The Best Duct Tape Combos in Enter the Gungeon

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Before walking into a boss room in Dodge Roll’s Enter the Gungeon, I often struggle to choose one weapon over the other to face the boss.

After all, the wrong choice could end my run.

But what if you didn’t have to pick?

Duct Tape is an A-quality single-use active item that combines two guns, giving one the projectiles of the other in addition to their own.

There are way too many weapons in Enter the Gungeon to memorize which combos work and which don’t… but you can learn some solid duct-taping principles by taking a look at our favorite combinations in this ranking.


10. Mega Douser + Moonscraper

Enter the Gungeon Mega Douser + Moonscraper gameplay screenshot

One of the Duct Tape’s best uses is taking two mediocre guns and combining them to make a better one.

The Mega Douser + Moonscraper combo is one of the most unique.

Even taped together, these two beam weapons don’t amount to much in terms of damage – but their combined knockback blasts enemies away in an instant.

This is great to keep the Gundead at bay, giving you more leeway to dodge their shots.

I’m sure if you add up the damage done by pushing enemies into pits, the DPS would rival some of the stronger weapons in the game.


9. Face Melter + Crown of Guns

Enter the Gungeon Face Melter + Crown of Guns gameplay screenshot

Weapons that fire in every direction are empowering, and Duct Tape can take your power fantasy to the next level.

Tape the Face Melter and Crown of Guns together and you’ll blanket the screen in bullets like a Touhou boss.

The Face Melter retains its ability to place an amplifier turret that fires in four directions, just like the gun itself.

In addition, these turrets will fire the Crown’s bullets as well, making them absolutely overpowered.

It’s a bit chaotic but very flashy – and super useful for clearing rooms.


8. Sniper Rifle + Hexagun

Enter the Gungeon Sniper Rifle + Hexagun gameplay screenshot

Everyone loves the “one shot, one kill” groove some weapons (like the Sniper Rifle) can give you on the first few floors.

Duct Tape can help keep the groove going for a lot longer.

Just take two powerful semiautomatic guns like the Sniper Rifle and the Hexagun, and join their shots together to make a stronger one.

It’s technically “two shots, one kill,” but you only pull the trigger once, making it just as pleasurable.

And the Hexagun brings a nice little extra to the table:

It turns one in every five enemies into a chicken.

You can guess what happens when a chicken gets hit by a sniper shot.


7. Vulcan Cannon + Robot’s Left Hand

Enter the Gungeon Vulcan Cannon + Robot's Left Hand gameplay screenshot

Another prime example of how taping together two similar guns can yield remarkable results is the Vulcan Cannon + Robot’s Left Hand combo.

The Vulcan Cannon’s vertigo-inducing fire rate of 20 bullets per second is hard to match, but the Robot’s Left Hand keeps up at a respectable 10.

Unlike the Vulcan Cannon, the Robot’s Left Hand has to reload – but the time is reduced considerably after being taped together. Just remember to do it manually!

The DPS you can achieve with this storm of bullets and blue lasers is out of this world.


6. Demon Head + Stinger

Enter the Gungeon Demon Head + Stinger gameplay screenshot

Beam weapons are special in duct-taping because they have no reload time.

As such, they can reduce the reload time of some of the slower weapons in the game.

A prime example is the Demon Head + Stinger combo.

With it, you can fire missile after missile before the first one even hits.

It can eat through your ammo, but it’ll save you a lot of time and trouble against bosses and bullet spongey enemies.

This will also work with other devastating but slow-reloading weapons like the Particulator or the Makeshift Cannon.


5. Heroine + Mega Hand

Enter the Gungeon Heroine + Mega Hand gameplay screenshot

Charge-up weapons like the Heroine and the Mega Hand can make short work of most enemies in the Gungeon – and if you tape them together, the number of survivors drops significantly.

You’ll still have to charge them up, but having double the firepower can really make a difference.

It’s also a bomb against bosses – helping you bring them down in half your usual time.

This Duct Tape combo pays homage to the two biggest blaster-wielding icons of 2D gaming – Samus Aran and Mega Man. It can inspire you to push through tough times in the Gungeon.


4. Plunger + Makeshift Cannon

Enter the Gungeon Plunger + Makeshift Cannon gameplay screenshot

If you ever find yourself with Duct Tape and a plunger in your possession, consider holding out for a strong low-ammo weapon like the Makeshift Cannon.

The Plunger may not be the most potent weapon. But it has the power to replenish all of its ammo by standing on poisonous goop.

This boon is transferred to any gun you duct tape onto it.

As the Plunger actually spills a lot of poison on the ground on every shot, replenishing your bullets is easy, giving you virtually infinite ammunition on the Makeshift Cannon.

Plus, poisoning enemies is always a nice bit of extra damage.


3. Gungine + Mourning Star

Enter the Gungeon Gungine + Mourning Star gameplay screenshot

A similar but enhanced effect can be achieved with the Gungine, which can reload at no cost whenever you’re standing over any fluid or fire – to which it makes you immune.

While you could use this with the Makeshift Cannon to great effect, the perfect match is the Mourning Star.

This gun calls down a laser from space wherever you point it.

Now taped to the Gungine, you can actually aim it at the same time you pump your foes full of lead with this S-tier bullet hose.

What makes it such a good combo is how the laser leaves a fiery trail, allowing the player to make the most of the Gungine’s fire immunity and reloading effects.

This combo makes most bosses trivial.


2. Fightsabre + Yari Launcher

Enter the Gungeon Fightsabre + Yari Launcher gameplay screenshot

Another match made in heaven is the Fightsabre + Yari Launcher, which takes advantage of the former’s bullet-reflecting reload animation and the latter’s massive damage potential.

What makes these two a perfect fit together is their similar clip size.

Moreover, you’ll be reloading quite often to deflect bullets, which helps keep the Yari Launcher spewing missiles non-stop.

Of course, the added damage of the Fightsabre’s own shots shouldn’t be underestimated.

This combo really gives you the best defense and offense.

Wielding it is a total power fantasy.


1. Duct Tape + Whatever is in your inventory right now

Enter the Gungeon Compressed Air Tank + Bait Launcher gameplay screenshot

Ultimately, the best Gungeon Duct Tape combo is the one that you actually make and get value out of.

I’ve lost count of how many times I got the Duct Tape, only to die while still holding out for the perfect combination, while duct-taping two of my less-than-ideal weapons would have meant survival.

Unless you’re at the higher echelons of skill, breaking speedrun records and doing no-damage runs, don’t get lost in the long-term game and die with unused resources.

Survival is more important than perfection.

People, these are just guns that are taped together.

They’re all cool as hell!

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