Epic Seven: Combat Readiness vs. Speed

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The difference between Combat Readiness and Speed lies in how quickly they’re applied and function in battle.

To elaborate, increasing Combat Readiness instantly moves you down in the Turn Order Meter located in the left-most corner of your screen during combat.

Turn Order Meter (Highlighted) / Epic Seven
Turn Order Meter (Highlighted)

Increasing your Character’s Speed, on the other hand, simply shortens the time they need to get from their original position to the bottom in the Turn Order Meter.


What is Combat Readiness?

Rose (CR Push via Skill 3) / Epic Seven

Combat Readiness is one of the most important mechanics in the game.

It can easily decide the tide of battle, especially in PVP where the teams who go first are almost always guaranteed to win.

By increasing Combat Readiness, your characters can leap a certain distance down the Turn Order Meter — therefore ensuring that they’ll be able to act sooner than they could before.

Characters who can boost your Combat Readiness (CR Pushers) are invaluable & a must-have on any high-level PVE or PVP teams.


What is Speed?

Silk (Speed Boost via Skill 3) / Epic Seven

Speed is a stat that dictates the rate that your characters move in the Turn Order Meter.

The higher the Speed, the faster your character can get to the bottom and initiate their turn.

There is no question that Speed is the most important stat in the game. It decides which characters get to attack or set up their allies first, which is a huge thing in turn-based games.

Characters that can increase Speed are fairly important in PVP or PVE, though not as important as good CR Pushers.

Tip: It’s highly recommended to equip characters with gear that boosts their Speed Stat instead of relying on buffs that increase Speed during battle.


What Matters More?

Silk (Skill 3 Animation) / Epic Seven

Speed and Combat Readiness are equally important in every aspect of the game.

PVP, PVE Farming, Boss Hunts, Abyss Tower — you name it.

Mastering these two will be highly beneficial for all players as they are both relevant in all game modes — especially in World Arena which is arguably the “endgame” of Epic Seven.


Relevant Characters (Increase Combat Readiness & Increase Speed)

Dominiel (Skill 3 Description) / Epic Seven

There are a lot of Characters that boost Speed and Combat Readiness.

Almost every single one of them (especially CR Pushers) are decent units. Some, however, are highly exceptional.

But to name a few, here are some of the most notable characters who can increase Combat Readiness & Speed for themselves or their team:


Best Characters Who Can Increase Combat Readiness:

  • Auxiliary Lots – One of the best CR Pushers in the game. He can carry any DPS Unit from zero to hero with his Skill 2 (Mana Injection) when used correctly.
  • Arbiter Vildred – A selfish CR Pusher, but is among the best and most used DPS Units in E7. Works well with Auxiliary Lots.
  • Landy – A fantastic Character who can do just about anything. Has buffs for days — not to mention she can also boost her team’s Speed on top of her CR Push.

Best Characters Who Can Increase Speed:

  • Yufine – A great DPS Unit who can strip buffs with her Skill 2. She’s the bane of all buff-heavy teams and will out-speed most DPS units with her 2-turn Speed Increase.
  • Ken – A semi-tanky bruiser who’s a great fit for Counter-heavy teams. He’s selfish with his Speed boosts, but at least he has decent DPS and survivability to show for it.
  • Kawerick – Another selfish Speed booster, but a premier Speed-focused Character who excels in PVP. All of his Skills scale with his Speed Stat.
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