How To Beat Belian in Stage 10-10 (Epic Seven)

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Belian is currently one of the best Heroes in all of Epic Seven, with very few counters. Unlike most Heroes, Belian does not have a hard counter, which is why she is so strong. However, the best Hero (arguably) to mitigate Belian’s damage would be Roana.

Roana will heal and push the team forward whenever Belian attacks. Unfortunately, if the said Belian is built on an Injury Set, Roana’s heals will quickly lose their value.

Additionally, Roana’s revive buff will be stripped by Belians’ skills every time she attacks.

Belian stands as one of the most broken units in Epic Seven, and very few Heroes in the game can deal with her effectively.


Alternate Methods To Beat Belian

There are several other Heroes that can mitigate Belian’s damage somewhat.


#1: Angel of Light Angelica

Angel of Light Angelica / Epic Seven
Angel of Light Angelica

Angel of Light Angelica grants a party-wide Skill Nullifier buff whenever your team suffers an AOE attack.

Additionally, Angel of Light Angelica will cleanse a debuff when activating this ability. Belian is not only limited to only use AOE attacking moves, but also inflicts several debuffs such as Provoke.

Angel of Light Angelica is a good way to combat both of Belian’s greatest strengths, albeit for one time only.

Tip: Equipping Angel of Light Angelica with the Artifact Spirit’s Breath is a good way to cycle her passive faster. This Artifact, once max limit broken and max leveled, will reduce skill cooldown every time Angel of Light Angelica uses a non-attacking skill.


#2: Champion Zerato

Champion Zerato / Epic Seven
Champion Zerato

The Belian fight during Episode 3 Stage 10-10 is made much easier using Champion Zerato.

During this fight, Belian will stun the slowest member of your party, so using a Hero immune to stun is your best option.

Additionally, Champion Zerato works great against Belian in RTA as well, due to him being able to return her debuffs back to the enemy team.

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