Epic Seven: Is Celine Worth It? (Unit Review)

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Celine is an Earth element Thief who can nuke enemy units quickly with her high damage output and self-increasing Combat Readiness.

She can also counter supporters and healers — making her a particularly dangerous enemy for specific team comps that are centered around buffs and/or non-attack sustaining skills.

Let’s look into how good Celine is and why pulling for her might be worth it.


Skills Overview

Celine (Skills Page) / Epic Seven
Celine (Skills Page)

Here are all of Celine’s Skills and a brief description of what they can do:

  • Uppercut – Attacks a single enemy. If a critical strike is triggered, the damage dealt will be increased.
  • Intuition – If an enemy unit uses a non-attack skill, all of Celine’s debuffs will be dispelled and Blink will be triggered.
  • Blink (EXTRA SKILL) – Celine attacks a random enemy and increases her own Combat Readiness. If the enemy is not a Boss or Elite monster, damage-sharing effects will be ignored.
  • Thunderclap – Attacks a single enemy and absorbs some of the damage as HP. Upon usage, Celine will be granted increased Evasion and a Barrier. Soul Burn is available for this skill. If used, the damage dealt by this skill will be increased.

Based on her kit, it’s quite obvious that Celine’s main goal should be quick assassinations and whittling down enemy teams with her counters via Skill 2.

She can also provide herself with some measure of survivability with her Skill 3, which is perfect for getting her out of dire situations as a fairly squishy DPS unit.

All in all, Celine is a very dangerous damage dealer who not only has a high damage ceiling, but also has a tricky sustain skill for enemies to deal with and CR pushing capabilities.


Celine in PVE

Celine (Adventure Stage) / Epic Seven
Celine (Adventure Stage)

When it comes to things like speed farming Adventure stages, going down the Abyss’ Floors, or exploring the Labyrinth, Celine is actually a pretty good choice for the main DPS role.

She can grant herself good buffs and has a counter skill that’ll repeatedly slap supports or healers in the enemy team.

Alas, Celine may not be as effective as your standard cleavers or other top-tier single target damage dealers when it comes to most PVE content, but she can still hold her own pretty well!


Celine in PVP

Arena Loading Screen / Epic Seven
Arena Loading Screen

In the Arena and World Arena, Celine’s viability is moderately high simply because of her countering capabilities and overall high damage output.

Celine is a straight-up nightmare for cleave team comps, as well as other team comps that use several non-attack skills, even though she’s not necessarily the best single-target DPS unit out there.

If you want a great Earth element nuker who can also counter those pesky setters and healers in the enemy team, then Celine might just be the unit for you!


Recommended Builds for Celine (Skill & Equipment)

Moonlight Dreamblade (Artifacts Page) / Epic Seven
Moonlight Dreamblade (Artifacts Page)

Recommended Artifacts: Moonlight Dreamblade, Secret Art – Storm Sword, Violet Talisman, Exorcist Tonfa

For general use, Secret Art – Storm Sword and Moonlight Dreamblade are the two best artifacts for Celine because of the increase in damage output they can provide her.

If you don’t have either of those two, Violet Talisman will give Celine increased DPS and survivability. Exorcist Tonfa will be an excellent “budget” artifact if you don’t have anything better.

Recommended Skill Upgrades: 3/0/0

For Celine’s skill splits, your priority should be her Skill 3 because of the reduced cooldown. Investing some Molas in her Skill 2 and Skill 1 is optional, but it is advisable if you plan on using her often.

Recommended Equipment Sets: Speed Set & Crit Set Build / Speed Set & Destruction Set Build

Celine is a pure single-target DPS who excels at nuking enemy units one at a time. So your priority main/sub stats should be Speed, Attack, Critical Chance, and Critical Damage.


Is Celine Worth Building?

Celine (MVP Page) / Epic Seven
Celine (MVP Page)

Celine is one of the best pure DPS units in E7, and a very effective choice in both PVE and PVP game modes.

Her kit is awesome, and it allows her to fit in several kinds of team comps as either the primary or secondary speedy damage dealer.

Heck, you can even build her as a bruiser if you got the gear for it!

Overall, you should only go for Celine if you lack good Earth element DPS units, or lack high-speed nukers in general.

While not exactly a “must-have”, she’s an excellent character nonetheless.

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