Best Playable Characters in Enter the Gungeon (All Ranked)

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Enter the Gungeon has vibrant graphics and a captivating soundtrack.

But what makes this bullet hell so addictive is its challenging gameplay.

The Gungeon is one of the most dangerous places in the galaxy. Most people who enter it are never heard from again.

It takes exceptional characters to keep braving its dangers in hopes of finding The Gun That Can Kill The Past – let alone actually achieving it.

If you’re tackling Enter the Gungeon, you need to know which character will better serve your playstyle, and whether they need to be unlocked.

Let’s take a look at every playable character in the game.


9. The Pilot

Playing as The Pilot in Gungeon

The Pilot is a divisive character among Gungeon connoisseurs.

He gets better prices in stores and may even open some chests without a key with his Lockpick, but his Rogue Special is the worst starting weapon due to its limited range and terrible bullet spread.

Relying on luck just isn’t something you want to do in EtG.

He may have good hair and roguish appeal, but The Pilot is the worst of the lot.


8. The Cultist

Playing as The Cultist in Gungeon

The Pilot is so bad, even someone wielding a rubber dart gun gets a higher score.

In all seriousness, what really places The Cultist above the Pilot is that there would be no co-op without them.

The Cultist is the ultimate wingman.

Their Friendship Cookie can revive their partner with full health at the drop of a hat – and they’ll drop it upon death so their teammate can use it too.

If that doesn’t work, they’ll still gain more damage and faster movement speed to defeat the floor boss and revive Player 1.

How to unlock: Connect a second controller for The Cultist to become visible.


7. The Hunter

Playing as The Hunter in Gungeon

The Hunter has the coolest-looking design of all basic Gungeoneers, and her adorable corgi companion Junior II is the single cutest thing in the game.

Junior II is pretty useful, too.

From time to time, it’ll dig up items like ammo, blanks, and even keys.

He’ll also bark at mimics so you don’t get caught off guard.

The Hunter’s Rusty Sidearm is one of the best starting weapons, thanks to its high range and accuracy. She also comes equipped with a Crossbow, which is super effective in the first two floors.

Play as The Hunter if you don’t like relying on luck to get a good weapon at the beginning (and to pet the dog).


6. The Convict

Playing as The Convict in Enter the Gungeon

The Convict was my go-to character when I first started playing Enter the Gungeon – and it’s one I recommend to newbies and veterans alike.

Despite its limited range, the Budget Revolver is the fastest-firing starter weapon if you tap the button.

It also reloads in a flash, so the damage adds up quickly.

The Molotov Cocktail may not look like much at first. But throw it under a boss and it’ll do a fair bit of damage before the fire goes out.

The Convict will also do double damage for a short while after getting hit, which can help you clear rooms and defeat bosses faster before you learn to finesse them.


5. The Robot

Playing as The Robot Character / Enter the Gungeon Screenshot

The Robot is the most unique Gungeoneer thanks to the way his health works.

Rather than carrying around heart containers, The Robot prefers to pile on the armor.

It starts with six, and you’ll have to get more along the way.

Whether that’s a boon or a handicap will depend on how often you get hit.

The Robot will also gain an extra 5% damage for every piece of junk you pick up from trashed chests. So it’s a valid strategy to just destroy as many as you can for a massive stat boost.

How to unlock: After repairing the first elevator, go into the elevator room to find the Busted Television. Bring this item to the Blacksmith on the fifth floor to unlock the Robot.


4. The Marine

Enter the Gungeon - playing as The Marine

The Marine has two main things going for him:

Better weapon handling and ammo.

His Military Training reduces his reload times and increases accuracy, making him reliable with almost every weapon.

While his Marine Sidearm is pretty competent and has extra knockback, you seldom need to use it. After all, the Marine can call in an ammo supply drop at any time with his active item.

As if all that wasn’t enough, he starts each run with an extra piece of armor – just in case.


3. The Paradox

Playing as The Paradox in Gungeon

The Paradox is an unusual Gungeoneer whose real identity lies shrouded behind a shifting space-time continuum.

What we do know for sure is that getting two random weapons and an item at the start of every run can prove overpowered – especially if you’re lucky enough to roll a synergy.

This character can make the first couple of levels trivial, but be careful not to run out of money.

It costs five Hegemony Credits to play as The Paradox.

How to unlock: After killing at least one past, a cosmic rift will appear in random rooms. Touch it, and you’ll be enveloped in a paradox effect. If you manage to kill your past or the Lich with it, The Paradox will become available.


2. The Bullet

Playing as The Bullet in Gungeon

We don’t know precisely how or why The Bullet rebelled against his destiny – but we’re glad it did.

This caped crusader is one of the most unique and fun characters to play as.

His starter weapon, Blasphemy, is a sword that can cut through enemy bullets.

It makes it easier to avoid damage, and that’s what you’re supposed to do.

As long as you keep your hearts full, Blasphemy also fires a powerful sword-shaped beam of light. It’ll help you get far-away enemies and deal massive damage together with the blade itself.

How to unlock: After killing at least one past, you’ll meet a passive red-caped Bullet Kin in some rooms. After seeing it five times (without hurting it), you’ll unlock the Bullet.


1. The Gunslinger

The Gunslinger playable character in Gungeon

The Gunslinger is a mysterious character said to have mastered the Gungeon long ago.

And it’s easy to see how he accomplished the feat.

His Slinger has the highest DPS and lowest reload time of all the starter weapons.

That’s because the Gunslinger doesn’t reload. Instead, he just throws the empty gun at his foe and pulls out a new one from his robes.

But what really makes this old man so powerful are his Lich’s Eye Bullets, which activate every gun’s synergy upon pick-up. It’s pretty ridiculous.

How to unlock: After defeating the Lich as the Paradox, you’ll respawn on the top floor as the Gunslinger. If you clear the Gungeon and kill his past you’ll be able to use him anytime – as long as you have 7HC laying around.

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