The 20 Best Passive Items in Enter the Gungeon

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The first thing on your mind when facing the Gungeon is weaponry.

But there’s just as much power to be found in passive items.

Just by holding them, these items grant Gungeoneers powerful boons like stronger bullets, faster movement, and even an extra life (with some strings attached).

There are all kinds of passive items waiting in the Gungeon’s multicolored chests, but only a select few are worthy of being called “the best.”

Let’s take a look at the items to keep an eye out for if you want to conquer the Gungeon.


20. Cog of Battle

Gungeon Screenshot

Lovers of the Gears of War franchise will find their active reloading skills valuable with the Cog of Battle.

While holding this C-tier item, all guns gain an active reload, which rewards a second tap of the reload button at the right time with more powerful bullets and a shorter reload animation.

It’s a relatively situational item, but it’s among the best you can find in a blue chest.

Once you master the art of active reloading it can help turn the tide in your favor.


19. Full Metal Jacket

Gungeon Screenshot

Clever use of blanks is the only way for an average Joe like me to get Master Rounds.

Still, having to actively shoot the blank makes it a fair bit less valuable when you’re in a trance trying not to get hit.

The FMJ may be a common B-tier item, but it’s hard to overstate the advantage of automatic blank activation.

In addition, this item can synergize with the Badge to turn the police officer into a robot cop.


18. Clown Mask

Gungeon Screenshot

Fans of four-player co-op bank heist simulator PAYDAY 2 will recognize the Clown Mask as the same worn by bank-robbing mastermind Dallas.

You’d think this item would let you rob stores or something, but it’s the other way around.

You can only get it by stealing it from the store or angering the owner so he packs up and leaves – leaving the Clown Mask free for the taking.

It summons a member of the Payday gang to fight with you – and you can get the whole squad if paired with the other PAYDAY 2 items like the Loot Bag and the Drill.

Unlocked by: Getting it from the shop.


17. Hungry Bullets

Gungeon Screenshot

These hungry projectiles are one of the most potent bullet upgrades thanks to their ability to eat enemy shots.

The cannibal bullets will grow 10% in size and damage for every shot eaten.

It’s absolutely OP with anything automatic or with beam guns, which get their damage doubled.

Couple this A-tier item with a decent fire rate, and it can make battles against bullet-blanketing bosses like the Wallmonger and the Dragun significantly easier.

Unlocked by: Getting swallowed by a Tarnisher


16. Armor Synthesizer

Gungeon Screenshot

Any item offering extra protection is well received, and the Armor Synthesizer can bring in a steady stream of armor pieces if you play well enough.

Each time you clear a room without taking damage while holding this A-tier item, there’s a 10% chance you’ll receive the coveted shield.

That’s at least one armor piece on every floor if you don’t totally suck.

If you’re lucky enough to get more than one Synthesizer at the same time, you’ll get a companion who’ll take shots in your place.

Get all three – including Armor, Health, and Ammo – and you’ll have three companions orbiting around you.


15. Gunknight Helmet

Gungeon Screenshot

Legends speak of an ancient knight who lost their helmet deep in the halls of the forge.

This A-tier item grants two pieces of armor upon pick-up and one more on each floor. That’s pretty good in and of itself, but it pales in comparison to the complete set.

Together they’ll turn the player into Cormorant, the Aimless Knight.

It’s a tremendous transformation, and it removes the need to reload.

Talk about OP.

Having any piece of the Gunknight set increases the chance of finding the other three parts.

Unlocked by: Defeating 25 Gun Nuts for Friffle and the Grey Mauser.


14. Metronome

Gungeon Screenshot

Based on a classic Pokémon move introduced with the original 151 critters, the Metronome will help you gradually increase in power as long as you avoid damage.

This B-tier item grants a small damage bonus of 2% for every enemy killed without taking damage or changing guns.

If you manage to keep going until 75 consecutive kills, we’re looking at a whopping 150% maximum damage increase – which rises to 250% if you’re also carrying the Drum Clip.


13. Mimic Tooth Necklace

Gungeon Screenshot

We all love to hate mimics.

There’s hardly a story that will earn you more sympathy from fellow dungeon explorers than “I got eaten by a mimic”, and it’s no different in the Gungeon.

But there’s a silver lining to meeting these ambush predators.

If you’re good enough to shoot first and gun them down without dying, you’ll get the chest’s contents – no key needed.

The Mimic Tooth Necklace is an A-tier item that’ll turn every single chest into a mimic. It’s a dangerous world, but its riches are yours to take if you aim true.

Alternatively, you can pair it with the Ring of Mimic Friendship, effectively opening every chest.

Unlocked by: Hunting three mimics for Friffle and the Frey Mauser.


12. Master of Unlocking

Gungeon Screenshot

Play well, get keys.

This B-tier item works as advertised, rewarding you with keys upon completing rooms undamaged.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are many rooms in the Gungeon.

So this item almost guarantees a fair amount of keys if you’re not terrible at the game.

It’s super helpful if you get it early on, and it makes opening green chests on the first floor a lot more tempting.

The name refers to an iconic line from the original Resident Evil (1996) where Barry Burton calls protagonist Jill Valentine “The Master of Unlocking”.


11. Platinum Bullets

Gungeon Screenshot

Platinum is a fairly rare material in the universe.

So if you’re going to make your bullets out of platinum, they better be good.

These Platinum Bullets aren’t that good at first. But they’ll slowly increase your damage and fire rate with every successful hit.

