Where To Farm Demon Blood Gems in Epic Seven

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The best way to get Demon Blood Gems is to farm Unrecorded History Stage 33. Revenbol in the Side Story and buy them from the AP Exchange Shop there.

Stages That Drop Demon Blood Gems Map Zone Chapter/Episode Availability of Demon Blood Gems in the Exchange Shop
  • 33. Revenbol (Best Source)
Side Story Epilogue (Unrecorded History) Available

You can also farm lots of additional Demon Blood Gems by either participating in Events or visiting your Guild to buy some Epic Catalyst Chests or Catalyst Chests.


Method #1: Farm Unrecorded History Stage 33. Revenbol (Best Method)

Unrecorded History Stage 33. Revenbol (Stage Details) / Epic Seven
Unrecorded History Stage 33. Revenbol (Stage Details)

Farming Unrecorded History Stage 33. Revenbol in the Side Story missions is the best method you can use to farm Demon Blood Gems.

Unrecorded History (AP Exchange Shop) / Epic Seven
Unrecorded History (AP Exchange Shop)

You can also purchase up to 10 Demon Blood Gems in the Epilogue Side Story AP Exchange Shop for 400 AP each per week.

I highly recommend bringing along Pets that increase your AP acquisition rate when farming Stage 33. Revenbol via Auto-Repeat to maximize your AP gains.


Method #2: Participate In Events

Yufine's Holiday Event (Exchange Shop) / Epic Seven
Yufine’s Holiday Event (Exchange Shop)

Events are a bit of a wildcard because of how varying the Epic Catalysts you can farm from them are, but they are still a highly viable source of Catalysts in general.

As long as you are actively participating in various Login Events, Giveaway Events, and Story Events, you’ll have no trouble farming Catalysts here.

The Catalysts you farm from Events will eventually accumulate over time – meaning you won’t have to use other farming methods as much!


Method #3: Visit Your Guild

Guild Member Shop / Epic Seven
Guild Member Shop

Every Guild – depending on their level – rewards their members with quite a lot of features that are otherwise inaccessible to Guildless players.

The Member Shop, for example, is a place within your Guild where you can purchase Epic Catalyst Chests.

Save up enough Guild currency and you’ll be able to make the Member Shop a reliable source of Epic Catalysts – including Demon Blood Gems!

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