Top 5 Best Knight Artifacts in Epic Seven

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Knights are the tanks of Epic Seven.

And their Artifacts usually involve increasing the party’s defense, mitigating damage, or occasionally increasing the damage of your equipped Knight.

There are a plethora of Knight Artifacts out there to choose from.

So let’s help you whittle down those options by ranking some of the best.


5. Justice for All

Justice for All Knight Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Preferred Heroes: Charles, Falconer Kluri

Justice for All is a niche artifact, but best in slot for several heroes.


Heroes like Charles do well on either Justice for All or Elbris Ritual Sword.

However, heroes like Falconer Kluri love this artifact and the added buffs it brings.


4. Holy Sacrifice

Holy Sacrifice Knight Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Preferred Heroes: Krau, Charlotte

Holy Sacrifice is for the gamblers out there.

Upon receiving lethal damage, the equipped hero has a percent chance to be revived.

This is great for heroes like Krau who deal more damage based on missing health, or Charlotte who can heal herself back to full health after one skill.


3. Adamant Shield

Adamant Shield Knight Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Preferred Heroes: Fallen Cecilia, Troublemaker Crozet, Falconer Kluri

Adamant Shield is a party-wide buff to Defense. And when used in conjunction with Aurius, it’ll be very difficult for any enemies to take down your heroes.

Since its inception, “Adamant/Aurius” has been the bread & butter of the tank meta.

For the longest time RTA was primarily comprised of three Knights and one Soul Weaver, due to the unwavering dominance of defense in an age with no penetration set.


2. Elbris Ritual Sword

Elbris Ritual Sword Knight Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Preferred Heroes: Fallen Cecilia, Belian, Ilynav, Charles

Elbris is widely considered to be the best five-star Knight Artifact.

Most (if not all) Knights are tanks.

And while their skill threes are usually more powerful, their first skills usually bring with them varying levels of utility.

Elbris is great for Knights who like to spam their first skill.

Take Belian for example, who loves to use her skill one to strip buffs and apply injuries or Fallen Cecilia who can inflict Provoke.

Alternatively, heroes who can proc additional skills when using their first skill (such as Charles and Ilynav) also benefit from additional attacks.


1. Aurius

Aurius Knight Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 4*
Preferred Heroes: Krau, Fallen Cecilia, Adventurer Ras, Crimson Armin, really all!

Aurius is arguably the most versatile Knight Artifact in all of Epic Seven.

While Artifacts like Elbris are considered “best in slot” for heroes like Belian, Aurius can be slapped onto any Knight and perform well.

Aurius increases the Defense of allies by 10% and the equipped hero suffers 20% of the damage suffered by them.

Knights are tanky by nature.

And when you combine Aurius and Adamant Shield, your damage-dealers will be able to brush off any incoming hits with ease – while your other units soak up the damage.

Plus since Aurius is a four-star Artifact, it’s incredibly easy to max limit break it.

Not to mention the versatility here.

This Artifact is useful in both PVP and PVE, and stands tall as the most useful Knight Artifact worth trying out.

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