Is The Book of Memories Worth It? (Epic Seven)

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In short, the Book of Memories is not worth the price of 900 Skystones. Some of the characters are nice for collection purposes, but none of them are meta-defining in PVE or PVP.

Additionally, the Artifacts available through these side stories are severely outclassed by newer ones.

The only reason to purchase these side stories is to experience the story or complete your collection.


Eulogy For A Saint – Not Worth It

Eulogy for a Saint / Epic Seven
Eulogy for a Saint
Name Reward Type Rarity Element Class
Bask Hero 3* Ice Knight
Resolute Soldier Series Artifact 4*

Eulogy For A Saint is widely considered to be the best narrative side story Epic Seven has ever received.

The story details Diene’s past before she became a queen and the tragedy that befell her.

Rewards for this side story include the Three-Star Knight, Bask, and the Four-Star Artifact, Resolute Soldier Series.

Bask is a trophy character that has never seen any play since his release.

Additionally, Resolute Soldier Series has a decent niche by increasing effectiveness and defense for all allies.


The Shadow of Ravenwing Manor – Worth It

The Shadow of Ravenwing Manor / Epic Seven
The Shadow of Ravenwing Manor
Name Reward Type Rarity Element Class
Serila Hero 4* Fire Mage
Chatty Artifact 5* Mage
Spooky Solayu Stories Artifact 4*

The Shadow of Ravenwing Manor is the only Side Story we would recommend purchasing if you have an excess of Skystones.

Serila is a fan favorite character among the player base, and Spooky Solayu Stories has seen niche use due to the increased Hit Chance it provides, but the real prize here is the five-star Artifact Chatty.

Once max limit broken (something easily accessible thanks to the six free copies you will receive via the side story), this Artifact will grant the equipped Hero a massive barrier based on their attack.

Additionally, this effect procs the moment your Hero is attacked when their HP is 50% or less, making it excellent for survivability.

Even newer Heroes to this day (such as Yulha) work great with Chatty.


Reingar’s Chaotic Full Moon Festival – Not Worth It

Reingar's Chaotic Full Moon Festival / Epic Seven
Reingar’s Chaotic Full Moon Festival
Name Reward Type Rarity Element Class
Kikirat v2 Hero 3* Knight Light
Otherworldly Machinery Artifact 5* Ranger
Midnight Bloom Artifact 4*
Reingar’s Forbidden Text Imprint Material Yuna Only

This is another skip, unfortunately.

Kikirat v2 is another Hero only viable for collection purposes.

Yuna is decent enough for some PVE stages – but doesn’t gain much from further imprints.

Otherworldly Machinery is good on Yuna but not that great on anyone else.

The exception here is Midnight Bloom, which increases the Critical Hit Chance of all allies. This Artifact is actually very good in PVE as it allows you to maximize the damage of your attacks without having to worry about not being at 100% Critical Hit Chance.

That being said, we are at a point in the game now where most players can reach 100% Critical Hit Chance on their Heroes even without using a Critical Hit Set.


A Small Miracle – Not Worth It

A Small Miracle / Epic Seven
A Small Miracle
Name Reward Type Rarity Element Class
Card of Small Miracles Artifact 4*
Small Miracle Gear Level 71 Gear Set
Skin Tickets Currency

A Small Miracle is the first Side Story thus far not to offer a free Hero along with it. This is compensated for by the free gear seat and the Skin Tickets.

Starting off with the Artifact, it does not do anything we haven’t seen done before or better since.

Now that Reforging is in the game, most gear that isn’t level 85 or above simply won’t cut it. Even top players prefer to farm level 85 gear over level 88 gear as level 85 can be Reforged into level 90 gear.

If you get lucky and roll 30 speed from one of these pieces of gear, this Side Story is more than worth 900 Skystones. However, there is no way to guarantee this.

Finally, Skin Tickets are quite a rare currency but are by no means necessary in order to play the game. They are purely cosmetic.


So the Roses May Bloom – Not Worth It

So the Roses May Bloom / Epic Seven
So the Roses May Bloom
Name Reward Type Rarity Element Class
Love Potion Artifact 4*
Beautiful Rose Garden Background
Character Gifts Level 71 Gear

This Side Story was Epic Seven’s attempt to create a more story-driven experience. Was it successful? Not really.

There were a few nice moments and some decent CGs for the side story, but overall, it took too long to complete with no gameplay to break up the reams of text.

Love Potion increases the healing received by all allies. This is pretty simple and does nothing else.

Each character gift will give one level 71 piece of gear. As stated, level 71 gear is next to useless nowadays unless you are a newer player (which you very well might be considering you missed out on these events).


Song of the Sea – Not Worth It

Song of the Sea / Epic Seven
Song of the Sea
Name Reward Type Rarity Element Class
Karin Hero 4* Ice Thief
Rainbow Scale Artifact 4*
Coral Cave Background
Tranquil Ruins Background
Rainbow Marble Necklace/Truth Ring Level 75 Gear

Karin is a great Thief who is a staple of Wyvern 13 one-shot teams.

Even if you’re not that far into the game, she is great as a DPS defense-breaker for the most popular Hunt.

The only thing to consider is that she is a permanent 4* Hero. Unlike others on this list, like Bask and Serila, she can be summoned on the Covenant Banner at any time.

Rainbow Scale is decent for PVE thanks to the boost it gives to Effectiveness, and as always, any gear is only as good as it rolls.


The Holy Order of the Blue Cross and the Mysterious Island – Not Worth It

The Holy Order of the Blue Cross and the Mysterious Island / Epic Seven
The Holy Order of the Blue Cross and the Mysterious Island
Name Reward Type Rarity Element Class
Super Duper Water Gun Shooter Artifact 4*
Dapper Octo Pet (Rare) 1*
Gear Level 78 Gear Set
Molri Island Golden Beach Background
Molagora Molagora

Finally, the most recently available to purchase Side Story is also not worth it.

Unless you’re a Pet collector, this is another hard skip.

Super Duper Water Gun Shooter is great for PVE, however, thanks to the party-wide attack boost, but there are still plenty of alternatives available.

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