The Best Room Cleaners in Enter the Gungeon

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Everybody loves to talk about the Yari Launcher and the Makeshift Cannon as some of the best guns in Dodge Roll’s Enter the Gungeon, thanks to their devastating power as anti-boss weapons.

But that’s only half the story.

There are upwards of 15 standard rooms for every boss room, all full of regular enemies like bullet kin, blobulons, and all sorts of gun-themed creatures just as likely to end your run any boss.

If you want to survive, you’ll need guns that can reliably clean rooms without running out of bullets too fast.

It also helps if the weapon keeps you safer from projectiles, debuffs your enemies, or simply gets you in the zone for more efficient Gundead-slaying.

So let’s check out some of the best weapons to clear the average Gungeon room.


6. Barrel

Enter the Gungeon Barrel weapon preview

If you’re surprised to find the Barrel among the best room cleaners, I don’t blame you.

The Barrel is average in every respect save for its ridiculous design.

I mean, it’s literally a barrel that shoots fish.

The other thing that sets it apart is actually the fish themselves. These projectiles have good knockback and will actually stun enemies in just a couple hits.

Enemies can’t hit you when they’re stunned, so clearing rooms with the barrel generally means fewer bullets to worry about. This makes this C-tier weapon an asset on every floor.


5. Casey

Enter the Gungeon Casey screenshot

Another unorthodox room cleaner you can’t overlook is Casey, the best D-tier weapon in Enter the Gungeon.

Ever heard of bringing a knife to a gunfight?

Well, bats aren’t knives.

You should definitely bring this melee weapon to any shootout.

It deals massive damage and turns the enemies you hit into projectiles for even more destruction. This weapon can also reflect bullets back to the sender on every swing.

The best part about Casey is the satisfaction of bashing in bullet casings in revenge for every time they’ve made you lose a great run.


4. Heroine

Enter the Gungeon Heroine gameplay screenshot

Charged weapons are always a pleasure to use.

Trying to release your fully charged shots ASAP to increase your fire rate can be satisfying – and it’s perfect if they one-shot anything.

The Heroine gets its name from Samus Aran, the first playable female protagonist in a mainstream video game, known for wielding a blaster just like this.

Very few enemies will stand more than a single charged shot from this B-tier beauty.

If you don’t suck at aiming, you’ll get upwards of 150 enemy kills before running out of bullets.

It gets even better if you pair it with elemental bullets it has synergies with.

For example, the Frost Bullets will turn it into a freezing Ice Beam, and Hot Lead does the same with fire.


3. Gunderfury

Enter the Gungeon Gunderfury gameplay screenshot

Powerful weapons make great room cleaners.

And few things are more potent in the Gungeon than the Gunderfury at max level.

This A-tier weapon is nothing special the first time you encounter it.

But keep using it and you’ll notice improvement.

If you’re constant, you’ll eventually hit LVL 60 – and that’s where things really get good.

Luckily, this experience carries over between runs, meaning once the Gunderfury has reached its full potential, it’ll be a fantastic room cleaner any time you find it.


2. Black Hole Gun

Enter the Gungeon Black Hole Gun gameplay screenshot

Black holes are the single most destructive and irresistible force most of us can think of – so weaponizing them is a great way to clear a room fast.

This A-tier weapon needs a little time to charge up, but considering how powerful black holes are, it really doesn’t matter.

Anything in the room will be sucked up fast by a single dark hole. And if more enemies spawn, you just fire another one.

The black hole also absorbs bullets, making you invulnerable in most situations.

This can be a significant asset in boss fights like the Wallmonger and the Dragun.

Regrettably, the Black Hole Gun does have some drawbacks that keep it from being OP.

Enemies killed by the void won’t drop any money, hurting you in the long run.


1. BSG

Enter the Gungeon BSG gameplay screenshot

If you don’t want to lose all your future earnings in exchange for clearing a room, the BSG is the better choice.

Just like the Black Hole Gun, the BSG will clear any room in one or two shots – but since nobody is getting hurled past the event horizon, the money stays on the ground.

As the old-bones among you already figured out, this Big Shooty Gun references the BFG 9000 from the DOOM series, which is just as devastating – if not more.

The only thing that clears rooms better than the BSG is the BSG synergized with the Big Shotgun, making it fire five green blasts instead of just one.

It’s no wonder this S-tier weapon can only be found on the highest-level chests, like black and rainbow ones.

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