Best 5-Star Moonlight Heroes in Epic Seven (Ranked)

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This is going to be a tricky ranking.

Moonlight Heroes in Epic Seven are widely considered to be the roadblock standing between you and late-game content.

Although required less in PVE content, ML Heroes are all but required to stand a chance in high-ranking PVP.

Unfortunately, attaining even an ML 4* is a very difficult thing to do. And even if you manage to throw a lucky roll and get that glorious purple shine, there’s no guarantee it won’t be your seventeenth Guider Aither!

ML Heroes are usually designed for PVP content. However, we’ll be ranking these ML heroes across all forms of Epic Seven content.

But if they’re particularly strong in PVP, we’ll of course take that into consideration.

So let’s dive into these powerful 5-star heroes and see and why you should pray to pick them up!


10. Belian

Belian from Epic Seven

Class: Knight
Element: Light

Belian is an incredibly strong hero at the moment, especially when used on an injury set.

Her skill one inflicts AOE damage, dispels debuffs, and has a chance to inflict a second AOE attack which provokes.

Her skill three has a similar effect – and when equipped with Elbris Ritual Sword, she’ll be counterattacking almost every turn.

Belian also possesses the incredible ability to deny the use of enemy souls, which cripples some openers like Ran or Assassin Cidd.


9. Little Queen Charlotte

Little Queen Charlotte from Epic Seven

Class: Warrior
Element: Light

LQC’s viability depends solely on the current meta of RTA.

Luckily we’re currently in a Dark infested meta (as of this writing), which allows LQC to shine through!

LQC deals massive damage to Dark units – and inflicts splash damage on enemies when attacking said element.

In a world of tanky A.Ravi’s, A.Meru’s, and F.Ceci’s, you’ll be thankful that LQC can bail you out of these sticky situations.


8. Ruele of Light

Ruele of Light from Epic Seven

Class: Soul Weaver
Element: Light

Ruele is a rare exception in the world of Epic Seven.

And she’s a hero that has remained viable without any adjustments since the game began.

Equipped with Water’s Origin, Ruele can not only push herself up, but suffer reduced damage as well.

Her heals, cleanses, and barriers are huge.

And her skill three revives an ally to full health & grants them invincibility.


7. Fallen Cecilia

Fallen Cecilia from Epic Seven

Class: Knight
Element: Dark

F.Ceci is still one of the strongest tanks in the entire game.

Her passive barrier negates some heroes entirely (such as ML Baal) while her skill three and skill one grant the team skill nullifier and provoke one enemy respectfully.

She’s an all-around versatile pick that can be used in almost any draft.


6. Maid Chloe

Maid Chloe from Epic Seven

Class: Soul Weaver
Element: Light

Maid Chloe is a great Soul Weaver who can revive your entire team, cleanse all debuffs, heal, and grant increased attack.

While this makes her a menace in PVP, it also makes her just as powerful in PVE content.

Suffering a defeated unit in Abyss is oftentimes a death sentence to your run.

However, thanks to Maid Chloe, you can play a little more aggressively without the worry that one false mood could bring your run to a close.


5. Mediator Kawerik

Mediator Kawerik from Epic Seven

Class: Warrior
Element: Dark

Rikardo has been through quite the journey.

Kawerik started out his life in E7 as nothing more than a meme, widely considered to be one of the worst ML 5* heroes in the entire game.

Thankfully after some… balanced… buffs, he has now risen to be initiated into the “seven great disasters” of Epic Seven.

Kawerik is a great pseudo-support hero who can dispel debuffs from his team, while also dishing out hefty damage and crippling debuffs.


4. Apocalypse Ravi

Apocalypse Ravi from Epic Seven

Class: Warrior
Element: Dark

What a rags to riches story A.Ravi has been through.

During her initial release, A.Ravi was nothing more than a bulky tank who could take hits while dishing out pitiful damage.

After her buffs, which granted her skill one injury (making her excel in extended fights), A.Ravi has now risen to be one of the strongest units in all of RTA.

Top her already-strong kit off with a revive on her skill three, and you have one powerful tank on your hands.

Note: For those still struggling with hunts, A.Ravi can also be a great option for tanking Wyvern as well!


3. Conqueror Lilias

Conqueror Lilias from Epic Seven

Class: Warrior
Element: Light

Cilias is already stirring up controversy as the latest addition to the Golden Girls lineup (alongside Belian and Angel of Light Angelica).

What makes Cilias arguably broken is not just her insane speed, and not just her pushback and dual attacks – but her vigor buff which increases the attack and defense of all allies.

This buff alone shapes Cilias’s kit.

And it’s what makes her such a strong first-pick in RTA.


2. Specter Tenebria

Specter Tenebria from Epic Seven

Class: Mage
Element: Dark

Specter Tenebria is a great pickup for anyone undecided about who to choose from their Moonlight Blessing.

Her permanent stealth makes her a great damage-dealer in PVP, while her multiple poisons make her shine through in content like Abyss.

Spec Tene can shine on either a speed/crit build, or with a more tanky lifesteal build.


1. Arbiter Vildred

Arbiter Vildred from Epic Seven

Class: Thief
Element: Dark

Arbiter Vildred, although once being the menace of PVP, is not seen as much these days.

His damage lacks in comparison to other heroes that passively ignore defense (like Lionheart Cermia or Straze).

And with all the Extinction floating about, he likely won’t be able to revive even once.

However, what places Arby at the number one spot is just how versatile he is as a character.

Arby, despite what has been said, is still a great pick into squishy cleave teams in RTA. Not to mention, his Moonlight Dreamblade counter build can be a huge nuisance.

He’s also the fastest farmer in Epic Seven – so he can make your story and event playthroughs go much faster.

And he’s great in Hunts too, plus he’s a staple on many Azimanak 13 teams alongside Specter Tenebria.

He also shines in a few Abyss stages that require first skills to hit multiple enemies.

While Arby is no longer the overwhelming force he once was, he still stands as the most useful Moonlight Hero in the entire game.

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