15 Best Thieves in Epic Seven (Ranked)

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Thieves are glass cannon damage-dealers who enjoy inflicting heavy burst damage before diving back into the shadows.

While Thieves in E7 are oftentimes the fastest unit in the game, almost every Thief can excel on a variety of different builds – from Counter to lifesteal, to Critical Hit Damage.

So looking across the whole spectrum, let’s dive into the best Thieves in all of Epic Seven across all forms of content.


15. Muwi

Muwi screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 3*
Element: Ice

Muwi is a great pick-up for new accounts, as he can inflict bleeding and defense debuffs on Wyvern 13.

Not to mention that Muwi gains even more power when placed in a team with all Ice units.

Pair Muwi with Lena, Angelica/A. Momo, and Sigret, and your Wyvern 13 troubles are over!


14. Baiken

Baiken screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Earth

Baiken’s kit appears to want her to be an opener due to the combat readiness increase on her skills.

However, her low base speed makes this a very tall order.

On the other hand, Baiken is the premier Banshee one-shot hero – and can make farming for your Bruiser units a breeze.


13. Tempest Surin

Tempest Surin screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 4*
Element: Light

Tempest Surin doesn’t see much play nowadays.

But she was once a terror.

Her ability to dip into stealth, cleanse debuffs, boost combat readiness, and survive hits when above 50% health make her a great damage dealer.

While she’s no longer considered meta, she’s still a reasonable secondary DPS option.


12. Blood Blade Karin

Blood Blade Karin screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 4*
Element: Dark

Even though BBK received a buff which grants her invincibility at the start of the fight, this does little to help her cleaving potential in a world of counterattacking Rems and Belians who will strip it in seconds.

Still, if you’re fast enough, BBK can be a great cleaver who also handles revive units like Arbiter Vildred – all thanks to the extra turn she gains when killing a hero with her skill three.

BBK is also great in Banshee, where she can be used to AOE cleave the first wave before inflicting just enough damage on the boss to prepare for Baiken’s one-shot.


11. Crescent Moon Rin

Crescent Moon Rin screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 4*
Element: Dark

Rin is still a great turn one opener who can steal buffs and stun high-priority units.

Her versatility in this regard is overshadowed by someone like Rimuru, but she trades off damage and bulk in favor of more speed.

So really, Rin is a great opener – and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


10. Assassin Cidd / Assassin Coli

Assassin Cidd screenshot from Epic Seven

Assassin Cidd
Rarity: 4*
Element: Dark

Assassin Coli
Rarity: 4*
Element: Dark

These two heroes will share the same spot, since they pretty much do the same thing.

Gun to our heads, Assassin Cidd would take priority.

But both Coli and Cidd are designed to take the first turn and eliminate an enemy threat.

Either you want to take out the opponent’s turn one combat readiness pusher, or you want to eliminate the main DPS threat.


9. Spirit Eye Celine

Spirit Eye Celine screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Light

Spirit Eye Celine needs a lot of investment – but she can do wonders for your team if built correctly.

With an AOE revive and invincibility on her third skill, if left unchecked, she’ll become a menace in your quest to Master rank RTA.

A lot of her kit relies on Dust Devil procs and lucky basic attacks. But when they hit, not much will be left standing afterwards.


8. Celine

Celine screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Earth

Celine saw a lot of play during the Auxiliary Lots meta.

She fell out of favor after people learned how to deal with her, and began drafting more and more Kayrons, Tempest Surins, or Summertime Iserias to keep her at bay.

But thanks to her exclusive equipment and buffs, she’s seeing more play now than ever – and people are looking more towards her stealth EE as opposed to her targeted EE.

Celine does great against the current meta picks like Ran and Peira.

So she is a very viable nowadays.


7. Remnant Violet

Remnant Violet screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Dark

Many people consider Riolet to be in a bit of a bad spot nowadays.

But if he manages to evade something FOR ONCE IN HIS GOD FORSAKEN LIFE… he’s still a really good unit.

The natural defense penetration on his skill three and his evasiveness makes him great for a lifesteal build.

Couple that with an evasion artifact and start praying you can dodge that pivotal hit!


6. Kise

Kise screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Ice

Kise is a speedy opener who’s capable of assassinating a single unit, or at the very least, resetting their cooldowns to make them inherently useless.

Similar to her ML counterpart, Kise trades off the AOE reset in favor of more speed and more damage.

She’s a fantastic opener who can also dip into stealth to provide your team with consistent damage.


5. Closer Charles

Closer Charles screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Dark

Closer Charles is a great AOE damage dealer.

Unlike other Thieves who look to take turn one or assassinate a prime enemy target, Closer Charles wants to cleave, cleave, cleave!

Closer Charles also comes equipped with an evade – giving him a little defensive capability to support his glass cannon kit


4. Ran

Ran screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Ice

Here’s why Ran is such a great opener:

Tremendous speed.

But he requires some kind of support to follow up on his attacks.

When used in conjunction with Summertimes Iseria, Ran becomes one of the best Thieves in all of Epic Seven.

It isn’t too shocking to have his skill three inadvertently cleave the enemy team by accident.


3. Peira

Peira screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Ice

Peira is similar to Ran in that she’s used as an opener.

However, unlike Ran, the debuffs she inflicts make her useful even without a secondary opener or combat readiness pusher.

Peira’s gimmick is her escort ability.

Add onto that with the massive shield she receives, and you can see how she’d turn into really big threat.


2. Violet

Violet screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Earth

Violet is a blemish on an otherwise (almost) perfect game.

OK joking aside, we cannot tell you how frustrating it is to dispatch an entire enemy team only to be 1v4’d by the enemy Violet!

Violet’s lifesteal, insane damage, counter attacks, and smug grin all cement him as one of the most powerful heroes in Epic Seven’s PVP meta.


1. Arbiter Vildred

Arbiter Vildred screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Dark

Arbiter Vildred doesn’t see as much play these days.

His damage lacks in comparison to other heroes that passively ignore defense (like Lionheart Cermia or Straze). And he’s hard countered by extinction or Blood Moon Haste

However, Arby is still the most versatile character in the game when looking at all of Epic Seven’s content.

Because he’s a great addition into squishy cleave teams in RTA. Not to mention that his Moonlight Dreamblade counter build can be a huge nuisance.

Arby is also the fastest farmer in the game, and can make your story and event playthroughs go much faster.

He does well in Hunts, and is a staple on many Azimanak 13 teams alongside Specter Tenebria.

He also shines in a few Abyss stages that require first skills to hit multiple enemies (again, alongside Specter Tenebria).

While Arby is no longer the overwhelming force he once was, he still stands as the most useful Thief, or in some cases even the most useful hero in general.

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