Epic Seven: Is Bellona Worth It? (Unit Review)

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Bellona is an Earth element Ranger unit who excels in mowing down mobs of enemies with her AoE-intensive skills.

And her ability to Defense Break makes her a very solid addition in most PVE and PVP teams — more specifically on cleave team comps.

To show you how good Bellona is and why pulling for her might be worthwhile, let’s look into how she performs and some recommendations for her build.


Skills Overview

Bellona (Skills Page) / Epic Seven
Bellona (Skills Page)

Here are all of Bellona’s skills and a brief description of what they can do:

  • Windbreak Fan – Attacks a single enemy. If her Focus is full, it is consumed and Razorwind Fan will be activated.
  • Butterfly Fan – Attacks all enemies and grants Bellona Immunity for one turn.
  • Razorwind Fan – Attacks all enemies. It has a chance to decrease the entire enemy team’s Defense for two turns. If it is activated using Windbreak Fan, the chance of Defense Break is increased. Soul Burn is available for this skill. If used, the damage dealt by this skill will be increased.

Just from looking at her kit, it’s easy to see why Bellona would fit very well as the main or secondary DPS in most cleave teams.

If we consider that her Skill 1 can activate Skill 3, all of her skills are technically AoE.

Combine that with her ability to break the entire enemy team’s Defense, and she’s a fantastic DPS unit to invest in.


Bellona in PVE

Bellona (Adventure Stage) / Epic Seven
Bellona (Adventure Stage)

Just like most units who can cleave at least half as good as her, Bellona excels in speed farming Adventure stages.

Not only that, but she also performs quite well in the harder stages of the Abyss or Labyrinth — especially ones that have a lot of mobs in them.

All you need to do is pair her up with a decent support unit who can set her attacks up with buffs (e.g. Auxiliary Lots, Flan, etc.) and you’ve got yourself a mob-wave clearing monster.


Bellona in PVP

Arena Loading Screen / Epic Seven
Arena Loading Screen

She won’t be as relevant in the Arena and the World Arena compared to how she performs in most PVE stages. But Bellona is still a pretty useful unit to have for PVP battles.

If you build her with enough Speed and Crit, she will do well as your main DPS.

Conversely, if you build her with enough Effectiveness, she will do just fine as your secondary DPS and Defense Breaker.

And a mentioned before, Bellona fits very well in cleave-oriented team comps. Surrounded by the right allies, she can even carry your PVP team far up in the rankings!


Recommended Builds for Bellona (Skills & Equipment)

Artifacts Page (Iron Fan) / Epic Seven
Artifacts Page (Iron Fan)

Recommended Artifacts: Iron Fan, Rosa Hargana, Daydream Joker

For general use, Rosa Hargana will be the best Artifact for her.

But if you want to use her in Boss Hunts, then you might want to consider Iron Fan or Daydream Joker instead.

Recommended Skill Upgrades: 5/0/5

For Bellona’s skill splits, your priority should be her Skill 3 because of the increased Defense Break chance and reduced cooldown. The rest is optional, but keep in mind that investing in Skill 1 will help increase her damage output considerably.

Recommended Equipment Sets: Speed Set & Crit Build Set / Speed Set & Hit Set Build

Like most DPS cleave units (or almost every unit type for that matter), Bellona’s priority stat/substat will be Speed — followed by Attack and Effectiveness.


Is Bellona Worth Building?

Bellona (MVP Page) / Epic Seven
Bellona (MVP Page)

Bellona shines the most when it comes to speed farming Adventure stages and cleaving PVP teams to oblivion.

Sure, she’s obviously not as good (or broken) as her Ice element counterpart (SSB). But pulling Bellona and investing in her can still help out most new or struggling accounts.

All in all, I’d say go for her if you don’t have any decent cleavers in your lineup, and if she’s featured in a rate-up banner. You’d be fine otherwise considering she’s in the general pool anyways.

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