15 Best F2P Heroes in Epic Seven (Ranked)

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To any of you with enough self-restraint to play a gacha game without spending money… well, this ranking is for you.

When you commit yourself to a free-to-play lifestyle, summoning every shiny new hero is out of the question. In the case of Epic Seven, Bookmarks should always be saved for collaboration and Limited heroes.

Luckily Epic Seven is incredibly free-to-play friendly.

The true gacha of this game is the gearing system. And if you have decent enough gear, any unit can be made viable!

So for those looking to make the most of what they have, we’ll be counting down the best heroes for F2P players.

Naturally this list will be dominated by three-star heroes, Specialty Changes, and Connection units. But stick around to see who’s worth investing in!


15. Yuna (Honorable Mention)

Yuna from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Ice
Class: Ranger

Yuna isn’t a particularly impressive hero by any means.

But she’s the only five-star hero that can be received for free.

Zeno, who?

Regardless of whether or not Yuna is meta viable, her base stats being equivalent to that of a five-star unit make her an excellent pickup for any F2P players.

That isn’t to say she is useless. Because Yuna can still buff the team and deal decent AOE damage.

Besides, she’s worth picking up for that skill three animation alone.


14. Free Spirit Tieria

Free Spirit Tieria from Epic Seven

Rarity: 4*
Element: Light
Class: Warrior

Free Spirit Tieria isn’t all that good.

But getting any unit for free and at +15 makes them an excellent pickup for free-to-play players.

Free Spirit Tieria is given to all players after completing the adventurer’s path (something all players should be doing-especially when starting the game), along with a plethora of materials to enhance her.

Her kit is decent and comes with a defense break, making her great for story mode bosses.

While she’ll likely be placed in the Waiting Room after you reach the late game, she is excellent for new players.

Shoutout to those of us yet to complete the final missions on the Adventurer’s Path after receiving the free Mologara to save Phantasma. That incomplete mission icon will live on forever until Epic Eight is released.


13. Researcher Carrot

Researcher Carrot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 3*
Element: Fire
Class: Mage

Researcher Carrot will be the hero that helps many F2P players stand a chance in PVP.

While not as meta as she once was (debuffs are having a bad time in the current meta), Researcher Carrot is still a threat at low-level RTA.

Those looking to climb to Master for the RTA skin can feel comfortable investing in this fiery-red hero.


12. Kiris

Kiris from Epic Seven

Rarity: 3*
Element: Earth
Class: Ranger

Abyss can be a great way to acquire powerful gear & additional resources early in the game.

Before Smilegate realized the power of poison and began making every boss immune to this debuff, Kiris was the queen of Abyss.

Those looking to get started on their Abyss journey will want to raise their Kiris to avoid headaches down the road.


11. Magic Scholar Doris

Magic Scholar Doris from Epic Seven

Rarity: 3*
Element: Light
Class: Soul Weaver

Magic Scholar Doris is a great healer across the board – not only in PVE but also in PVP.

Her party-wide buffs allow her to sustain and heal her team through extended fights.

While other healers on this list will help you progress through the story more quickly, Doris is still a good investment for those looking to head into PVP eventually.


10. Muwi/Alexa

Alexa from Epic Seven

Rarity: 3*
Element: Ice
Class: Thief

When starting out in Epic Seven, building a stable Wyvern team should be your first priority.

Hopefully you rerolled for Sigret and picked up a healer and defense breaker from the Connections tab.

That leaves only your support damage-dealer and debuffer.

Both Muwi and Alexa fulfill a similar role, and either one can be great for your team depending on the circumstances.

If you lack Effectiveness gear and have trouble landing defense breaks, Muwi can provide that extra consistency.

However, if you have trouble sustaining 2-3 debuffs on Wyvern, Alexa’s poisons will likely prove more useful.


9. Furious

Furious from Epic Seven

Rarity: 4*
Element: Ice
Class: Ranger

Furious was made for new and F2P players looking to tackle Wyvern.

His kit comes with a defense break and semi-consistent burns, increasing your DPS and fulfilling the Wyvern 13 debuff requirement.

Plus he can buff all allies’ critical hit rate, making the gear requirements to tackle late-game hunts much lower.


