How To Counter Landy in Epic Seven

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The best way to beat Landy in Epic Seven is to use Milim. Milim is a character specifically designed to destroy Landy.

Here’s a quick overview of why this can work out so well:

  1. Milim is a Fire Hero and has a type advantage against Landy’s Earth element.
  2. Milim’s passive removes Stealth from all units at the start of her turn. Landy’s most popular Artifact is Guiding Light which grants her Stealth at the beginning of the battle and a chance to dip into Stealth at the end of every turn.
  3. Milim can Soul Burn her first skill for an extra turn and inflict extinction, ensuring no damage mitigation or revive can bring Landy back after she is killed.
Milim / Epic Seven

While Milim has a lot of use outside of countering Landy, this is where she shines the most.


Other Ways To Counter Landy

Landy is a powerful Hero, but not one without any weaknesses.

We’ll be going over some of the other ways you can beat Landy below.


Method #1: Avoid buffs

Diene / Epic Seven

This might seems like an obvious statement, but Landy is only as strong as the number of buffs applied to your team.

Her third skill cycling and defense penetration, only become a real threat when she can fire off a skill three every single turn.

Utilizing self-sufficient Heroes that do not rely on buffs is the best way to defeat Landy. Additionally, you should avoid using heroes that apply buffs to your team, like Diene.


Method #2: AOE Fire Heroes

Researcher Carrot / Epic Seven
Researcher Carrot

Landy is almost always equipped with the Artifact Guiding Light, which grants her almost permanent Stealth.

Therefore, it’s imperative to use Heroes capable of dealing AOE damage when trying to take out Landy.

Researcher Carrot is one of the best AOE Fire Heroes in the game and will make quick work of any Landy you fight against.

Kayron is another good choice who can AOE using his skill one if buffed.

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