Epic Seven: Emilia vs Rem (Who’s The Better Unit?)

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Emilia and Rem are two of the most popular anime waifus in existence. And as some of you may know, these two have an intense rivalry when it comes to being the “best girl” of their own show.

It was only a matter of time before this rivalry reached all the way to the Epic Seven collab universe — and now here it is!

While they indeed fulfill different combat roles, we can still determine who’s better by comparing their skill sets and overall performance in three of the most important aspects of the game, namely:

  • PVE (Adventure & General Farming)
  • PVP (Arena & World Arena)
  • Wyvern Hunts (Speed Set Farming)

Skill Sets

Right off the bat, we need to establish that both Rem and Emilia have different classes, and therefore different roles in a team comp.

Rem is a damage dealer while Emilia is a Support — as shown by their Skill Sets below:


Emilia’s Skills

Emilia (Skill 3 Animation) / Epic Seven
Emilia (Skill 3 Animation)
  • Huma – Attacks a single enemy then heals an ally with the lowest HP. The health recovered scales off of Emilia’s max HP.
  • Spirit’s Blessing – Increases the Combat Readiness of a single allied unit except for Emilia, raises their Attack, then purifies two debuffs. Upon activation, Emilia’s Combat Readiness is increased as well. Soul Burn is available for this skill and adds a healing effect that scales off of Emilia’s max HP.
  • Divine Protection of the Great Spirit – Dispels two debuffs from all allies, heals them, and gives all of them a Barrier that scales off of Emilia’s max HP.

Rem’s Skills

Rem (Skill 3 Animation) / Epic Seven
Rem (Skill 3 Animation)
  • Leave It To Me – Attacks a single enemy. It has a chance to decrease the target’s defense. If Rem is in Demon Mode, she is granted an extra turn. Soul Burn is available for this skill. It raises the effect % of the defense break to 100%.
  • A Maid’s Pride – If an ally dies, Rem cleanses all of her debuffs and enters Demon Mode. This can only be done once per five turns. Moreover, if any allied unit except Rem is attacked, there is a chance she will counter with Iron Strike — an AoE attack that decreases the buff durations of all enemies by one turn and makes them Unhealable.
  • I Will Punish You! – Rem increases her own Attack before attacking all enemies — decreasing their hit chance. After the attack, she increases her Combat Readiness by 50%.

By comparing the effectiveness and value of their Skill Sets in a team setting, we can see that Rem has the edge with her utterly devastating counters and cleave capabilities.

Emilia is still a great support unit to have, but her cleansing and healing capabilities are more or less just decent if you compare her to other high-tier supports.

Overall, Rem and Emilia are both great units for most team comps out there — although Rem shines even brighter simply because of her near-broken kit.


PVE (Adventure & General Farming)

Adventure Stage (Rem Dogwalking) / Epic Seven
Adventure Stage (Rem Dogwalking)

Since most PVE stages demand high-damage cleavers for mob clearing, Rem once again takes the cake in this comparison.

Not only can Rem decimate multiple opponents at once with her Skill 2 and Skill 3, but she can also fulfill the role of Damage Breaker with her Skill 1. She’s a very versatile unit, through and through!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Emilia isn’t a solid unit in PVE. After all, her kit allows her to carry teams through most PVE stages, though she won’t be as huge of a factor in a team’s success as Rem.


PVP (Arena & World Arena)

PVP (Loading Screen) / Epic Seven
PVP (Loading Screen)

If we stop and look at the past, present, and quite possibly even future PVP meta, we can see that we have another clear winner here.

I’m talking about Rem of course, as she’s just an absolutely fantastic fit for most team PVP comps out there. This is exactly why she has stayed in the upper tiers of the meta for so long.

Emilia, on the other hand, is quite a rare pick in PVP. This is due to the fact that there are other Soul Weavers out there who can do her job much better.

Do keep in mind, however, that Emilia is a good enough support unit if you don’t have anyone to replace her with — given, of course, that you build her properly for PVP.


Wyvern Hunt (Speed Set Farming)

Wyvern Hunt Stages / Epic Seven
Wyvern Hunt Stages

Given that they’re both Ice element characters, we can argue that both of them are viable units for Wyvern Hunts — which is very true!

If you surround them with good teammates and equip them with decent gear at the very least, you can use both Rem and Emilia all the way up to the highest stages of the Wyvern Hunt.

Though if we have to pick which character performs better in this game mode, Rem is still the obvious choice because of her Defense Break, high-damage skills, and countering capability.

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