Epic Seven: Complete Beginner’s Guide (Tips + What To Do First)

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Epic Seven is a turn-based ACGN gacha game developed by Super Creative Inc. and published by Smilegate.

It was first released globally in November 2018, and it’s among the most popular gacha games of the decade because of its amazing stories, fantastic art, and highly strategic gameplay.

In this guide I’m going to show you everything you need to know for getting started in Epic Seven – as well as some tips to follow if you want your account to have the best start possible.


Starting Out (Rerolling)

Summon Animation / Epic Seven
Summon Animation

Listed below are things you need to consider right after starting the game – specifically a few facts about rerolling.


Is Rerolling Necessary?

Selective Summon Results / Epic Seven
Selective Summon Results

Short answer? Yes.

Rerolling for top-tier units is highly recommended because the speed at which you progress in the early to mid-game is directly tied to which unit/s you’ve pulled in your Selective Summon.

You can still progress at a relatively good pace even with a subpar Selective Summon roll because of beginner-friendly features like Hero Connections, Moonlight’s Blessing, and Grace of Growth.

But even so, I still recommend that you reroll simply because the process takes 5-10 minutes max. You’d most likely be done within an hour!


How To Reroll (Step-by-Step)

To access the Selective Summons, you must first clear Stage 1-4. Skybreeze Forest right after clearing the tutorial:

Stage 1-4. Skybreeze Forest (Pre-battle Page) / Epic Seven
Stage 1-4. Skybreeze Forest (Pre-battle Page)

After clearing Stage 1-4. Skybreeze Forest, you’ll be automatically redirected to the Selective Summon page.

There, you’ll be able to do a 10x summon 30 times, but you’ll only be able to take one multi-summon out of all thirty:

Selective Summon screen / Epic Seven
Selective Summon screen

You can start pulling in the Selective Summon banner at this point, and don’t be afraid to use up all thirty rolls!

Just remember to record the best summon results you see, just so you can decide whether to keep rerolling or just run with your recorded roll after you’ve used up all thirty summons:

Record Summon Results / Epic Seven
Record Summon Results

If you’re not satisfied with the results of your Selective Summons, go back to your lobby and click the Menu icon located in the upper-right corner of the screen:

Home Screen > Menu / Epic Seven”><figcaption class=Home Screen > Menu

Next, click the Settings icon (the gear) in the lower-right corner of the Menu window:

Menu > Settings / Epic Seven”><figcaption class=Menu > Settings

Go over to the Account Settings tab, then click “Delete Account” to proceed:

Account Settings > Delete Account / Epic Seven”><figcaption class=Account Settings > Delete Account

You will then be prompted with a window that’ll require you to type “Delete All Server Account Information”.

Once you do this, all of the progress you made thus far will be deleted:

Delete Account (Typed Phrase Confirmation) / Epic Seven
Delete Account (Typed Phrase Confirmation)

After deleting your account you’ll be redirected back to the login screen, where you’ll be free to use the same account type (guest or otherwise) to reroll as much as you want.

Login Screen / Epic Seven
Login Screen

And there you go – the entire reroll process!

You don’t need to make alt accounts or redownload game resources at all. You can do all this in as fast as five minutes!


Who to Reroll For

Sigret (Unit Obtained) / Epic Seven
Sigret (Unit Obtained)

You can get either Artifacts or Heroes from the Selective Summons.

As far as 5★ Artifacts go, I don’t really recommend targeting any specific one when rerolling – regardless of their rarity.

5★ Artifacts are way easier to come by compared to 5★ Heroes at any stage of the game. With that said, getting a 4★ or 5★ Artifacts along with a 5★ Hero is still a good bonus!

