How To Counter Dizzy in Epic Seven

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Dizzy doesn’t see much use anymore in competitive play, much like other heroes that rely on debuffs.

But she can still cripple an unprepared team as a niche last pick. And the best counters for Dizzy are those that can cleanse a wide assortment of debuffs, such as Mediator Kawerik.

There are plenty of ways to counter Dizzy’s barrage of debuffs though, so we’ll go over a few of the most optimal choices.


Method 1: Debuff Cleansers

Let’s start things off with debuff cleansers.

These are units with skills capable of removing one or all of your party’s debuffs. These heroes come with various other utilities, which we will get into now.


Dedicated Cleansers

Designer Lilibet / Epic Seven
Designer Lilibet

Mediator Kawerik is the go-to cleanser in the current meta. Not only can he dispel all his own debuffs if their durations are one turn or less, but he can remove all party debuffs while also granting Immunity and Increased Attack.

Mediator Kawerik doesn’t offer much aside from his AOE cleanse, but this one ability is enough to propel him into the highest of the top tier.

Designer Lilibet is another great hero for cleansing debuffs who can also double as a solid damage dealer. Designer Lilibet is pushed forward based on the number of debuffs your party is afflicted with.

She can also cleanse herself, grant herself a Defense buff, remove party debuffs, and push the team.

When equipped with Portrait of the Saviors, her damage is also nothing to scoff at.


Soul Weavers

Maid Chloe / Epic Seven
Maid Chloe

Effect Resistance-based Soul Weavers are another solid option for mitigating Dizzy’s slew of debuffs and pushback.

It’s recommended to invest in Effect Resistance as one Abyssal Crown stun could result in disaster for your team.

Additionally, if Dizzy chooses to Soul Burn her third skill to gain an extra turn, she will attempt to push your team back. Effect Resistance is key in avoiding unnecessary headaches from Dizzy’s kit.

Choice units here would include:

  • Emilia
  • Maid Chloe
  • Elena
  • Desert Jewel Basar
  • Ray
  • Destina

All of these units dispel debuffs while also providing the added benefit of constant heals and other buffs depending on the character.


Method 2: Champion Zerato

Champion Zerato / Epic Seven
Champion Zerato

Whenever debuffs are popular in the meta, you can bet people will start dusting off their Champion Zerato.

Champion Zerato has a kit designed around countering debuffs. Not only is he immune to various debuffs, including stun and sleep, but he will also counterattack whenever he is affected by one or more debuffs.

What makes Champion Zerato great is that he not only dispels these debuffs after counterattacking – but he transfers them to two enemies.

Champion Zerato is great for turning your opponent’s team composition against them.


Method 3: Earth Heroes (Violet)

Violet build screen / Epic Seven
Violet build screen

One of Dizzy’s selling points is her ability to inflict debuffs, even though she misses her third ability. This allows her also to debuff Earth heroes.

However, heroes like Violet are great as he will likely dodge Dizzy’s follow-up pushback while being able to cleanse with his skill two.

After living through Dizzy’s initial onslaught, Violet will have no problem dispatching her (alongside the rest of the enemy team).

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