Epic Seven Review: Is Flan Worth It?

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Flan is an Ice element Ranger who excels in supporting her allies, while also crippling the enemy team with her multiple debuffs.

When it comes to choosing the best support units in the game, Flan’s name often comes up in the conversation — and for good reason.

In this article we’re going to go through just why Flan is worth picking up and investing in. We’ll be going over her skills and her performance in both the PVE and PVP aspects of the game.


Flan Skills Overview

Flan (Skills Page) / Epic Seven
Flan (Skills Page)

Here are all of Flan’s skills and a brief description of what they do:

  • Communication Breakdown – Attacks a single enemy. It has a chance to dispel one buff from the target.
  • Data Monopoly – Increases a single ally’s Attack, Critical Damage, and Combat Readiness.
  • Advantageous Deal – Decreases the entire enemy team’s Defense and Combat Readiness. Also makes them Unhealable.
    • Soul Burn is available for this skill. Using it will grant Flan an extra turn

Just from looking at her skills, it’s pretty obvious just how great of a support unit Flan truly is.

Sure she might not give your team a lot in terms of pure DPS by herself, but her buff and debuff-intensive skills are guaranteed to elevate her allies’ performance significantly.

When it comes to setting up her allies, Flan — with her fantastic kit — is near-unmatchable by characters who have the same role as her.


Flan in PVE

Adventure Stage (Flan) / Epic Seven
Adventure Stage (Flan)

Flan is by far one of the best support units to pick for battles in Adventure, Abyss, and other PVE stages in general.

Whether it be clearing mobs or slaying bosses, Flan can support most team comps out there — given, of course, that you pair her up with at least one decent DPS unit.

All in all, you will not go wrong with choosing Flan as your main or secondary support in most PVE game modes out there!


Flan in PVP

Arena Loading Screen / Epic Seven
Arena Loading Screen

Just like in PVE, Flan shines brilliantly when faced with other characters in the Arena or the World Arena.

There are only very few — and I mean very few characters who can compare or surpass her when it comes to setting up her allies for a devastating attack.

Equipped with the proper gear, she becomes one of the best Defense Breakers and CR Pushers in the game. One character that you’ll surely be glad to have in your account.


Is Flan Worth Getting?

MVP Screen  (Flan) / Epic Seven
MVP Screen (Flan)

All in all, it’s highly recommended for you to pick up Flan if you lack good support units in your account.

Even if you already have viable support units, having Flan regardless would surely be great for you in the long run as her kit is just so versatile and effective in most areas of the game.

The only thing holding her back is that she’s an RGB character.

Of course, this isn’t enough to decrease her value, as she’s simply one of the best support units that players could get their hands on.

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