As for 5★ Heroes, these are the ones you definitely want to pick up:

Recommended 5★ Hero Element Class Notes
Sigret Ice Warrior She’s by far the best unit you can get from the Selective Summons if you want an explosive early game. This bespectacled beauty is among the best (if not the best) damage dealers in Wyvern Hunt, where you’ll spend most of your time grinding as a beginner.
Vildred Earth Thief If you’re not looking into building an ice-element team for Wyvern Hunts right away, then Vildred is the best option for you. He’s one of the best farmers and AoE DPS units in the game, and he does great in both PVP and PVE game modes.
Ravi/Ken Fire Warrior Ravi and Ken are both fantastic bruisers who excel in PVP game modes. They may not be optimal for farming in PVE, but they more than make up for it by being absolute beasts in the arena – either as tanks, damage dealers, or both!

Team Building Guide

Edit Team (Pre-battle Page) / Epic Seven
Edit Team (Pre-battle Page)

If you want to build the best team when getting started, I recommend investing in the following units:

Recommended Team Comp Element Class Beginner-friendly Sources Role
Sigret Ice Warrior Selective Summons
  • Main DPS
Alexa Ice Thief Hero Connections
  • Secondary DPS
  • Support (Debuffer)
Furious Ice Ranger Hero Connections
  • Defense Breaker
  • Support (Buffer)
Angelica Ice Soul Weaver Hero Connections
  • Tank
  • Healer

Keep in mind that the ideal beginner’s team comp is subjective. In this case, I simply picked these units because they’re easy to get, and they’ll make Wyvern Hunts a cakewalk even in the early game.

But also note that this team comp has a few weaknesses:

  • It’s not ideal for quick-farming stages
  • It performs badly against Earth-element mobs and bosses
  • Your progress in the Arena will be limited in the higher-tiers

To circumvent these cons, try to invest in at least three other non-Ice Heroes. Ideally, you should invest in at least one that’s a great cleaver/farming unit like Vildred, A. Vildred, or Judge Kise.


All Hero Classes & Roles

Hero Classes / Epic Seven
Hero Classes

Here are the six Hero Classes in Epic Seven and what each of them can do:

Hero Classes Class Description
Warrior Warriors are generally the best bruisers in the game. They come with balanced stats, and can both deal and tank remarkable amounts of damage depending on their kits.
Knight Knights mostly serve as the tanks in Epic Seven, though several of them can also deal decent damage or provide buffs and debuffs during battles.
Thief Thieves are mostly focused on dealing as much DPS as possible, with the tradeoff of having lower survivability than most other classes. They usually have the best single-target damage in any team.
Ranger Rangers are much like Thieves, in that they’re mostly focused on dealing damage. Although some Rangers like Flan and Iseria have specialized kits that allow them to support allies.
Mage Mages are also mostly DPS-centered, but several of them have great kits for supporting allied units. The best CR Pushers and Buff Strippers are usually Mages.
Soul Weaver Soul Weavers are arguably the most versatile class in the game, as they can tank, heal, and support all at the same time – with a minor tradeoff of not being to deal as much damage as the other Hero Classes.

Apart from Hero Classes in E7, we also have Roles that aren’t necessarily determined by a unit’s class, but moreso by their skill set instead.

Here’s a list of all the most notable roles:

Important Hero Roles Role Description
Tank Heroes whose kit and stats allow them to tank significantly more damage than others.
DPS Heroes whose kit and stats allow them to deal significantly more damage than others.
Healer Heroes who have a skill or multiple skills that can heal allies.
Support Heroes who either have buffs that boost ally performance or debuffs that reduce enemy effectiveness on their kit. Attack Buffers and Defense Breakers fall into this category.
CR Pushers Heroes that can increase or decrease Combat Readiness – allowing their team members to execute their turns faster than their enemies.
Buff Strippers Heroes that can remove one or multiple buffs from enemy units.
Cleavers Heroes that can effectively deal damage to multiple units at once with one skill, making them perfect for both farming PVE game modes or as members of PVP cleave teams.

One Hero can fulfill multiple roles at once depending on their stats or skill set.

You don’t necessarily have to make a team that has every role checked out, but I still recommend investing in at least one unit of each role.


