How To Counter Rem in Epic Seven

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The best counter to Rem at the moment would have to be Violet. Violet’s built-in Evasion makes it near impossible for any Ice unit to touch him.

Additionally, he can cleanse any debuffs with his skill two that Rem might happen to land before administering heavy damage with his attacking abilities.

Violet / Epic Seven

Other Counters to Rem

Despite Violet being the overall best counter to Rem, there are several other Heroes worth considering for your Rem destruction needs.


Alternate #1: Earth Heroes

Rimuru / Epic Seven

Most Earth Heroes inherently counter Rem by design. All of Rem’s damage comes from her attack abilities which have only a 15% chance to hit on Earth units.

Heroes like Cidd are great for countering Rem, since he has high speed and can often one-shot a lower health Rem on turn one.

Even if this said Rem manages to survive, Cidd is in no danger of dying from Rem’s counterattack (unless you are very unlucky).

While Cidd is an excellent choice, Earth Heroes in general that can live through Rem’s counterattacks are recommended. Some of these Heroes include:

  • Rimuru
  • Yufine
  • Celine
  • Landy
  • Pavel

Note: It’s often advised to eliminate Rem before any other Hero on the field. This is because of her Demon Mode passive which procs whenever a unit dies. This passive completely cleanses Rem of all debuffs, makes her immune to debuffs, and has her skill one trigger a secondary attack each time it is used.

Note 2: It’s advised to one-shot Rem if possible, using heroes like Watcher Schuri to avoid her passive and any potential counterattacks.


Alternate #2: Cannot Be Countered

Specter Tenebria / Epic Seven
Specter Tenebria

Certain units in Epic Seven have skills that cannot be countered.

The majority of Rem’s damage comes from her Counter attacks, and these units bypass that threat entirely.

Specter Tenebria is the obvious choice with huge damage on her uncounterable first skill, a third skill that can stun Rem to avoid her counterattacks (before she procs Demon Mode), and a Soul Burn which gives her an additional turn.

When it comes to Heroes that rely on counterattacks, Specter Tenebria is often the go-to choice.

However, there are several other Heroes that cannot be countered. Some notable ones include:

  • Landy
  • Pavel

Alternate #3: Counter Heroes

Belian / Epic Seven

Why not counter Rem’s counter with a counter Hero of your own that can counterattack?

Rem’s counterattacks will not trigger when one of your Heroes counterattacks, making units like Seaside Bellona and Violet great for dishing out damage.

Units like this to consider would be:

  • Seaside Bellona
  • Mort
  • Belian
  • Aria
  • Charles

Alternate #4: Anti Counter

Lionheart Cermia / Epic Seven
Lionheart Cermia

Lots of Heroes in Epic Seven have abilities or Artifacts that will proc when your team suffers a counterattack.

These Heroes may heal your team, push a unit forward, or proc their own passives.

Heroes like this to consider are:

  • Roana
  • Lionheart Cermia
  • Mercedes (Magic for Friends)
  • Angel of Light Angelica
  • General Purrgis
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