Where To Farm Fodder Units in Epic Seven

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Fodder Units can be farmed from the following:

  • Adventure (with Stage 3-1 being the most popular)
  • Labyrinth Stages
  • Events
  • Secret Shop
  • Pulling in the Friendship Summon

In terms of stamina efficiency, the best way to farm Fodder Units is by clearing three specific Adventure stages — followed by clearing Event Stages, doing Labyrinth runs daily, then Friendship Summons.


Adventure Stages To Farm

The three best stages to farm for Fodder Units are:

  • Stage 9-7 (Central Taranor)
  • Stage 9-4 (West Taranor)
  • Stage 3-1 (Levulin)

Let’s take a look at each of these in more detail.

Adventure Map (2S Levulin) / Epic Seven

TIP: To farm Fodder Units efficiently in Adventure, it’s recommended for players to turn off auto movement, because you’ll mainly be teleporting around the map instead of walking through them.

Also, try to build a party of max-level cleave units so that runs can go on faster, and so that excess EXP is instead converted into Penguins to be used later for leveling up main heroes or Fodder Units.


Chapter 1 Stage 9-4 (Teleport to Each Side)

To clear Stage 9-4 as quickly and efficiently as possible, teleport first to the waypoint at 9-S1 Black Spider’s Post, then walk northwards all the way towards the center of the map.

Stage 9-4 Map / Epic Seven

After that, teleport to 9-5 Broken Sword Ruins, then walk back to the center of the map.

The last battle should be at the second dark-blue shaded area on the map.

After that, teleport to any of the waypoints and exit the stage.


Chapter 1 Stage 9-7 (Clear Until Low Morale)

Stage 9-7 Map  / Epic Seven

Unlike the other two maps, 9-7 doesn’t need much manual movement so feel free to fully auto this stage if you want.

But there are several battles and turns on this map. So keep an eye out for your Morale and don’t overextend if your Units can’t handle it.


Chapter 1 Stage 3-1 (Teleport to Each of the Three Waypoints Up Top)

Stage 3-1 is by far the most popular stage for farming fodders.

It’s also among the cheapest, as you only need 2 Stamina to clear this Stage.

What also makes Stage 3-1 great is that the enemies aren’t as strong in this stage compared to the first two stages, making it accessible even for beginner players.

Stage 3-1 Map / Epic Seven

To clear this stage as quickly and as efficiently as possible, all you need to do is teleport to each of the Waypoints in the upper part of the map.

This will trigger three instantaneous battles.

After clearing all three, exit the stage by leaving through the waypoint in the location of your last battle.


Labyrinth Stages

Labyrinth Stage (Frozen Lake) / Epic Seven

Labyrinth Stages consist of large maps with tons of enemies to be beaten.

So it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll run across more than one Fodder Unit every time you do a full run.

TIP: The only thing that you need to keep in mind besides being consistent in clearing Labyrinth stages every day is that you need to watch your Morale very carefully.

After all, it’s very easy to overextend in Labyrinth Stages compared to any Adventure Stage in Epic Seven, given the difference of their overall vastness and enemy count.


Event Stages for Fodder Units

Event Stage preview / Epic Seven

If you have the Stamina for it, clearing Event Stages is not a bad substitute when it comes to farming Fodder Units.

Not only are the rates of Fodder Units arguably higher in these Stages compared to Adventure, but you can also farm Event Currencies while here you’re at it!


Secret Shop

Secret Shop  / Epic Seven

For a price that may vary depending on your Secret Shop’s level, you can actually buy Fodder Units from the Secret Shop for Gold!

While this might not seem like the most effective way to acquire Fodder Units, it isn’t that wasteful considering you could instead be using your Stamina for Hunt Stages instead of Fodder Farming in Adventure.

It’s recommended to not refresh the shop just for Fodder Units, however.

Instead just wait for the shop to refresh automatically before purchasing some more.


Friendship Bookmarks

Friendship Summons / Epic Seven

Last but not least, you can farm a surprising amount of fodder units from pulling in the Friendship Summon Gacha.

You acquire Friendship Bookmarks by buying them from the Secret Shop, or by exchanging Friend Points for them in the Shop.

Note: you can acquire Friend Points mainly by setting good Support Units of your own, and by taking along any of your friends’ Support Units in battle.

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