Elemental Effects

Elemental Effects Chart / Epic Seven
Elemental Effects Chart

Elemental Effects should also be considered when making a team comp.

Here’s a quick table of all the elemental effects in Epic Seven, along with their strengths & weaknesses against each other:

Element Types Strong Against Weak Against
Fire Earth Water
Earth Water Fire
Water Fire Earth
Light Dark Dark
Dark Light Light

Fire, Earth, and Water-element units are commonly referred to as “RGB units” because of their color coding, and are generally easier to get than Light or Dark “ML” units.

This is why I strongly suggest that you pick your Moonlight’s Blessing Hero wisely, as you’d likely never get another 5★ ML unit within your first year of playing if you’re F2P.


Combat Guide (How Battles Work)

Combat battle with a Level Up / Epic Seven
Combat battle with a Level Up

Listed below are the core things you should know about Epic Seven’s highly engaging and strategic turn-based combat system.


All Combat Mechanics Explained

Combat (Mechanics Highlighted) / Epic Seven
Combat (Mechanics Highlighted)
# Combat Mechanic Description
1 Turn Order Meter Shows the order in which allied and enemy units can act. The further down they are in the meter, the sooner they’ll execute their turn.
2 Number of Battles Left & Drops Obtained Shows how many enemy waves are left on the stage and how much loot you’ve collected thus far.
3 Activate Guardian Clicking on this icon requires Energy. Once activated, it will summon the Guardian you have equipped.
4 Activate Skills Clicking on any of these three icons will activate a skill – as long as they’re Active and not Passive Skills. You can also consume Energy to execute a Soul Burn, which improves the effects of a unit’s skill.
5 Activate Auto-Battle Clicking on this button will toggle Auto-Battle on or off. Auto-Battle allows your units to travel around the stage map and cast skills automatically.
6 Tag Support Unit Clicking on this button will tag your selected Support Unit in and put them into play if your team is already full (4 Units).
7 Enemy Info & Targeting This area shows the health and status effects of all enemies. Clicking anywhere around this area will allow you to target any specific enemy you want.
8 Ally Info & Targeting This area shows the health and status effects of all allied units. Clicking anywhere around this area will allow you to target a specific number of allies with any non-teamwide skills.

All Stats Explained

Character Page (Sigret) / Epic Seven
Character Page (Sigret)

All units in Epic Seven have nine different stats that contribute to their Combat Power, which directly correlates to their performance in battle. Epic Seven’s stats are:

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Health
  • Speed
  • Critical Hit Chance
  • Critical Hit Damage
  • Effectiveness
  • Effect Resistance
  • Dual Attack Chance

And we’ve covered all of these stats in more detail in the table below, along with some recommended roles for units that excel in certain stats:

All Unit Stats Recommended For The Following Roles Stat Description
  • DPS
  • Cleavers
Determines the amount of normal damage a Hero can deal against enemies.
  • Tanks
  • Healers
Determines the amount of damage that is mitigated by the unit against enemy attacks.
  • Tanks
  • Healers
Determines the amount of HP a unit has.
  • All Roles (Prioritize CR Pushers)
Determines how quickly they move in the Turn Order Meter and execute their turn.
Critical Hit Chance
  • DPS
  • Cleavers
Determines how high a unit’s chances are in executing a critical attack.
Critical Hit Damage
  • DPS
  • Cleavers
Determines the amount of bonus damage a unit can deal with a critical attack.
  • Support
  • Buff Strippers
Determines the chances of an ally landing their skill effects like buff strips or debuffs on enemy units.
Effect Resistance
  • All Roles (As Secondary Stat Only)
Determines how resistant a unit is against the skill effects of enemy units.
Dual Attack Chance
  • All Roles
Determines the chances of an allied hero performing an additional attack every time an ally finishes their turn.

