The Best Selective Summons in Epic Seven (Ranked)

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With Epic Seven growing in popularity (or infamy, depending on who you ask), more players are looking to throw their hats into the ring of RNG gear enhancements and 15% resistance.

When starting out a new account, you’ll be offered a selective summon after completing stage 1-10.

This will contain one 5* hero only (no multiples here) along with any number of 4* and 3* heroes.

With the addition of Angelica and Angelic Montmorancy into the list of freely summonable units, the E7 reroll tier list has fluctuated over the years.

But let’s break down some of the best heroes you should be looking for across ALL rarities!

Note: we’ll only be covering the first Selective Summon after stage 1-10, not the Moonlight Blessing or the Season 2 Selective Summon.


5. Muwi

Muwi from Epic Seven

Class: Knight
Element: Earth
Rarity: 3*

Muwi is a recent addition into the game – but also a character that has cemented themselves as being a prime reroll candidate.

What makes Muwi so great is his massive debuff potential, as his skill one inflicts bleed, and his skill three inflicts defense break (the most powerful debuff in the game).

His passive also grants him a counterattack when all allies are ice heroes.

If you manage to pick up Muwi and Lena (two relatively easy to obtain 3* heroes), Sigret as your reroll 5*, and grab Momo or Angelica from Connections, your Wyvern hunting team is pretty much good to go.


4. Lena

Lena from Epic Seven

Class: Warrior
Element: Ice
Rarity: 3*

Oh, how the tables have turned.

No longer is it recommended to reroll for twenty 5* heroes and Arbiter Vildred before being able to start your game.

All you need is Lena!

Lena is an ice three-star hero whose skill three makes her an excellent farmer.

When an enemy is defeated with this skill, the cooldown is not reset, making it easier for her to take down multiple low-health waves.

We’d recommend picking up one of the following 5* heroes on this list alongside Lena.


3. Ravi

Ravi from Epic Seven

Class: Mage
Element: Ice
Rarity: 5*

Ravi is likely the only hero in this ranking that has not shifted throughout all of Epic Seven’s run.

Ravi, Destina, and Sez were the prime reroll targets during the game’s infancy, with the latter two being favored above poor Ravi.

Ravi’s skill three takes time to wind up. And although it can inflict great AOE damage and stun, it makes her farming take a long time.

However, Ravi is still a great tank, and sees play in RTA every now and again (alongside her much more aggravating ML counterpart).


2. Vildred

Vildred from Epic Seven

Class: Thief
Element: Earth
Rarity: 5*

Vildred makes for an excellent farming hero. And when you eventually reach late-game, he can cleave like no other in RTA.

What makes Vildred such an amazing dog walker is his passive ability which inflicts massive AOE damage whenever he kills a unit.

While it takes a lot more work, heroes, and gear to make him viable in RTA, Vildred is still a great character to pick up from your selective to blaze through the story mode.


1. Sigret

Sigret from Epic Seven

Class: Warrior
Element: Ice
Rarity: 5*

When in doubt, hunt it out!

If you’re a new player or a returning player struggling to figure out what exactly you should be doing with your time in E7, well the answer is simple:


Joking aside, hunts are your main method of acquiring the necessary gear you’d need to compete in high-level PVP or harder PVE content.

And long story short, Wyvern is the most important hunt in the game.

New players should be working towards creating reliable auto Wyvern 13 teams while simultaneously making their way through the Adventure mode.

Wyvern 13 requires heavy DPS in order to break through the shield (if you don’t plan on nuking the boss down in either one or very few turns), and it also needs to be debuffed, or else it’ll target your backline units at random.

Sigret works exceptionally well here.

Because she provides heavy damage & can also inflict multiple bleeds and unhealable.

If you can only grab one unit from this list, make sure it’s Sigret – and then get to farming!

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