Top 5 Best Mage Artifacts in Epic Seven

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Mages are the glue of any well-rounded team.

I mean, they offer the innate ability to provide your team with starting souls.

While this may have already given away the number one spot for this ranking, there are plenty of other ways that Mages can shine – and these are the Artifacts that help them do so.


5. Kaladra

Kaladra Mage Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 4*
Preferred Heroes: Specter Tenebria, Ram

Kaladra is a great PVE artifact that increases damage dealt based on whether the target has a debuff.

While this doesn’t see much play in PVP, Kaladra has popped up here and there on some Banshee one-shot teams for damage-dealing Mages who struggle to finish the job in one hit.

Furthermore, Kaladra being a four-star Artifact makes it much easier to Limit Break!


4. Dignus Orb

Dignus Orb Mage Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Preferred Heroes: Vivian, Top Model Luluca

Dignus Orb is great for damage-dealing Mages with non-attacking abilities.

After using a non-attacking skill, Dignus Orb provides the equipped hero with a shield based on their attack.

This means that heroes like Vivian and Tomoca, who should be pushing the 3-4k attack mark, will receive a shield almost the same size as their original health bar!

This provides some much-needed defense on these typically squishy heroes.


3. Iela Violin

Iela Violin Mage Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 4*
Preferred Heroes: Dizzy, Fairytale Tenebria

Iela was a coveted Artifact for the longest time, originally being released as part of a side-story.

Back in the good ol’ days of Epic Seven, certain Artifacts (like Iela Violin and Crimson Seed) were released alongside PVE events, and needed to be farmed via random drops.

Once the event went away, there was no way to obtain the Artifact anymore.

Iela was (and still is) so popular due to its innate buff stripping capabilities.

When equipped to heroes like Dizzy and F.Tene who spam AOE skills, you can strip multiple buffs in succession.


2. Abyssal Crown

Abyssal Crown Mage Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Preferred Heroes: Researcher Carrot, Sage Baal and Sezan

Stun is arguably the most powerful crowd control debuff in the entire game.

Provoke and Sleep do immobilize a target, but to a lesser degree.

Stun, on the other hand, allows for the freedom to wail away on an enemy with no fear of them waking up or procing a counter-attack.

Abyssal Crown usually excels on heroes with either in-built crowd control (like Sage Baal) or Mages that spam AOEs (like Researcher Carrot).


1. Tagahel’s Ancient Book

Tagahel's Ancient Book Mage Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 4*
Preferred Heroes: Specter Tenebria, Researcher Carrot, Politis

There’s a reason why Belian has risen to such infamy since her release. While her kit is powerful on its own, the taking away of enemy souls pushes this hero to another level.

Soul Burning a hero’s skills offers so many advantages in battle

Ad certain units (like Assassin Cidd or Ran) basically require souls in order to function.

While certain Mages benefit from Artifacts besides Tagahel’s, you can make a case for any Mage in the game being equipped with this Artifact.

And it would be a good case.

Abusing souls is a surefire way to increase your PVP rank – and it’s important to have a maxed-out Tagahel’s on multiple Mages.

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