Powering Up Units (How To Get Stronger)

Auxiliary Lots (Skill Enhance) / Epic Seven
Auxiliary Lots (Skill Enhance)

There are nine different ways that you can level up your units in Epic Seven, and we’ve outlined all of these methods in the following table:

Power Up Methods Materials Required Description
Level Up
  • Hero EXP
  • Penguins
  • Gold
Increases a unit’s overall stats.
  • Fodder Units
  • Phantasma
  • Gold
Increases a unit’s Grade (★) and their level cap.
  • Runes
  • Catalysts
Increases some of the unit’s stats and the effectiveness of their skills.
Skill Enhance
  • MolaGora
  • MolaGoraGo
  • Catalysts
  • Gold
Increases a skill’s damage and status effect chance. May also lower the cooldown for some skills.
Equip Exclusive Equipment
  • Exclusive Equipment
Improves one of the unit’s three skills. Only one Exclusive Equipment can be equipped per unit.
Equipment & Equipment Upgrades
  • Equipment
  • Fodder Equipment
  • Equipment Charms
  • Gold
Improves a unit’s overall stats.
Artifact & Artifact Upgrades
  • Artifacts
  • Fodder Artifacts
  • Artifact Charms
  • Gold
Improves some of the unit’s stats and grants them a passive effect during combat.
Specialty Change
  • Specialty Change Missions (All cleared)
  • Hero EXP (Hero must be Level 50)
Improves a unit’s overall stats and skill set.
Memory Imprint
  • Hero Duplicates
Improves one specific stat (the stat varies from unit to unit)

How To Farm EXP & Level Up Fast

In Epic Seven, there are two different kinds of levels that you must keep an eye on:

  • Account Rank
  • Hero Levels
Account Rank Up (Rank 2) / Epic Seven
Account Rank Up (Rank 2)

To increase your Account Rank quickly, all you need to do is spend tons of Stamina and play as many game modes as you can.

Increasing your Account Rank increases your max Stamina and replenishes your current Stamina – allowing you to play more over time. It’s a win-win!

Auxiliary Lots (Level Up Page) / Epic Seven
Auxiliary Lots (Level Up Page)

On the other hand, there are two ways to increase Hero Levels:

  1. Take them to battles and allow them to manually gain EXP
  2. Feed them Penguins

As heartless as it may seem to all those Penguins, option #2 is the best method you can use to level up your units, since you won’t have to swap units often this way.

Long gone are the days of dog-walking (fortunately) where manually leveling fodders and taking them to battle a few at a time is more efficient than feeding them Penguins.

Now you can gain Penguins after clearing any stage as long as every unit in your party is at max level.

Feed them to your units or fodder units all you like!


How To Enhance Equipment

Enhancing Equipment is an integral part of progressing in Epic Seven, since equipment can boost your unit’s stats significantly.

All equipment pieces have a Main Stat and a few Substats.

  • The Main Stat is upgraded at every Enhance level
  • While Substats are only upgraded or added every three Enhance levels

They are also divided into levels and five different equipment rarities:

Equipment Rarities Color Coding Number of Substats (Before Upgrades)
Normal Gray 0
Uncommon Green 1
Rare Blue 2
Heroic Purple 3
Epic Red 4

For beginners, I highly recommend investing only in Level 70 equipment pieces and above, which are either at Heroic or Epic rarity.

To begin enhancing your Equipment, simply go to your Lobby and click the Inventory icon at the upper-right side of the screen:

Home Screen > Inventory / Epic Seven”><figcaption class=Home Screen > Inventory

You’ll then be shown the entire content of your inventory.

To shift to Equipment Pieces only, click the Equipment icon, which is the second option from the left:

Inventory > Equipment / Epic Seven”><figcaption class=Inventory > Equipment

Next, pick the equipment piece you want to upgrade and click “Enhance”:

Enhance Equipment / Epic Seven
Enhance Equipment

The Enhance Equipment page will then appear.

