Epic Seven: Attack Stat vs. Crit Damage

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Although Attack and Crit Damage seem almost similar in concept, the main difference between the two is fairly easy to explain.

  • Increasing a Character’s Attack stat boosts the maximum damage of their normal attacks
  • Increasing their Crit Damage stat boosts the maximum damage inflicted by their critical attacks

Attack and Crit Damage are two of the most important stats that any DPS Character should have in Epic Seven.

However, for high Crit Damage to be viable you must first make sure that your Character has enough Critical Chance stat to work with.


The Attack Stat

Rose (Team Attack Boost via Skill 3) / Epic Seven

The Attack stat is pretty easy to explain.

Simply put, it’s the measure of the total damage your Character can theoretically deal with its normal, non-critical attacks.

This amount of damage can go down when faced with damage mitigation mechanics such as Defense or Elemental Resistance.

Even so, it’s still a good idea to keep the Attack stat high for all of your DPS units — especially the ones whose Crit Chance you cannot increase to max via Equipment Bonuses.


The Crit Damage Stat

Ilynav (Team Critical Hit Damage Boost via Skill 3) / Epic Seven

Your Character’s Crit Damage stat is a little bit more complicated to grasp than the Attack stat, but not by much.

Basically, Crit Damage is the measure of how much the damage that’s dealt by your Character is amplified whenever a Critical Hit occurs.

Therefore, increasing your Character’s Crit Damage boosts the maximum damage they can deal when their attacks trigger a Critical Hit.

This is why it’s also important to keep your Character’s Crit Chance stat high in tandem with their Crit Damage. After all, a high Crit Damage is useless without a high Crit Chance.


Possible Applications

Peira skill animation / Epic Seven

Attack and Critical Damage are invaluable stats for DPS Units, though they’re largely negligible for Characters with other roles.

Keeping the balance between these two stats is recommended for most Character builds, though keeping Attack as your “priority stat” may be better in general.

For Units whose Crit Chance you can boost up to 100%, however, it’s advisable to go for a high Critical Damage instead of Attack – since it’ll almost always give your Units a higher DPS output.


Relevant Characters (Increase Attack & Increase Critical Hit Damage)

Ran (Skill 3 Description) / Epic Seven

While many Characters have one or even two skills that boost Attack, there are (surprisingly) only a few who can boost Critical Hit Damage.

To give you the best examples, here are some of the most notable Characters who can boost their own or their entire team’s Attack and Crit Damage:


Best Characters Who Can Increase Attack:

  • Auxiliary Lots – Known for his absurd Skill 2 which pushes an ally’s Combat Readiness along with their Attack. One of the most broken Support Units in the game.
  • Tywin – A must-have AOE damage breaker for both PVE and PVP. His Skill 2 also increases an ally’s Combat Readiness and Crit Chance on top of boosting their Attack.
  • Vildred – One of the best and most used farmers in the game. He self-boosts not just his Attack, but also his Combat Readiness whenever an enemy is slain.

Best Characters Who Can Increase Critical Hit Damage:

  • Ilynav – A solid Knight and a great PVP Unit. While her use is limited, she can be a fantastic Injury-based bruiser when built correctly.
  • Flan – One of the best Rangers geared for boosting your team’s DPS output. Her Buffs and Debuffs are fantastic — not to mention her Skill 1 also has a chance to strip one buff per attack.
  • Bad Cat Armin – A decent 4★ Warrior who shines when put in Injury or Counter-oriented teams.
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