Where To Farm Ancient Creature Nucleus in Epic Seven

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The best way to get some Ancient Creature Nucleus is to farm Unrecorded History Stage 24. Frozen Flame Road via Auto-Repeat for drops, and to buy the Catalyst from the AP Exchange Shop with the AP you earned from that stage.

Stages That Drop Ancient Creature Nucleus Map Zone Chapter/Episode Availability of Ancient Creature Nucleus in the Exchange Shop
24. Frozen Flame Road Side Story Epilogue (Unrecorded History) Available

You should also consider participating in Events and visiting your Guild to access the Member Shop – both of which will allow you to farm additional Epic Catalysts like the Ancient Creature Nucleus.


Method #1: Farm Unrecorded History Stage 24. Frozen Flame Road

Stage 24. Frozen Flame Road (Stage Details) / Epic Seven
Stage 24. Frozen Flame Road (Stage Details)

Using Auto-Repeat to clear Stage 24. Frozen Flame Road of the Epilogue chapter in the Side Story is your best bet if you want to farm some Ancient Creature Nucleus.

Unrecorded History (AP Exchange Shop) / Epic Seven
Unrecorded History (AP Exchange Shop)

You can also purchase up to 10 Ancient Creature Nucleus per week for 400 AP each from the Unrecorded HIstory Side Story AP Exchange Shop.

To farm AP quicker, make sure to bring along Pets that increase your AP acquisition rate before you Auto-Repeat Stage 24. Frozen Flame Road.


Method #2: Participate In Events

Aespa Event / Epic Seven
Aespa Event

Participating in Events is among the best ways to earn not just Epic and Rare Catalysts, but also just about any other precious materials and resources in the game.

You do not want to miss a single Event – especially if you’re a F2P player who’s in dire need of some Epic Catalysts.


Method #3: Visit Your Guild

Guild Member Shop / Epic Seven
Guild Member Shop

Buying Epic Catalyst Chests or Catalyst Chests from the Guild Member Shop is another brilliant way to farm tons of Epic Catalysts over time.

You can buy up to 2 Epic Catalyst Chests and 3 Catalyst Chests per week here, and they’re pretty easy to save up for as long as you’re not planning on buying any of the other shop items.

Donate and do your daily Guild activities often and you’ll be able to buy them easily way before each weekly reset!

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