If you look at the left side of the screen, you’ll see the equipment piece’s:

1) Main Stat – Displays the equipment’s Main Stat. Left-side equipment (Weapons, Armor, & Helmets) use flat stats as their Main Stat. Right-side equipment (Rings, Necklaces, & Boots) use percentages as their main stat.

2) Substats – Displays all the Substats that the equipment piece has. Every Substat’s initial and enhanced values are randomly generated.

Enhance Equipment Page (Main Stat & Substats Highlighted) / Epic Seven
Enhance Equipment Page (Main Stat & Substats Highlighted)

You should also pay attention to the Equipment’s Set Type before enhancing them. It is displayed right below the substats:

Enhance Equipment Page (Set Type Highlighted) / Epic Seven
Enhance Equipment Page (Set Type Highlighted)

Optimizing the equipment of your units is a huge part of Epic Seven’s endgame.

Though in a new account you’ll be just fine using the free gear sets you get as giveaways or mission rewards.

If you want to learn more, you can visit Smilegate’s official forum site which tells you the specifics of gear rolling – including probability tables and update changelogs.


Important Items to Farm

Inventory (All) / Epic Seven
Inventory (All)

Listed below are valuable items that you should start farming ASAP as a new player in Epic Seven – as well as the best sources you can get them from:

Items to Farm Best Sources
  • Adventure Stages
  • Dailies & Weeklies
  • Events
  • Arena
  • Sanctuary (Heart of Orbis)
  • Boss Hunt Stages
  • Events
  • Sanctuary (Heart of Orbis)
Equipment & Equipment Crafting Materials
  • Boss Hunt Stages (Preferably Stages 10-13)
  • Labyrinth Stages
Fodder Equipment & Units
  • Sanctuary (Forest of Souls)
  • Unrecorded History (Epilogue)
  • Secret Shop
  • Sanctuary (Forest of Souls)
  • Transmit Shop
  • Events
  • Unrecorded History (Epilogue)
  • Guild Aid (Rare Catalysts only)
  • Guild Shop

How The Sanctuary Works

All Sanctuary Facilities / Epic Seven
All Sanctuary Facilities

The Sanctuary is unlocked once you clear the first Chaos Gate located in Episode 1.

Here, you can unlock and upgrade five different facilities:

Sanctuary Facilities Priority Level For Upgrades (Beginners) What They Do
Heart of Orbis High Gives you a set amount of Gold and Skystones every 12 hours. It has up to 50% chance to double the rewards given.
Forest of Souls Moderate Allows you to raise MolaGoras, Penguins, and Phantasmas.
Alchemist’s Steeple Low Allows you to craft various power-up materials such as Charms, Equipment Crafting Materials, and Catalysts.
High Command Low Allows you to send out units on expeditions for resources like EXP, Gold, Stigmas, or Ancient Coins.
Steel Workshop High Allows you to craft Equipment out of Equipment Crafting materials or Reforge them.
Alchemist's Steeple (Upgrade Options) / Epic Seven
Alchemist’s Steeple (Upgrade Options)

Each Sanctuary facility is divided into three “parts”, and these “parts” can be upgraded up to three times each.

To upgrade your Sanctuary facilities, you must first farm Breath of Orbis.

Breath Of Orbis / Epic Seven
Breath Of Orbis

As a beginner (or after starting a new account) I recommend prioritizing the upgrades of your Heart of Orbis and Steel Workshop first – followed by the Forest of Souls.


Tasks & Objectives for Beginners

Guardian (In-game Cutscene) / Epic Seven
Guardian (In-game Cutscene)

Listed below are the most important tasks that you should aim to accomplish as soon as possible as a beginner.


Task #1: Clear Adventure – Episode 1

Episode 1 (All Maps Complete) / Epic Seven
Episode 1 (All Maps Complete)

Clearing the entirety of Episode 1 allows you to unlock most of the features and game modes in Epic Seven.

