of a large tombstone on a ledge opposite the giant water wheel elevator.


8. Drake Knight Set

Drake Knight Set / Elden Ring

Have you ever wanted to be a dragon? The good news is that Elden Ring has a major mythos reserved for people with this kind of obsession.

There’s a dragon church, human-dragon hybrids (don’t ask how or why), and there’s a dragon armor.

Well, drake armor to be exact since they probably can’t afford the dragon makeover program but it’ll have to do.

Where to find it:

  1. Go to Crumbling Farum Azula, Dragon Temple Roofing site of grace.
  2. Head to the pavilion with the Warhawk inside, jump down the elevator shaft.
  3. Climb down the nearby ladder, then turn left and head north.
  4. Drop to a floating rock and then down to an elevator platform.
  5. Activate the elevator, it will take you up.
  6. Head outside and follow the circular path until you see the chest containing this armor.

7. Rotten Duelist Set

Rotten Duelist Set / Elden Ring

Who needs a breastplate when abs will discourage the enemies from attacking? Well, that’s assuming your character has abs– all that running around and fighting should count as working out, right?

But regardless, this armor set is quite premium – because you won’t find the whole set in one spot.

It’s safe to assume that that kind of tedium has led to fewer players pursuing this armor.

Where to find it:

  • The helmet is dropped by a Rotten Duelist northwest of Consecrated Snowfield grace (Consecrated Snowfield).
  • The cloak or body armor is dropped by killing the boss of Consecrated Snowfield Catacombs (located on the eastern edge of Consecrated Snowfield).
  • The greaves drop from the Rotten Duelist due northwest of Ordina, Liturgical Town (Consecrated Snowfield).

6. Tree Sentinel Set

Tree Sentinel Set / Elden Ring

Remember that big, smug golden knight dude on his snobby golden steed at the start of the game? There’s no way you didn’t covet his armor.

Now you can get it from a rather tricky and brutal dungeon.

The reward is worth it, of course. The Tree Sentinel Set is one of the cleanest and most regal armor sets in the game.

Where to find it: Reward in Auriza Hero’s Grave after you solve the chariot puzzles. You’ll have to drop down some wooden rafters near the end of the chariot’s paths to access the puzzle area.


5. Goldmask’s Set

Goldmask's Set / Elden Ring

Even an Elden Lord needs to sunbathe and flaunt those curves from time to time. A bit of R&R won’t hurt and the ever-brilliant Goldmask has just the thing for that.

The catch is that you’ll have to take it off from his emaciated half-rotten beef jerky of a corpse.

By the looks of it, he hasn’t washed it in eons. That cloth probably used to be angelic white. Still, it has gold in it, and it’s rare.

I’m sure there’s a collector out there who will appreciate used and unwashed swimwear.

Where to find it: Goldmask’s corpse near the bottom of the hill where the colosseum is located in Leyndell, Capital of Ash. You’ll have to defeat Maliketh first.


4. Lusat’s Set

Lusat's Set / Elden Ring

Look, even we don’t know what that thing is. Is it a UV light bulb? Or the depressed Eye of Sauron? Beats me.

But this thing is hard to find and is tucked away in a cave that only one person knows exists.

And even she can’t get to it.

So it’s up to you to grab this attire. It belongs to a powerful sorcerer who studied the stars so much, that his head became a crystal ball.

Where to find it: In a hidden cave behind a fake cliff wall north of the Church of the Plague in Caelid. You’ll need the key from Sorceress Sellen. You can only obtain the armor once Sellen has moved to Raya Lucaria.


3. Raging Wolf Set

Raging Wolf Set / Elden Ring

The funny thing about this armor set is that it’s the poster costume for Elden Ring trailers – except the developers tucked it away in a spot and quest that’s easily missed. They just love to torture their players with such teasers.

Anyway, the Raging Wolf set is an awesome medium armor fit for that closeted edgelord within every Soulsborne game player.

That helmet is all about catering to the silent masked hero stereotype.

Where to find it: Keep talking to Recusant Bernahl in Volcano Manor after every Recusant contract. He’ll ask you to help him invade and kill some NPCs near Leyndell’s Fortified Manor grace. One of those NPCs will drop the armor.


2. Night’s Cavalry Set

Night's Cavalry Set / Elden Ring

Speaking of edgelord attire, not many can match the dark hearts of those who wear the void-black angst mantles of the Night’s Cavalry set. Careful though, you might cut yourself with that kind of edge.

Bonus points if your character hates the world and decides to wear this.

But in all seriousness, it’s a good armor that balances out weight and defenses, plus it goes well with a lot of black hoods.

Where to find it: Dropped by the twin Night Cavalry bosses that guard the caravan on the route east of the Inner Consecrated Snowfield grace (Consecrated Snowfield). You have to approach the caravan by night or the Night Cavalry bosses won’t appear.


1. Mushroom Set

Mushroom Set / Elden Ring

It’s not just rare because it’s hard to find. It’s also not a common sight because this thing is objectively horrid. It doesn’t even look like armor.

It looks like your character slept near a rotting tree stump and cultured a bunch of fungi.

It’s actually great for a poison build, which in itself is a rare type of character build in Elden Ring.

You’ll just have to live with the fact that your character looks and smells like untreated athlete’s foot.

Where to find it:

  • You can find the helmet on a corpse hanging off a pillar in Lake of Rot.
  • The rest of the set is near the Giant Poison Flower in Seethewater Cave (Mt. Gelmir).
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