Epic Seven: Where To Farm Blazing Souls

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Unlike Rare Catalysts, Epic Catalysts like Blazing Souls are a bit harder to farm, although there are still quite a few good methods.

The best source of Blazing Souls is by far the AP Exchange Shop. Of course, that assumes that you farm the appropriate Adventure map consistently.

In total, there are five sources of Blazing Soul catalysts, and we’ll cover all of them in this guide.

These sources are:

  • Adventure Stages (4-2 and 4-9)
  • AP Exchange Shop in Solayu Forest (Best Method)
  • Catalyst Chests
  • Events
  • Guild Member Shop

Adventure Stages (4-2 + 4-9)

Unrecorded History Map 4-2, Stage 4-9 (Support & Drops Page) / Epic Seven
Unrecorded History Map 4-2, Stage 4-9 (Support & Drops Page)

Farming Adventure stages can be a good source of Blazing Souls, although doing so requires a fair bit of time and patience.

After all, the drop rate for Blazing Soul (and other epic catalysts for that matter) in any Adventure Stage, regardless of difficulty, is abysmally low.

TIP: To be as efficient as possible, it’s recommended to only farm Adventure stages that both drop the catalyst you need and are also on a map that features the same catalyst in the AP Shop.


Solayu Forest AP Exchange Shop (Best Method)

Unrecorded History Map 4-2 (AP Exchange Shop) / Epic Seven
Unrecorded History Map 4-2 (AP Exchange Shop)

AP Exchange Shops allows you to exchange your accumulated AP on a given map. Of course, this includes even epic catalysts like Blazing Soul.

Keep in mind, however, that you can only buy Epic Catalysts five times a week and that the catalysts that are available in the AP Exchange Shop vary from map to map.

TIP: You can get Pets that multiply the amount of AP you can get every time you clear a stage.

Bringing these kinds of pets along is necessary if you want the maximum amount of return per stage cleared.


Catalyst Chests

Epic Catalyst Selection Chest (Blazing Soul) / Epic Seven
Epic Catalyst Selection Chest (Blazing Soul)

Catalyst Chests are by far the easiest way to obtain any kind of catalysts ASAP.

All you need to do is check your inventory, go to the Items section, check if you have any Epic Catalyst Chests, and voila — a quick and easy epic catalyst!

TIP: You can get Catalyst Chests from a lot of different sources, but do remember that Epic Catalyst Chests are quite rare. Use them wisely!


Farming Events

Sweet Nightmare Event (Exchange Shop) / Epic Seven
Sweet Nightmare Event (Exchange Shop)

The Catalysts that can be acquired vary from Event to Event, but the good news is that they come with at least one Epic Catalyst available for purchase in the Event Exchange Shop.

This means that you also can farm Blazing Souls here if you manage to play the right Event — even if it doesn’t necessarily offer Blazing Souls as Clear/Reputation rewards.

TIP: Like in Adventure, you can also bring along pets that increase the amount of event currencies you get every time you clear an event stage.

Be sure to bring these kinds of pets before you start farming event stages for Exchange Shop currencies.


Guild Member Shop

Guild Member Shop (Epic Catalyst Chest) / Epic Seven
Guild Member Shop (Epic Catalyst Chest)

Joining a guild will allow you to buy highly precious items. Of course, this includes even Epic Catalyst Chests which may just give you the Blazing Souls you need.

Epic Catalyst Chests are fairly expensive compared to Rare Catalyst Chests, but the cost checks out if we consider just how hard Epic Catalysts like Blazing Souls are to farm.

TIP: To obtain enough guild currencies to buy the Epic Catalyst Chests, you must participate in guild activities and clear daily guild quests consistently.

Unlike Rare Catalysts, you cannot request Epic Catalysts in the Guild Aid.

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