Doing so also unlocks the Moonlight’s Blessing feature, where you’ll be able to get a 5★ Moonlight unit for free.

Moonlight units are incredibly rare – not to mention strong as hell. I highly recommend getting them as fast as possible!

Account Buffs (New Player) / Epic Seven
Account Buffs (New Player)

Another reason why you need to unlock and play as many game modes as you can is because of the Account Buffs you get as a new player.

These buffs last for 14 days, so make sure you’re playing as often as possible once you unlock other game modes.


Task #2: Activate Grace Of Growth

Grace of Growth (Level III) / Epic Seven
Grace of Growth (Level III)

Grace of Growth is yet another beginner-friendly feature that allows you to have one max-level and max-awakened unit for free – even as a complete noob!

You unlock this feature right after clearing Episode 1 Stage 1-4, and I advise you to give it to a unit right away.

The only problem is that you cannot use that unit on World Bosses, Arena Defense, and Guild War Defense. This is still a pretty good trade-up for new players though.

You can replace the unit you have set to carry the Grace of Growth, but there will be a three-day cooldown whenever you do so. Pick your unit wisely!

I recommend using this feature on your tank, support, or secondary DPS units. It’s even more ideal to use it on units that don’t rely on their Skill 1 during battle.


Task #3: Clear Boss Hunt Stages ASAP

Wyvern Hunt Stages / Epic Seven
Wyvern Hunt Stages

Boss Hunt Stages are where most of your Stamina should be consumed once you’re done clearing enough Adventure stages.

One thing you need to know about Epic Seven is that a core part of its gameplay lies in the optimization of your units’ equipment.

You can farm Equipment and Equipment Crafting materials in the Boss Hunt stages:

Boss Hunt Stages Prioritize? (Beginners) Recommended Team Element Set Pieces Farmed
Wyvern Yes Ice
  • Speed Set
  • Crit Set
Golem Yes Fire
  • Health Set
  • Defense Set
  • Attack Set
Banshee No Earth
  • Destruction Set
  • Lifesteal Set
  • Counter Set
Azimanak No Any Element
  • Immunity Set
  • Rage Set
  • Unity Set
Caldes No Any Element
  • Injury
  • Penetration
  • Revenge

Wyvern Hunt gives you two of the best sets in the game – the Speed and Crit Sets.

Speed is the most important stat in the game, while Crit is crucial for beginners who want their DPS to crit reliably.

You can also do Golem Hunt stages for Health or Defense equipment sets, though you’ll do just fine with the free HP/DEF sets you’re usually given as a new player in the early game.


Task #4: Add Lots of Friends

Friends List / Epic Seven
Friends List

Adding many friends in Epic Seven comes with several bonuses:

  • You can farm Friendship Points faster
  • You can use a friend’s Support Unit anytime
  • You get to summon more in the Friendship Summons
  • You get to buy more items in the Friendship Exchange Shop
Friendship Summon / Epic Seven
Friendship Summon

You can use the Friendship Points you’ve farmed by using Support Units (ideally the ones from your friends) for pulling in the Friendship Summon gacha.

Friendship Shop / Epic Seven
Friendship Shop

Alternatively, you can visit the Friendship Exchange Shop to buy other items.

I highly recommend you buy out all the stocks of these limited items every time they’re available!


Task #5: Join a Guild ASAP

Guild Hall / Epic Seven
Guild Hall

To unlock the Guild feature, you must first reach Account Level 10, which is generally achievable on your first day of playing.

Joining a Guild is very important though, as it lets you access several useful features such as the Guild Aid and Guild Member Shop, where you’ll be able to get materials such as Catalysts or Runes.

You can also unlock Guild Battles by joining a Guild, which is a fun game mode where you’ll be able to test out your teams and tactics once you’re strong enough.


Epic Seven General Tips & Tricks

Judge Kise (In-game Cutscene) / Epic Seven
Judge Kise (In-game Cutscene)

To help you achieve the best start to your account, here are 7 tips to follow as a beginner in Epic Seven.


