Where To Farm Blazing Rage in Epic Seven

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Blazing Rage is a Rare Catalyst used for skill enhancements. In total, there are six sources of Blazing Rage catalysts in E7:

  • Adventure Stages (Chapter 5)
  • AP Exchange Shops (Dun Blyraia or Savara) (Best Source)
  • Catalyst Chests
  • Events
  • Guild Member Shop
  • Guild Aid

If you want to farm enough Blazing Rage to the point that you won’t have to worry about it anymore, all you need to do is visit these sources and farm them consistently.


Option 1: Adventure Stages

Stage 2S-7. Garden of the Unworthy Drops (Blazing Rage) / Epic Seven
Stage 2S-7. Garden of the Unworthy Drops (Blazing Rage)

A lot of Adventure Stages can be farmed for Blazing Rage — as well as a lot of other Rare Catalysts. But the best stages to farm would be:

  • 5-5
  • 5-6
  • 5-S6
  • 3-S3

Although not as hard to obtain as Epic Catalysts, do keep in mind that the drop rate for Rare Catalysts like Blazing Soul is quite low.

This is why you should only farm Adventure Stages that feature both the Blazing Soul as drops and as AP Exchange Shop items.

TIP: Remember to always bring the appropriate pet when farming Adventure Stages.

After all, some pets can increase the amount of AP you can get per stage cleared — making your farming sessions much more efficient in the long run.


Option 2: AP Exchange Shops (Best Choice)

2S. Scorned Lands AP Shop (Blazing Rage) / Epic Seven
2S. Scorned Lands AP Shop (Blazing Rage)

After farming enough Adventure Points (AP) from farming Adventure Stages, you will be able to buy Blazing Rage from the AP Exchange Shop.

Most AP Exchange Shops can be unlocked simply by progressing through the story. Some require specific feats or items to be unlocked.

But AP Exchange Shops that do not require any prerequisites will sell you enough Rare Catalysts to go around!

There are two shop locations that sell Blazing Rage:

  1. Savara
  2. Dun Blyraia

TIP: You can only buy a specific amount of Catalysts before they run out, so be sure not to spread your AP out too thin when buying all sorts of items.

Don’t worry too much though, as the stocks of all AP Exchange Shops are always replenished back up to the maximum amount every week!


Option 3: Catalyst Chests

Rare Catalyst Chest (Blazing Rage) / Epic Seven
Rare Catalyst Chest (Blazing Rage)

As far as convenience goes, having a Catalyst Chest on standby in your inventory is by far the best. As they can give you all sorts of Catalysts minus all of the pesky farming you often have to do for them.

The only catch is that while they can be obtained in a variety of ways in the game, Catalyst Chests are still very hard to come by — especially if you’re a new player.

TIP: Always use these Catalyst Chests wisely. It’ll be better to save them in case you run out of energy for farming Catalysts yourself!


Option 4: Events

The Rise of the Great Mortelix (Exchange Shop) / Epic Seven
The Rise of the Great Mortelix (Exchange Shop)

Events are another great way to farm Blazing Rage and a lot of other highly valuable Catalysts.

After all, you can get Catalyst Chests as Reputation Rewards in most of these Events — not to mention as buyable items in the Event Currency Exchange Shops.

TIP: Note that the selection of Catalysts in the Event Currency Exchange Shop varies, so you may not be able to farm your desired Catalyst through this source reliably.


Option 5: Guild Member Shop

Guild Member Shop (Catalyst Chests) / Epic Seven
Guild Member Shop (Catalyst Chests)

Being a guild member allows you to purchase a lot of cool stuff like Artifacts, Conversion Chests, and Element Summon Bookmarks in the Guild Member Shop.

More importantly, however, you can also purchase both Rare and Epic Catalyst Chests here which you can buy for guild currencies.

TIP: All you really need to do to buy these Catalyst Chests is to participate in your usual guild activities. If you do it regularly, you might just have enough guild currencies to buy all of these chests!


Option 6: Guild Aid

Guild Aid (Blazing Rage) / Epic Seven
Guild Aid (Blazing Rage)

If you’re in dire need of Blazing Rage, you may also resort to requesting some from your guildmates in the Aid section of your Guild Page.

You can request all sorts of fantastic things from Skill Enhancement materials to Awakening materials here!

TIP: Keep in mind that not requesting Catalysts from your guildmates is generally considered good etiquette, so only do it when necessary or if you’re explicitly allowed to.

It’ll also help if you’re willing to part with some excess Catalysts and donate them yourself. After all, it feels much better to give stuff to players who give back to their guildmates than to those who do not.

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