Top 5 Best Soul Weaver Artifacts in Epic Seven

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Soul Weavers are the healers of Epic Seven.

These heroes are designed to support the team through buffs, heals, and shields.

But unlike other similar games, Epic Seven healers are much beefier, and often fill the role of a tank as well. This means Artifacts can really affect your builds.

For this ranking we’re looking into the better options for Soul Weaver Artifacts, to help these heroes maximize their bulk while still providing support to their team.


5. Wondrous Potion Vial

Wondrous Potion Vial Soul Weaver Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 4*
Preferred Heroes: Tamarinne, Angelic Montmorancy, Roana

Potion Vial may not see much play in RTA.

But in PVE this Artifact is a godsend!

Notably in later Abyss stages where a well-timed cleanse on your stunned Tamarinne can make or break a decisive battle.

Once fully leveled, Potion Vial has a 100% chance to dispel a debuff doing away with any sort of RNG.


4. Rod of Amaryllis

Rod of Amaryllis Soul Weaver Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Preferred Heroes: Tamarinne, Diene

Rod is an excellent way for Soul Weavers who lack the burst healing of their peers to compete in late-game content.

Diene, for example, has no in-built heals in her kit. And instead she relies more on shields and buffs to sustain her team.

However, thanks to Rod, Diene’s plethora of non-attacking skills can now heal her team as well.


3. Idol’s Cheer

Idol's Cheer Soul Weaver Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Preferred Heroes: Blood Moon Haste, Angelica

Idol’s Cheer is a fantastic Artifact for maximizing the damage of your strongest attacker.

Whenever the equipped hero of this Artifact is attacked, it’ll push the combat readiness of the ally with the strongest attack.

This is great in PVE modes like Wyvern, where Angelica can proc Idol’s Cheer three times in a row as the tank of your party.

Idol’s Cheer is also a good pick for Soul Weavers like Blood Moon Haste in PVP.


2. Water’s Origin

Water's Origin Soul Weaver Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 4*
Preferred Heroes: Ruele of Light, Maid Chloe

Annoying tanky Soul Weavers that need to be taken out before they revive dead heroes are already a huge pain.

But try dealing with those same tanky Soul Weavers on Water’s Origin!

This Artifact not only reduces incoming damage to the equipped hero, but also pushes that hero forward every time the Artifact procs.

In RTA situations featuring a Ruele or a Maid Chloe, it becomes imperative to take out these units as soon as possible – before they can use their skill threes.

However, this becomes difficult with such a powerful damage mitigating Artifact.

Hopefully you brought someone with Extinction…


1. Magahara’s Tome

Magahara's Tome Soul Weaver Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 4*
Preferred Heroes: Emilia, Angelic Montmorancy, Achates

Magahar’s Tome tops this list due to its overall universality when it comes to viability.

Almost every Soul Weaver in the game incorporates some kind of non-attacking skill into their kit.

And Magahara’s Tome is great for boosting combat readiness to cast subsequent heals as quickly as possible.

Be it in RTA, Abyss, or Hunt, Magahara’s Tome has seen play in almost all game modes.

So this has to at least be deemed one of the best Soul Weaver Artifacts you can get your hands on.

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