How To Beat Dark Corvus in Epic Seven

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The best Counter to Dark Corvus is to one-shot him with a powerful type advantageous Hero like Little Queen Charlotte.

Dark Corvus’ main threat comes from his powerful skill three — which, since its buff, now inflicts even more damage and causes Extinction.

Each time Dark Corvus suffers a critical hit, he will lower the cooldown of this powerful ability. So it’s important to take him out as efficiently as possible.

Little Queen Charlotte / Epic Seven
Little Queen Charlotte

Other Counters To Dark Corvus

Dark Corvus has a lot of units that counter him. Knowing which Heroes these are and how best to utilize them is something we’ll go over.


Method #1: Debuffs / Combat Readiness Manipulation

Lidica / Epic Seven

Dark Corvus is usually a very slow Hero.

If you have Heroes that can push Dark Corvus back, increase your team’s Combat Readiness, or stun/sleep lock him during crucial turns, it will be a long time before he takes an active turn.

Heroes like Lidica (Combat Readiness pushback), Angel of Light Angelica (consistent Silence) and Sage Baal and Sezan (Sleep and Stun with Abyssal Crown) are great for crippling Dark Corvus or keeping him at the back of the line.

Note: A lot of Dark Corvus users know his weaknesses and will have him built accordingly to counteract his potential threats. Be wary of a high Effect Resistance Dark Corvus that is essentially immune to debuffs.

Tip: Heroes that ignore Effect Resistance are recommended in this case.


Method #2: Stealth

Specter Tenebria / Epic Seven
Specter Tenebria

This is a counter that comes with a time limit attached to it. Heroes that consistently dip in and out of Stealth are great for dishing out damage against Dark Corvus.

When paired with a tanky Hero like Krau who benefits from reduced health, you should have enough DPS to take Dark Corvus down.

Note: As mentioned, you’re on the clock with this method. Dark Corvus will eventually destroy your frontline piece by piece leaving your Stealthed Heroes vulnerable.

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