Top 5 Best Warrior Artifacts in Epic Seven

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Bruiser gang, this one goes out to you!

Warriors are the mixed bag of Epic Seven’s DPS heroes.

While they are more than capable of landing meaty hits on enemies, they’re also adept at taking hits.

Needless to say, Warrior Artifacts should be designed around such a hybrid playstyle.

So let’s see which ones stand out the most.


5. Border Coin

Border Coin Warrior Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Preferred Heroes: Cermia, Conqueror Lilias, Zahhak, Inferno Khawazu

Border Coin is a strong choice for Warriors with non-attacking skills.

Here’s how it works:

After using a non-attack skill, the equipped hero will increase their Attack by 15.0% and Speed by 10.0% (which can stack up to three times).

This makes non-attacking Warriors like Cermia and Cilias great on Border Coin, as they each benefit from the attack and speed, respectively.

Warriors like Inferno Khawazu also love Border Coin due to the non-attacking passive built into his kit.


4. Durandal

Durandal Warrior Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Preferred Heroes: Designer Lillibet, Mediator Kawerik, Assassin Cartuja

Durandal is great for Warriors that excel in extended fights.

If the equipped hero’s Health is less than 75%, Combat Readiness increases by 8.0% when attacked.

For tanky bruisers like Dillibet, this Artifact supplements her lack of speed quite well.

Whereas with A. Cartuja, his evasion can keep him alive on low health for some time – making Durandal an excellent choice.


3. Crimson Seed

Crimson Seed Warrior Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Preferred Heroes: Apocalypse Ravi, Ravi

Crimson Seed has a percentage chance to dispel a debuff from the equipped hero after being attacked.

For slower Warriors or Warriors that rely on counterattacks, it can be crippling to have several debuffs weighing you down.

Apocalypse Ravi, for instance, is more than capable of soloing an entire team – should she remain immune. But once she’s inflicted with Blind, Attack Down, Slow… her game is as good as over.

Crimson Speed keeps your warriors healthy so they can best perform.


2. Draco Plate

Draco Plate Warrior Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Preferred Heroes: Rimuru, Rem, Straze

Allow me to redirect you momentarily to our definition of a “Warrior”, as we concluded that these heroes like to dish out damage and tank hits.

Well what better Artifact is there than Draco Plate?

Here’s what it does:

Increases Critical Hit Damage by 15.0% while decreasing damage suffered from Critical Hits by 8.0%.

This Artifact seems like a match made in heaven, right?

But the damage mitigation on this Artifact is often an afterthought, with many players favoring to use Draco Plate on strictly damage-based Warriors.

Still, Draco Plate is an Artifact worth trying for any DPS-dealing Warrior.


1. Sigurd Scythe

Sigurd Scythe Warrior Artifact from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Preferred Heroes: Hwayoung, Lionheart Cermia, Rem, Martial Artist Ken

Sigurd Scythe is a viable option for almost any Warrior out there.

Its effect is as follows:

When the caster’s Health is less than 50%, increase Attack by 25% and absorbs 25.0% of the damage dealt as Health.

While Draco Plate’s damage mitigation is decent, Sigurd Scythe’s ability to lifesteal back to full health after being brought down low is a godsend for tanky bruisers.

All in all, this Artifact works well on almost every Warrior in E7. And it’s highly recommend that you pick up at least one copy.

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