Tip #1: Choose and Invest In Your Moonlight’s Blessing Hero Wisely

Arbiter Vildred (Moonlight's Blessing) / Epic Seven
Arbiter Vildred (Moonlight’s Blessing)

Moonlight’s Blessing is another beginner-friendly feature that you unlock as soon as you finish the entirety of Episode 1.

This is one of the most important features that you must take advantage of as a beginner, as it allows you to choose from the following 5★ Moonlight Heroes:

Recommended 5★ Heroes Element Class Remarks
Arbiter Vildred Dark Thief He’s undisputedly the best all-around unit you can get your hands on as a beginner, as he excels both in farming PVE game modes and as a damage dealer in PVP.
Specter Tenebria Dark Mage While not as versatile as A. Vildred, she’s by far the strongest single-target DPS you can get from Moonlight’s Blessing. Give her a proper team comp and she shines the brightest as a DPS out of any unit on this list.
Dark Corvus Dark Warrior Dark Corvus, while not as useful in most PVE game modes, becomes an absolute beast in PVP. His kit is centered around punishing speedy and squishy enemy team comps, which are the majority of team comps in the lower league tiers.
Ruele of Light Light Soul Weaver If you’re a beginner, I would suggest just sticking with Angelica and A. Montmorancy as your healers, but do note that Ruele of Light is the best reviver in the game. PVE or PVP, she’s always going to be one of the best Soul Weavers you can pick.
Judge Kise Light Warrior While not as beginner-friendly as her Ice-element counterpart, Judge Kise is still a very solid buff stripper and AoE DPS. She’s outshined in almost every category by A. Vildred though, so I recommend just picking him if you want a more reliable AoE DPS unit.
Martial Artist Ken Dark Warrior Though a bit stronger than his Fire-element counterpart, I still don’t recommend going for ML Ken as a beginner simply because his skillset centered around PVP. All that said, he’s still a solid bruiser who’s elevated by equipment and team comps that cater to his counterattack-heavy kit.

Your top two choices in Moonlight’s Blessing are Arbiter Vildred or Specter Tenebria – followed by Ruele of Light if you want a fantastic reviver/healer hybrid.


Tip #2: Clear Other PVE Game Modes Besides Adventure

Battle Modes / Epic Seven
Battle Modes

While I do recommend that you clear as many Adventure stages as you can, you should also start playing other “Battle” game modes, where most PVE game modes are located:

Battle Game Modes Main Resources Farmed
  • Ancient Coins
  • Equipment
Spirit Altar
  • Runes
  • Greater Runes
Automaton Tower
  • Equipment Charms
  • Gold
  • Skystones
  • MolaGora
  • Transmit Stones
  • Gold
  • Stigma
  • Equipment
  • Equipment Crafting Materials
  • Reforge Essence
Hall of Trials
  • Exclusive Equipment

The Account Buffs you receive as a new player will allow you to farm up to 30% more Gold and EXP, so play these game modes as often as you can!


Tip #3: Participate in the Arena for F2P Skystones & Mystic Medals

Arena Info (Rewards) / Epic Seven
Arena Info (Rewards)

Whether you like PVP game modes or not, I still highly recommend that you participate in Arena Battles regularly.

The Arena is among the few reliable sources of F2P Skystones – no matter if you’re a beginner or a veteran in the game.

Even as a beginner with weak units, all you need to do is use up all five free daily battles and you’re good to go!

Once you’ve managed to build a half-decent team (around 350,000 total Combat Power), you can then try reaching the Gold tier or above and stay there for the weekly rewards.


Tip #4: Farm Catalysts & Fodder Equipment in the Epilogue (Unrecorded History)

Unrecorded History (Description) / Epic Seven
Unrecorded History (Description)

You unlock Unrecorded History upon completing Episode 1, and this game mode is by far the best source of Catalysts and Fodder (Lv. 44) Equipment.