8. Taranor Guard

Taranor Guard from Epic Seven

Rarity: 3*
Element: Ice
Class: Warrior

Need a hero for Wyvern? Taranor Guard is great, thanks to his constant defense breaks and ability to push CR upon performing a dual attack.

However, don’t think that Taranor Guard will be sent to the Waiting Room after you reach the late game.

No, Taranor Guard will become a staple of your Abyss team after reaching floor 110.

Taranor Guard, Kitty Clarissa, Adventurer Ras, and Tamarinne will carry you to floor 120. So best invest in your T.G today.


7. Angelica

Angelica from Epic Seven

Rarity: 4*
Element: Ice
Class: Soul Weaver

Once upon a time, Angelica was the prime reroll target for new players.

Yes, above any five-star hero or Moonlight hero, Angelica was the only unit required to start playing Epic Seven.

Because of this, she was since moved to the Connections Tab to alleviate the pressure of new players trying to summon both her and a five-star hero.

While she is by no means as good as she was, Angelica is still a great healer, and an even better tank.


6. Mercedes

Mercedes from Epic Seven

Rarity: 4*
Element: Fire
Class: Mage

Don’t assume Mercedes is weak just because she’s a free unit.

On the contrary, Mercedes can be a great DPS unit for both story and early-game farming.

After completing the most recent episode of the story, players will be able to upgrade their Mercedes, during which time she will become a pseudo-viable pick in PVP.


5. Adventurer Ras

Adventurer Ras from Epic Seven

Rarity: 3*
Element: Fire
Class: Knight

Adventurer Ras is to Epic Seven as Mash is to Fate/Grand Order.

Not just because they’re both important storyline characters, but because they’re both much better than they have any right to be!

A.Ras is a great tank who sees occasional play in PVP.

However, where he shines the most is in PVE – particularly Abyss.

Ras’ Defense buff on skill three is a godsend for extended fights, and his strip on skill one is more valuable than you might think.

However the true powerhouse of A.Ras’ kit is his skill two, which not only breaks defense but triggers a dual attack from the ally with the highest attack (and grants both units Immunity)!

When Soul Burnt, this skill has no cooldown – meaning you can spam it to your heart’s content.


4. Lena

Lena from Epic Seven

Rarity: 3*
Element: Ice
Class: Warrior

Those looking to streamline their Epic Seven experience should forego rerolling for Vildred and instead try to pick up Sigret.

After all, who needs Vildred when you have Lena?

Lena can be your premier budget farmer due to her ability resets and high AOE damage.


3. Commander Lorina

Commander Lorina from Epic Seven

Rarity: 3*
Element: Dark
Class: Warrior

Completing the 50 Dispatch Missions to procure C.Lorina is very much worth it for most people.

C.Lorina will be your single-target boss nuker for most of the early and late game, if you fail to summon anything better.

It can be a pain to complete this Specialty Change. But the sooner you get started, the sooner it’s over!


2. Angelic Montmorancy

Angelic Montmorancy from Epic Seven

Rarity: 3*
Element: Ice
Class: Soul Weaver

A.Momo is one of the best PVE healers in all of Epic Seven, and is still widely used in both later Abyss, Hunt, and Raid content.

Much like Angelica, Momo can be used as both a healer and a tank. This can free up your additional party slots for support heroes and DPS.

While Angelica requires exclusive equipment to cleanse (and is still rather slow at doing so) Momo can cleanse almost every turn.

And as more fights introduce crippling debuffs, you’ll be glad to have invested in her.


1. Falconer Kluri

Falconer Kluri from Epic Seven

Rarity: 3*
Element: Earth
Class: Knight

Falconer Kluri is such a strong Specialty Change unit, and is absolutely phenomenal for F2P players.

Her non-attacking strip and defense break means you don’t need to worry about elemental disadvantage when using her.

And her overall bulk makes her a strong fit as a main tank.

Fluri also sees occasional use in PVP, considering you have the gear to build her fast enough.

Removing buffs and applying defense break is the cornerstone of Epic Seven PVE content – and Fluri satisfies that criteria effortlessly.

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