Is Covenant Summon Worth It in Epic Seven?

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The Covenant Summon is not always worth it, or at least it’s not advised for non-whales. If you’re trying to acquire anything specific, be it Heroes or Artifacts, the Covenant pool is far too diluted for you to summon what you are looking for reliably.

That being said, the Covenant Summon is the only way to acquire bulk amounts of Silver Transmit Stones and Powder of Knowledge.

However, this method will get pretty expensive pretty quickly, and we aren’t talking about in-game currency.

Covenant Summon Rates / Epic Seven
Covenant Summon Rates

Depending on how much of each in-game currency you require, your real-world cash will have to fund your Covenant Summons sooner rather than later.


Rate Up Banner Vs. Covenant Banner

Limited Rate Up Banner / Epic Seven
Limited Rate Up Banner

There are tons of reasons why summoning on a rate-up banner is much better than summoning on the Covenant banner.

  1. There is no guaranteed summon for five-star Heroes on the Covenant Banner. While you are very likely to receive a five-star character eventually, there are technically no guarantees you will not summon 1000 Elsons in a row!
  2. Rate Up Banners not only guarantee the selected character at 120 summons but also guarantee the selected Hero is the only five-star summonable on the banner. This means if you luckily pull the rate up Hero early, it is guaranteed to be the one you want.
  3. Moonlight Heroes can be acquired from Covenant Banners, but at an extremely low rate. The Rate Up Mystic Summon is almost always a better choice, even if there is a 50% chance of receiving an RGB unit instead.
  4. Limited collaboration units can be announced at any time. In recent memory, the Reincarnated as a Slime collab was sprung on players with little to zero notice. In this case, there were two limited Heroes, both of which still see play today and have had no rerun.

Are You a Whale?

Transmitting Five-Star Heroes for Silver Transmit Stones / Epic Seven
Transmitting Five-Star Heroes for Silver Transmit Stones

If you are a whale, then summoning on the Covenant Banner has a lot more value.

Lots of Silver Transmit Stones, lots of Powder of Knowledge, and the added chance of acquiring rare Moonlight Heroes are all attainable on the Covenant Banner.

Note: Even if you summon a duplicate five-star, you will now receive Covenant and Galaxy coins with which to exchange for the unit of your choice.

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