Top 5 Best Ranger Artifacts in Epic Seven

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Rangers come in various shapes and sizes.

While most Rangers are incredibly fast and aim to take turn one, others are designed more to deal heavy damage or inflict debuffs.

With limited defensive options, it becomes important to take the first turn, or have ways to make an impact with the limited time available.

So if you need ideas for your next build, here’s some Ranger Artifacts that can help your openers, damage-dealers, and debuffers.


5. Bloodstone

Bloodstone Ranger Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Preferred Heroes: Bellona, Seaside Bellona, Landy

Bloodstone is great for battles where traditional healing is forbidden.

Several later Abyss stages forbid the use of non-attacking skills.

Bloodstone can be a godsend in these fights, since it allows you to circumvent any non-attacking skill restrictions placed upon you.

And this artifact has also seen niche viability in PVP, particularly with Seaside Bellona whose constant counters can heal her without the need of a lifesteal set.


4. Ms. Confille

Ms. Confille Ranger Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Preferred Heroes: Faithless Lidica, Cerise

Ms. Confille is a limited Artifact released alongside Elphelt during one of the several hundred reruns we seem to have had at this point for the Guilty Gear collaboration.

Ms. Confille has a chance to inflict a defense break when using a basic skill.

Simple enough, but vital in certain scenarios.

Heroes like Flidica and Cerise have no in-built defense-breaking capabilities. But Ms. Confille makes for a great substitute.

Furthermore, Wyvern 13 Rangers like Furious can maximize their chances of landing defense break on their skill three, and on their skill one as well!


3. Reingar’s Special Drink

Reingar's Special Drink Ranger Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Preferred Heroes: Seaside Bellona, Briar Witch Iseria

Six SSB, no drink… Six SSB NO DRINK!!

Thankfully, none of us will have to go through the hell of limited Artifacts ever again, since they’re now purchasable with powder.

However, we must pay our respect to those who failed to obtain Reingar’s Special Drink during its first release. Their outcry is likely what spurred Smilegate to release some form of guaranteed Artifact acquisition.

Reingar’s Special Drink deals additional damage after using an AOE damage-dealing skill.

This makes it a perfect Artifact for Seaside Bellona, whose skill three and counter are both AOE.

But Reingar’s also works well for heroes like Briar Witch Iseria, and at a push, Landy.


2. Guiding Light

Guiding Light Ranger Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Preferred Heroes: Cerise, Landy, Faithless Lidica

Guiding Light may only be useful in PVP.

But it is so dominant in its niche that it deserves a higher spot.

Guiding Light is what propelled Landy into the top-tier of PVP and forced Smilegate to tack on anti-stealth to Milim’s kit to counter her.

This artifact grants stealth at the start of the battle to the equipped hero, and also grants stealth after each turn they take.

So your openers can avoid the 300+ speed Assassin Cidd’s looking to ruin your day, and then still push your remaining team members forward.

Alternatively, damage-dealers like Landy can unload their DPS before dipping into stealth and becoming untargetable. There, they can lie in wait, charging their Focus until the time comes to skill three again.


1. Song of Stars

Song of Stars Ranger Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Preferred Heroes: Iseria, Furious, Flan

Song of Stars is not as impactful as an Artifact like Guiding Light.

But it is far more viable in Epic Seven as a whole.

Song of Stars places a target on the attacked enemy, increasing the damage they suffer by 15%.

Targeting the enemy is useful in RTA, and in all game modes from Abyss to Hunt.

It also acts as a debuff, making Wyvern 13 easier to complete, and increasing damage from Rage sets (which are often used for damage dealers in Abyss).

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