As a beginner, you need these materials for powering up your units – Catalysts for Skill Upgrades and Fodder Equipment for Enhancing Equipment.

Your Account Buff will once again be of great use to you if you decide to farm the Epilogue chapters, so get to it!


Tip #5: Always Check the Secret Shop for Great Deals

Secret Shop / Epic Seven
Secret Shop

The Secret Shop is located on your Home Screen, and is a great source of the following items:

  • Fodder Units (2★)
  • Equipment
  • Bookmarks (Covenant/Friendship)
  • Mystic Medals

You can do what’s called a “Secret Shop Refresh” once you have enough Gold and Skystones, and it’s done by refreshing the Secret Shop repeatedly and buying Covenant Bookmarks and Mystic Medals.

This method has been found to be more efficient than just buying Covenant Bookmarks and Mystic Medals in the Shop by E7’s ever-dedicated playerbase. Feel free to do it yourself!


Tip #6: Get Free Heroes via Connections

Connections (Angelica) / Epic Seven
Connections (Angelica)

The developers have gracefully added several free units in the Hero Connection over the years, and it’s once again to every beginner’s benefit.

As a new player, I highly recommend you get the following units from your Hero Connections:

Recommended Hero Connection Units Element Class
Angelica Ice Soul Weaver
Montmorancy Ice Soul Weaver
Alexa Ice Thief
Furious Ice Ranger

As you can see, all four units are Ice-element for one good reason – Wyvern Hunts.

You can choose between Montmorancy or Angelica as your tank/healer hybrid. I prefer using Angelica because you still need to Specialty Change Montmorancy to make her more effective.

Slap in Sigret from your Selective Summons as your main DPS, Furious as your Defense Breaker, and Alexa as your secondary DPS and you’ll have a very powerful Wyvern team.


Tip #7: When in Doubt, use the Adventurer’s Path as a Rough Guide

Adventurer's Path / Epic Seven
Adventurer’s Path

Adventurer’s Path is the game’s built-in guide system for beginners, and it gives you a pretty good idea of tasks that you should be doing as a new player.

You can also get lots of valuable rewards just by following the missions set out in the Adventurer’s Path:

  • Equipment Sets
  • Equipment Charms
  • Gold
  • Skystones
  • Stigma
  • MolaGora
  • Transmit Stones
  • Catalysts/Catalyst Chests

These items are indispensable for beginners, which is why doing Adventurer’s Path missions is just a great idea in general – even if you already know what to do.


Epic Seven Do’s & Don’ts

Vildred Stands His Ground (In-game Cutscene) / Epic Seven
Vildred Stands His Ground (In-game Cutscene)


  • Do clear Adventure – Episode 1 ASAP
  • Do clear Boss Hunt stages ASAP
  • Do join a Guild ASAP
  • Do add as many friends as you can
  • Do activate Grace of Growth for one Hero ASAP
  • Do choose your Moonlight’s Blessing Hero wisely
  • Do clear your daily & weekly missions
  • Do use Adventurer’s Path missions as a rough guide if you don’t know what to do
  • Do check the Secret Shop items often
  • Do farm Catalysts and fodder equipment from the Unrecorded History (Epilogue)


  • Don’t forget to get your free Heroes in the Hero Connection
  • Don’t forget to farm Breath of Orbis to upgrade your Sanctuary facilities
  • Don’t ignore PVP game modes in the Arena – even as a beginner
  • Don’t forget to farm non-Adventure game modes on the “Battle” page
  • Don’t leave your Stamina at max or exceeding capacity
  • Don’t let your Account Buffs as a new player go to waste by playing as much as you can for the next 14 days
  • Don’t forget to record your best Selective Summon results
  • Don’t use too many power-up materials on units you won’t use in your main team comp
  • Don’t ignore elemental weaknesses during battle
  • Don’t invest in equipment with a rarity lower than Heroic and a level lower than 70
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