Top 5 Most Unique Strength Weapons in Elden Ring

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I don’t mean to hate, but it doesn’t get more generic than a STR-based build on a FromSoftware game.

If you want to set yourself apart, you’ll need a unique weapon.

Everyone is running around with Grafted Blades and Ruins Greatswords – so there’s plenty of room for some originality.

And if you want to stand out among the armies of burly Tarnished bodybuilders, check out these unique and unusual Strength-scaling weapons in Elden Ring.


5. Ghiza’s Wheel

Ghiza's Wheel in Elden Ring

Ghiza’s Wheel is an exceptional weapon from any perspective.

This colossal weapon is Elden Ring’s version of a chainsaw. If you had to cut off tails for weapons in ER as you do in Dark Souls, this would be the tool for the job.

It’s all thanks to its weapon skill – Spinning Wheel – which lets you point this tool of destruction forward as the blades spin vigorously.

Anyone who comes into contact with them gets turned into the pink slime McNuggets are made from.

Where to find: This gruesome torture device is acquired by defeating Inquisitor Ghiza in Volcano Manor.


4. Envoy’s Greathorn

Envoy's Greathorn in Elden Ring

A combination of Strength and Faith is one of the most popular build archetypes in Elden Ring. If you’re running a STR/FAI build and want to break the mold, try the Envoy’s Greathorn.

This somewhat ridiculous weapon is actually a music instrument – though no average person should be able to play it. The next Elden Lord, however… that’s a different story.

If swinging this big brass club at your enemies isn’t having the effect you were hoping for, just use the Great Oracular Bubble weapon art and shoot a massive blob of divine energy in their direction.

With nice damage, range, and excellent roll-catching moves, the Envoy’s Greathorn is more than just “unique.”

Where to find: With some luck, you can get this off the corpse of a Giant Oracle Envoy in Miquella’s Haligtree.


3. Marais Executioner’s Greatsword

Marais Executioner's Greatsword in Elden Ring

Something STR-focused players often complain about is their short range.

The Marais Executioner’s Greatsword offers a solution with the Eochaid’s Dancing Blade weapon skill, which lets you launch this brutal-looking greatsword forward in a corkscrew attack.

Anything short of a giant boss should be easily staggered by the blade’s continuous hits. They’re left with no choice but to suffer until the edge stops spinning.

The weapon is meant for STR/ARC builds – a somewhat uncommon combination. It’s doubly unusual considering it has no bleed or poison build-up effect.

Where to find: You can get this heirloom of House Marais after defeating Elemer of the Briar in the Shaded Castle.


2. Fingerprint Stone Shields

Fingerprint Stone Shields in Elden Ring

What’s more unique than dual-wielding shields instead of regular weapons?

The Fingerprint Stone Shield is especially well-suited for this purpose because of two things. First, it negates a ton of damage, making you nigh-untouchable. Second, it causes Madness build-up – an excellent tool in PvP encounters.

As this video so eloquently demonstrates, turning yourself into an unmovable object with two of them and slowly walking toward your defenseless enemy as they try fruitlessly to break your guard is empowering, to say the least.

A weapon skill like Shield Bash or Shield Crash should help you put the finishing touches on your victory.

Where to find: This heavy shield lies near the bottom of the Cathedral of the Forsaken after a grueling platforming section. You can only access this area after defeating Morgott.


1. Ringed Finger

Ringed Finger in Elden Ring

Elden Ring’s obsession with fingers is one of its most unusual traits – and this weapon is the crystallization of FromSoftware’s finger-centric worldbuilding.

According to the item description, this grotesque weapon has a fleshy texture and remains warm to the touch.

It might be the weirdest weapon in Elden Ring, period.

It’s also a lot of fun to use, thanks to its weapon skill. As its name suggests, Claw Flick lets you flick your enemies off of your path like you would a fly or a mosquito.

Where to find: In Gelmir Hero’s Grave, make your way down from the first chariot, fearlessly cross the lava, and turn left to find the Ringed Finger.

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