How To Counter Destina in Epic Seven

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The best Counter to Destina is Politis. One major reason is because Politis’ passive activates on two of three of Destina’s abilities, thereby limiting Destina’s options immensely.

If Destina chooses to activate her second skill, not only will Politis deal AOE damage to the enemy and push herself forward, but Politis’ restriction to enemy Combat Readiness increases – which means the 30% push that would have come with Destina’s Regen ability will be severely hampered.

Additionally, if Destina chooses to activate her third skill, any allies that are revived via this method will have very low health.

A strong damage-centric Politis will make quick work of any revived units after her passive is triggered.

Politis / Epic Seven

Other Counters To Destina

While Politis is the go-to Hero when trying to counter Destina, there are plenty of other options for either reducing her healing potential or forcing her to avoid using her best skills.


Method #1: Non-Attack Skill Abilities

Celine / Epic Seven

Like Politis, certain Heroes in Epic Seven will activate passive abilities when an enemy uses a non-attacking skill.

Considering two-thirds of Destina’s entire kit is non-attacking skills, having one or two of these Heroes in your team is sure to stop Destina in her tracks.

The best partner for Politis in this regard is Celine.

Celine will cleanse all her debuffs and attack an enemy after an enemy’s non-attacking skill is used.

Depending on Celine’s equipped Artifact and Exclusive Equipment, Celine will attack the enemy with the highest Attack stat, dip into Stealth after attacking, increase her Combat Readiness after the attack, or grant herself an attack buff.

Tip: It’s advised to run Celine on the Secret Art – Storm Sword Artifact so she can increase her Attack stat and push her Combat Readiness forward whenever an enemy uses a non-attacking skill.


Method #2: Injury Heroes

Belian / Epic Seven

Aside from reviving all allies, Destina’s main threat is her copious amounts of healing. Destina’s skill two, skill three, and skill one (when Soul Burnt) all heal either a single or all allies.

Additionally, Destina’s debuff cleanse makes utilizing the Unhealable debuff impossible.

Injury Heroes lower the total maximum health of enemies they attack, and this effect persists even when revived.

Belian is the go-to Hero when trying to inflict Injury but requires the Injury set. Other Heroes like Apocalypse Ravi can inflict Injury with her first skill.

Apocalypse Ravi / Epic Seven
Apocalypse Ravi

Method #3: Extinction Heroes

Destina’s AOE revive can be very annoying, especially if the Destina is fast enough to cycle her skill three multiple times.

Extinction is a great way to counter Destina. Plenty of units nowadays have Extinction, and here are some worth considering to counter Destina:

  • Lilibet
  • Milim
  • Dark Corvus
  • Specimen Sez
  • Top Model Luluca

Tip: Blood Moon Haste is also a great Hero to counter revive units by granting a party-wide barrier and Immunity buff whenever a Hero is revived.

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