Where To Farm Blood Flaked Bones in Epic Seven

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The best place to farm Blood-flaked Bones is in the Unrecorded History 8-9 Drifting Tomb, as you can get them as drops & also buy them from the AP Exchange Shop in this area.

Events are a great alternative source of Blood Flaked Bone, since Rare Catalysts can often be exchanged for event currency or obtained as clear rewards.

And finally, the Guild Member Shop and the Guild Aid system also allow you to farm lots of Rare Catalysts in general, which include Blood Flaked Bones.


Source #1: Adventure Mode – Unrecorded History 8-9 Drifting Tomb (Best Source)

Stage 8-9 Drifting Tomb (Stage Details) / Epic Seven
Stage 8-9 Drifting Tomb (Stage Details)

Stage 8-9 of the Unrecorded History (Prologue) Chapter is the best place to farm Blood-Flaked Bone.

This is because this particular stage drops Blood Flaked Bone and has the Rare Catalyst featured in its AP Exchange Shop.

8. Duselnorc World (AP Exchange Shop) / Epic Seven
8. Duselnorc World (AP Exchange Shop)

Blood Flaked Bone costs 120 AP each to purchase, and you can only buy up to 10 of them per week.

If you want to farm more AP, I recommend bringing along Pets with AP acquisition rate-boosting skills on your farming runs.


Source #2: Events

Exchange Shop (From Pride To Hubris Event) / Epic Seven
Exchange Shop (From Pride To Hubris Event)

Each event features a variety of farmable Epic and Rare Catalysts in the Event Currency Exchange Shop, which might just include Blood Flaked Bone.

You can also obtain Rare or Random Catalyst Chests as rewards from story events, check-in events, or giveaway events.

Always keep an eye out for Events, as they’re sure to come with all sorts of farmable Catalysts and resources.


Source #3: Guild Member Shop

Guild Member Shop (Catalyst Chests) / Epic Seven
Guild Member Shop (Catalyst Chests)

You can buy a Random Catalyst Chest in the Guild Member Shop for 180 Brave Crests and a Random Rare Catalyst Chest for 30 Commander’s Armbands.

The weekly purchase limit for Random Catalyst Chests and Random Rare Catalyst Chests is three per week and five per week, respectively.

You can easily buy both of these chests just by playing the game regularly every week and participating in guild activities.


Source #4: Guild Aid

Guild Aid (Blood Flaked Bone) / Epic Seven
Guild Aid (Blood Flaked Bone)

The Guild Aid system allows you to request crafting materials, awakening materials, and Catalysts from your guildmates.

You can only request aid once per day, and you cannot refresh the request until the day after you’ve made it in case it wasn’t fulfilled.

If you plan on requesting Catalysts from the Guild Aid often, make sure you’re paying it forward by donating excess Catalysts yourself, as they are quite hard to farm. Nobody likes a leech!

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