Top 10 Elden Ring Waifus, Ranked

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FromSoftware games have a long history of appealing ladies that fans love to fawn over.

Dark Souls has Crossbreed Priscilla, Bloodborne has the Doll from the Hunter’s Dream, and Sekiro has the elegant physician Emma.

Elden Ring took everything in the series to the next level – including the waifus. This game is full of charming ladies any Tarnished would be happy to call their “maiden,” and some of them blow their predecessors out of the water.

Love is blind, and everyone has their own favorites, but I think there’s value in figuring out who the best waifu in Elden Ring is.

You’re becoming the Elden Lord – and the Lands Between deserve a worthy royal consort.


10. Anastasia, Tarnished-Eater

Anastasia, Tarnished-Eater in Elden Ring screeshot

Behind door #1 we find Anastasia, also known as the Tarnished-Eater.

Anastasia is unique because she has absolutely no dialogue or relevance to the story. She’s also one of the most memorable characters in the game.

This creepy, giant-knife-wielding invader can pop into your game in Limgrave, Mt. Gelmir, or the Consecrated Snowfield way up in the mountains to end your run and – if all goes right – make you lose some runes.

She makes it into the list because some people like it rough. The idea of being cut to pieces and eaten by Ogress Anastasia is irresistible for some people.

It’s like Mads Mikkelsen in Hannibal… kind of.


9. Roderika

Roderika in Elden Ring screeshot

After a potentially traumatizing run-in with Anastasia, you’ll be looking for someone to soothe your terrified heart – someone soft, like Roderika.

We meet Roderika when she’s lost and lacking in purpose, just waiting for her death inside a shack in Limgrave. Help her, and she’ll eventually find a new reason to live, thanks to Smithing Master Hewg teaching her the intricacies of spirit tuning.

Roderika is beautiful, and her accent is charming, but what I like most is her kind and gentle soul. She sees the good in people – even monstrosities like Hewg (or your own character, depending on how “creative” you got).


8. Rya (Zorayas)

Rya (Zorayas) in Elden Ring screeshot

I love a woman with hidden depths.

You meet Rya in the shallow waters of Liurnia, where she asks you to be her knight in shining armor and retrieve a necklace that was taken away by a thug. Do so, and you’ll earn yourself an invitation to Volcano Manor.

There, you’ll uncover a surprising truth: Rya is actually a giant, talking serpent, and her real name is Zorayas.

Her story is similar to a Disney movie where a cursed princess is rescued by a gallant knight.

Happy endings don’t exist in From Software games, but it can still be romantic.


7. Queen Marika

Queen Marika in Elden Ring screeshot

If you’re ambitious like me, you’ll jump at an opportunity to get with Queen Marika, Ruler of the Lands Between.

After all, joining your life to this Goddess would make you the Elden Lord – and isn’t that the whole point of your quest?

Marika is the Flex Tape holding the Elden Ring together – or what’s left of it. She’s an inspiring figure, even if her motivations are hard to grasp.

What’s not nearly as hard to see are her legs – showcased throughout the Lands Between on countless statues.

“Legs – O, legs.”


6. Sorceress Sellen

Sorceress Sellen in Elden Ring screeshot

Have you ever heard the song “Hot for Teacher” by Van Halen?

Sorceress Sellen is one of the first women you meet in the game – and she’s quick to put you to good use. She’ll gladly take you in as an apprentice in exchange for a couple favors, becoming your first magic teacher.

Sellen is one of my favorite characters due to her big brain, intellectual personality, and complete dedication to transcending the limits of humanity.

In the end, her plans backfire horribly – but her struggle was beautiful while it lasted.


5. Malenia, Blade of Miquella

Malenia, Blade of Miquella in Elden Ring screeshot

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock to avoid spoilers for the past few months and still haven’t made it too far into the game, you know who Malenia, Blade of Miquella, is.

This bad-ass blade dancer is considered the hardest boss in the game for her absolutely ridiculous moveset and massive damage capacity.

She was able to completely destroy Caelid and turn Radahn into a zombie! Of course, she’s hard to fight.

Malenia is the waifu for those looking for a strong woman who’ll whip you into becoming a better person.


4. Millicent

Millicent in Elden Ring screeshot

If you’re really into redheads, but Malenia is too forceful for your tastes, consider Millicent, one of the most tragically beautiful characters in Elden Ring.

We first meet her as a lost soul rotting away in the corner of a church in Caelid. With some help from our character (and a mysterious supporter), she can recover from the rot and head out to travel and find herself – a process we can clearly see every time we meet her.

Regrettably, it was not to be. Millicent seems to be a clone of Malenia – something born out of the spores released by her previous blooming, most likely.

Instead of growing up to become Malenia and further spreading the Crimson Rot, Millicent chooses to give in to the rot and waste away. Her noble sacrifice will not be forgotten.


3. Fia the Deathbed Companion

Fia the Deathbed Companion in Elden Ring screeshot

Love and companionship are hard to find in the Lands Between – so when someone offers you a hug, you take it, no questions asked.

Fia is like a safe space during your stay at the Roundtable Hold.

Sitting in her cozy room, she offers to hold you in exchange for “your warmth,” whatever that may be – and she gives you the confidence to take on the world in the form of the Baldachin’s Blessing.

Regrettably, you’ll never have this waifu all to yourself. Not only is “holding” champions the whole point of being a Deathbed Companion, but she seems very devoted to Godwyn the Golden.


2. Melina

Melina in Elden Ring screeshot

When we came into the Lands Between, we were nothing but a confused Tarnished who had to walk around everywhere and endure funny-looking bozos calling them “maidenless.”

In our darkest hour, only Melina saw the potential within us. She offered us an accord, and just like that, we were maidenless no more. Plus, we got Torrent to help us traverse this immense map.

Melina might have her own reasons for sticking with our Tarnished, but even so, she’s a loyal companion who wards away loneliness and shares with us the echoes of Marika’s words.

Moreover, Melina might be Marika’s daughter, meaning she’s a worthy waifu for an Elden Lord.


1. Ranni the Witch

Ranni the Witch in Elden Ring screeshot

I’ve always been a fan of chivalry romance stories, like King Arthur’s Round Table. Ranni the Witch is the gateway to chivalry in Elden Ring.

At first, we pledge ourselves to her service to find some information for our pal Rogier – but some of us, like me, saw the beauty in Ranni and decided to continue serving her.

Ranni’s questline is the best in the game. And it really gives you insight into her motivations and personality.

She even turns herself into a cute little Ranni doll and expects us not to notice. How adorable is that?

With four arms to hug you, a royal title to share with you, and a vision for a Lands Between without the interference of the Greater Will, Ranni is simply too good to overlook.

If you haven’t ushered in the Age of Stars alongside this beauty, it’s time to return to Elden Ring.

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