Epic Seven Cleave Unit Tier List

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Epic Seven Cleave Units Tier List
Tiers Units
S-Tier (Excellent) Blood Blade Karin, Landy, Archdemon’s Shadow, Tempest Surin, Arbiter Vildred, Politis, Operator Sigret, Straze
A-Tier (Great) Little Queen Charlotte, Closer Charles, Peira, Eda, Briar Witch Iseria, Summertime Iseria, Seaside Bellona, Vildred, Silver Blade Aramintha, Judge Kise
B-Tier (Good) Celestial Mercedes, Vivian, Researcher Carrot, Pirate Captain Flan, Ran, Tenebria, Kawerik, Ludwig, Kise, Pavel, Cermia
C-Tier (Decent) Specimen Sez, Sez, Clarisse, Schuri, Lena

S-tier (Excellent Cleave Units)

Blood Blade Karin – BBK is among the best AOE finishers out there. She becomes more dangerous whenever her health goes down — not to mention she also has CR Pushes and Immortality in her kit.

Landy – In PVP, Landy has stayed in the meta and would probably continue to do so for a while. Her kit is just too great of a fit for both cleave and bruiser teams to pass up. She’s also great for PVE which just makes her shine over most green units.

Archdemon’s Shadow – Archdemon’s Shadow is an absolute force to be reckoned with in the Arena if you build her right. Every single one of her skills applies debuffs which makes her a pain to deal with for teams without Cleanse or low Effect Resistance.

Tempest Surin – She’s by far one of the hardest Units to deal with in this entire list. Her survivability is her shining point, and like BBK, she also becomes a bigger problem DPS-wise when she has low health.

Arbiter Vildred – Everyone’s favorite/hated edgelord. He has remained firmly in both the PVP and PVE meta for several years after his release because of his incredible Revive and 100% CR Push combo.

Politis – A bit of a tricky character to gear properly, but she becomes a terrific PVP Unit once you do. She’s a fantastic AoE damage dealer who also doubles as a nice anti-cleaver because of the CR Push mitigation provided by her Skill 2.

Operator Sigret – Ice Sigret is already a decent enough unit on her own, but Operator Sigret is simply the better choice in most PVP and PVE battles. When geared properly, she can shred tanks as if they were made of paper.

Straze – He is a premier AoE damage dealer who can slap enemy units harder than Will Smith in the Oscars with his Skill 3. His cleave is already great on its own, but its damage is further boosted against the enemy with the highest health pool.


A-Tier (Great Cleave Units)

Little Queen Charlotte – She’s a great cleave Unit who’s on the verge of becoming S-tier if not for her Skill 3’s bonus damage restriction. Nevertheless, she’s a fantastic matchup against teams with at least one Dark unit.

Closer Charles – This old man can boost his own Combat Readiness — making him a great follow-up DPS. His AoE skill is pretty great too, as it increases his entire team’s Attack along with dealing AoE damage on the enemy.

Peira – An underrated cleave unit who can grant herself Escort, Stealth, and a barrier, give her allies increased attack, and apply a Cannot Buff debuff on enemies — all in one turn.

Eda – She’s a solid half-support half-DPS cleave Unit who can both increase her own team’s Combat Readiness and reduce the entire enemy team’s CR.

Briar Witch Iseria – An excellent AoE damage dealer who can strip all of the enemy’s buffs, decrease their Attack, and give them a Cannot Buff debuff with her Skill 3.

Summertime Iseria – She’s a tad harder to pull off than Briar Witch Iseria. If you put her in a proper cleave team, however, Summertime Iseria can bulldoze through most enemy teams with her bombs.

Seaside Bellona – SSB is arguably the most useful Ice-element unit in the game as of yet. Both her Skill 2 and Skill 3 just make her fit so well with most meta team comps — not to mention she also counters several of them.

Vildred – While he’s not as strong as his ML twin, Green Vildred is still a fantastic cleave unit to have simply because of his Speed imprints. He’s also one of the best farmers in the game and can even be used as the main cleaver in most cleave teams.

Silver Blade Aramintha – SB aramintha is one of the best Burn-based AOE damage dealers in the game. Her Skill 1 and Skill 2 synergize well enough on their own, but her Skill 3 just makes her an even more fantastic cleave unit to have for PVP and PVE.

Judge Kise – Another terrific cleave unit whose Skill 3’s damage is amplified depending on how many enemies she is facing. Can’t get more cleaver-y than that, I’d say.


B-Tier (Good Cleave Units)

The following cleave units can still do a very good job at what they do, but are either better suited as the secondary cleaver or outmatched by the Units in the higher tiers.

For example, units like Ran or Vivian are better used for setting up other cleavers by chipping away at the enemy team’s HP first and buffing their team with their support Skills.

Meanwhile, pure-DPS units like Researcher Carrot or Kise are still very much viable in both PVP and PVE. Although they’re not necessarily as strong as the characters in the higher tiers.

  • Celestial Mercedes
  • Vivian
  • Researcher Carrot
  • Pirate Captain Flan
  • Ran
  • Tenebria
  • Kawerik
  • Ludwig
  • Kise
  • Pavel
  • Cermia

C-Tier (Decent Cleave Units)

The units in this tier are either valid F2P options or fulfill a specific niche as opposed to just being good at several aspects of the game.

Also, they’ve either fallen off of the meta long ago or they’re just not nearly as effective as the units in the higher tiers when it comes to cleaving.

To elaborate, despite being weaker than the high-tier cleavers, units like Schuri and Lena are great for PVP and PVE respectively — making them viable options for F2P players to try and build.

The same goes for Clarissa, Sez, and Specimen Sez.

All of them are still decent options for the main cleaver role if you’ve got no other cleave units to work with.

  • Specimen Sez
  • Sez
  • Clarisse
  • Schuri
  • Lena
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