Epic Seven: Top 10 Best Heroes For Abyss, Ranked

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Abyss, as you progress through the floors, becomes more about forcing you into building niche units.

Lidica is almost a necessity to combat floor 85 and push back Dark Corvus, while Roana is almost necessary for floor 102 to heal through Celine’s multiple counter attacks.

However, there does exist a small subset of heroes that are universally praised to be helpful in almost every Abyss stage.

And here’s our ranking for those heroes best-suited to help you tackle Abyss.


10. Commander Lorina

Commander Lorina from Epic Seven

Class: Warrior
Element: Dark
Rarity: 3*

Should you be unable to procure yourself a Luna or a Bellona, Commande Lorina will be your go-to DPS unit for Abyss floors.

Completing 50 dispatch missions in order to attain her can be tiring.

But once you do, you won’t be disappointed.

C.Lorina’s skill three hits like a truck – making her an excellent damage-dealer for free-to-play players.


9. Bellona

Bellona from Epic Seven

Class: Ranger
Element: Earth
Rarity: 5*

Green Bellona may not see much use nowadays in PVP or other PVE content. But her skill one really slams, thanks to the percentage health multiplier on it.

Couple that with a Daydream Joker artifact (which should be run on all DPS units in Abyss) and you can see how she’s incredibly powerful!

To top it off, Bellona’s skill three is an AOE defense break – which thanks to her unique equipment is even easier to land!


8. Arbiter Vildred

Arbiter Vildred from Epic Seven

Class: Thief
Element: Dark
Rarity: 5*

Yeah, yeah, Arbiter Vildred is good everywhere; you’ve heard it all before.

However, it’s crazy just how much Arby excels at all forms of E7 content.

His skill one hitting multiple targets makes him great for chipping away at the boss, while also dealing with additional enemies.

Furthermore, the fact that he can revive with full HP after suffering a fatal hit, makes him great for tanking strong ultimate abilities from the boss.

And due to the length of certain Abyss floors, Arby can get one or two revives off in a fight without issue.


7. Maid Chloe / Ruele of Light

Maid Chloe from Epic Seven

Maid Chloe
Class: Soul Weaver
Element: Light
Rarity: 5*

Ruele of Light
Class: Soul Weaver
Element: Light
Rarity: 5*

Both of these Soul Weavers provide the same kind of support you’ll need in Abyss.

Of course, we’re talking about the ability to revive dead allies.

Losing a unit in Abyss is oftentimes a death sentence to your run.

However, if you’re able to bring them back, you can save yourself upwards of 30 minutes by not having to retry the stage from the beginning.

Maid Chloe offers an AOE revive, while Ruele offers stronger healing potential alongside a single-target revive.

Pick your poison!


6. Kitty Clarissa

Kitty Clarissa from Epic Seven

Class: Warrior
Element: Dark
Rarity: 4*

Kitty Clarissa may not see much use on your team before you hit the later Abyss stages.

However, she becomes vital when tackling floors 111-120.

Most people praise the combination of Kitty Clarissa and (surprisingly enough) Taranor Guard for these later stages.


5. Falconer Kluri

Falconer Kluri from Epic Seven

Class: Knight
Element: Earth
Rarity: 3*

Fluri is a hero that pops up on so many Abyss teams, but is seldom talked about compared with other heroes on this list.

Fluri’s role as both a tank and pseudo-support hero is unmatched when it comes to three-star units – and it’s clear to see why.

Her passive heal can come in very clutch at times. And her skill one that pushes combat readiness is also nothing to scoff at.

However, Fluri’s true potential shines through with her skill three.

This skill dispels all buffs from a target enemy without inflicting damage (so as to avoid potential counterattacks).

It also makes the target unable to be buffed, and more importantly, breaks their defense.

For those unaware: defense break is the most powerful debuff in all of Epic Seven, especially when it comes to PVE content. Having a reliable defense breaker on your team is a necessity for Abyss – and Fluri satisfies this need excellently.


4. Specter Tenebria

Specter Tenebria from Epic Seven

Class: Mage
Element: Dark
Rarity: 5*

Much like Kiris, Specter Tenebria is great for poison stacking on enemy bosses in Abyss.

While her poisons are less reliable than that of Kiris’ and she has no means to extend the debuff duration, S.Tene’s permanent stealth makes her an incredibly powerful DPS threat.

For so many later Abyss stages (looking at you floor 102!) it’s very likely that your main DPS will be targeted randomly and nuked into oblivion.

Losing your only DPS is essentially a death sentence in Abyss stages – assuming you have no method of reviving them.

Specter Tenebria circumvents single-target damage, while also being able to steadily cripple opponents with a slew of poison debuffs & a skill one that targets multiple enemies at once.


3. Dizzy

Dizzy from Epic Seven

Class: Mage
Element: Ice
Rarity: 5*

Dizzy’s kit is very strong in all kinds of PVE content.

Her multiple debuffs + her Combat Readiness pushback that extends debuff durations are a combo you’ll want to rely on.

These will become vital in ensuring those nasty Abyss bosses leave your glass cannons intact.

Her skill one being an AOE stun also helps when dealing with the trash mobs that usually spawn alongside a boss in Abyss.


2. Tamarinne

Tamarinne from Epic Seven

Class: Soul Weaver
Element: Fire
Rarity: 5*

Tamarinne is the undisputed queen of PVE content – and it’s clear to see why.

The large cooldown on her ult makes her incredibly unviable for any kind of PVP content (unless used in conjunction with cooldown reduction skills possessed by heroes like Iseria). Reason being that most RTA or Arena matches will be over before she can get a skill three off.

However, in extended fights that go upwards of ten (or sometimes twenty) turns, Tamarinne can really… shine!

Because Tama’s idol form is so exceptionally good.

Firstly, once activated, her third skill fully restores Tama’s HP and dispels all debuffs on her allies.

Her skill one is an AOE buff strip that also invokes a dual attack from the ally with the highest attack.

Consider all of this, plus the fact that her second skill is a 50% party-wide combat readiness boost that also heals and buffs attack!

Whether the enemy likes to stack buffs, inflict debuffs, or requires being burst down, Tama can do it all.

With the right gear, she can be both a healer and a tank – freeing up additional party slots for support heroes or more DPS.

Get yourself a girl that can do both!


1. Kiris

Kiris from Epic Seven

Class: Ranger
Element: Earth
Rarity: 3*

Until you reach the later stages of Abyss with enemies that are immune to poison (or that counterattack against non-attack skills), your team will likely be comprised of four units:

  • Kiris
  • Specter Tenebria
  • Tamarinne
  • Dizzy

While you can substitute in units as the floor requires, these four are core units that could all place at the top spot if you really wanted them there.

The poison debuff is the true king when it comes to taking down Abyss floors.

And Kiris’ ability to land and extend poisons, coupled with additional poison support from S.Tene and the prolonging of said poisons thanks to Dizzy, is what makes Kiris such a threat – even as an unawakened five-star.

Kiris is also incredibly easy to build for these floors, since all she needs is speed and effectiveness to land multiple poisons.

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