If you manage to keep the combo going, you’ll eventually triple your damage and fire rate – which will increase your DPS exponentially and justify this item’s S-tier rating.

Unlocked by: Purchasing at Ox and Cadence’s for 200 Hegemony Credits.


10. Blank Bullets

Gungeon Screenshot

The best defense is a good offense – and that’s especially true if you’re packing Blank Bullets.

This S-tier bullet improvement causes each projectile impact to cause a small-scale localized blank, effectively destroying all nearby bullets.

Since enemies tend to shoot in your direction, it’s easy to silence an enemy by shooting fast enough.

Unlocked by: Buying them from Doug for 28 Hegemony Credits.


9. Chicken Flute

Gungeon Screenshot

If you find an ocarina in a green chest deep in the Gungeon, you’re in luck.

It may look like the Hero of Time’s favorite musical instrument, but this B-tier trinket won’t make it rain or bring dawn faster.

Instead, it’ll summon an adorable chicken familiar that’ll block bullets for you.

Like Cuccos in The Legend of Zelda, this chick gets seriously angry after a couple hits – enough to summon its chicken friends to gang up on your enemies.

It’s not only practical but absolutely hilarious.

Unlocked by: Killing the past as The Bullet.


8. Clone

Gungeon Screenshot

Cloning is a controversial field of study for a good reason.

But when you’re braving the depths of the Gungeon, there’s no point in ethical dilemmas.

This incredible S-tier item lets a player keep their items and loadout after dying by cloning them in the first room of the Gungeon.

Sure, you have to make your way through the Gungeon again – but blazing through it with your endgame gear shouldn’t be too hard.

Unlocked by: Retrieving Ox’s replacement arm from the Gungeon.


7. Riddle of Lead

Gungeon Screenshot

Players who’ve braved the Gungeon’s deepest abyss and defeated the immortal being that inhabits it are worthy of the Riddle of Lead.

This S-tier item takes a Gungeoneer’s physical abilities to the next level.

It increases overall damage by 30%, makes the dodge roll 15% longer, and lets your character run 10% faster.

On top of that, it grants a new heart container and fully heals you.

If despite all of these boons, you fall to a single heart, you’ll have a 50% chance to negate any damage. This item, you can trust.

Unlocked by: Clearing the Bullet Hell and defeating the Lich.


6. Shelleton Key

Gungeon Screenshot

Keys are one of the most valuable resources in Enter the Gungeon, but they become irrelevant if you get the Shelleton Key.

This incredible S-tier item unlocks any chest or lock without spending a single key.

It also increases the chance of jammed enemies appearing by increasing your Curse, but it’s a fair trade-off.

It has fantastic synergies with Master of Unlocking and the Baby Good Shelleton. It can also give the AKEY-47 infinite ammo (and make it shoots skulls instead of keys).

Unlocked by: Stealing from merchants 10 times.


5. Ser Junkan

Gungeon Screenshot

Ser Junkan is my favorite item in the entire Gungeon – even if it isn’t the best one.

This C-tier item promotes recycling and sustainable Gungeon crawling.

Any Junk you get from a broken chest, Ser Junkan will turn into equipment, gradually becoming stronger.

After seven bags of another man’s trash – it becomes a knight in shining armor who’ll sway the tide in your favor.

Unlocked by: Killing a boss with an upgraded Ser Junkan.


4. Gun Soul

Gungeon Screenshot

Fans of FromSoftware’s famously complex action RPGs will feel at home with the Gun Soul, an A-tier passive item that puts Enter the Gungeon a step closer to Dark Souls.

Players will be revived upon death if holding the Gun Soul, but they’ll only have a single heart container.

To regain the rest of your hit points, you’ll have to journey back from the start of the floor to where you died.

If synergized with the Old Knight’s Flask, you’ll find fully functional bonfires in every shop and elevator.

So yes, you can get checkpoints in Enter the Gungeon.

Unlocked by: Vanquishing the High Dragun.


3. Seven-Leaf Clover

Gungeon Screenshot

Luck plays a significant role in the Gungeon.

It determines what bosses you fight, which rooms drop keys upon completion – and the quality of the chests you find.

If a four-leaf clover is supposed to bring you luck, a Seven-Leaf Clover should give you the world – and this S-tier item sort of does.

Before, you’d be lucky to a couple green chests here and there.

With this item, you’ll only find red and black ones – guaranteeing a fearsome arsenal if you have the keys.

Unlocked by: Completing Winchester’s challenges three times.


2. Pig

Gungeon Screenshot

There’s something about this porcine companion that rubs people the wrong way, but proves to be a real hero and a true friend when his partner’s life is in danger.

At first glance, it looks like this A-tier item just gives you a cosmetic pet pig.

After all, it doesn’t take damage or attack your enemies.

It’s just there.

That is, until you’re in mortal danger.

This heroic piggy values your friendship enough to jump in front of an incoming bullet and saving your life.

His sacrifice inspires you and refills your heart containers.

Unlocked by: Killing three Beholsters for Friffle and the Grey Mauser.


1. Lich’s Eye Bullets

Gungeon Screenshot

The Gunslinger is the best Gungeoneer for many reasons, but the main one is his steel eyes – the Lich’s Eye Bullets.

These mystical ocular replacements can activate every gun’s synergy, making every weapon the best version of itself.

Considering the vast power some of these synergies offer, it makes almost every weapon viable – and the best ones are just unfair to the bullet armies.

Unlocked by: Making The Gunslinger a playable character.

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