Epic Seven: Furious vs. Taranor Guard (Who’s The Better Unit?)

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Furious and Taranor Guard are both well-known as the go-to choices when it comes to choosing defense breakers for your F2P Wyvern team.

Of course, you only ever need one defense breaker on the team. Unsurprisingly, this role is best fulfilled by Furious and not Taranor Guard.

And to explain why Furious is a much better choice than Taranor Guard, I’ve compared their Skill Sets and overall performance in the three most important aspects of the game below:

  • PVE (Adventure & General Farming)
  • PVP (Arena & World Arena)
  • Wyvern Hunts (Speed Set Farming)

Skill Sets

While Furious and Taranor Guard are both Defense Breakers, their Skill Sets clearly show glaring differences that’ll help us decide which one of them is better at their job.


Furious’s Skills

Furious (Skill 3 Animation) / Epic Seven
  • Quick Draw – Deals damage to one enemy with a chance to burn them for two turns.
  • Morale Boost – Boosts the team’s Critical Hit Rates for two turns and gives him an extra turn.
  • Fatal Bullet – Deals damage to one enemy with a high chance to apply a Defense Break debuff on them for two turns. This Skill can also be Soul-burnt to increase its overall damage.

Taranor Guard’s Skills

Taranor Guard (Skill 3 Attack) / Epic Seven
  • Spear Art – Deals damage to one enemy with a chance of applying a Defense Break debuff on them for one turn.
  • Discipline – Gives Taranor Guard a higher chance to proc a Dual Attack. If triggered, his Attack is boosted for one turn and the Combat Readiness of every team member is also increased.
  • Pierce – Deals damage to one enemy and decreases their Combat Readiness whilst increasing his own. This Skill can also be Soul-burnt to decrease Taranor Guard’s Skill Cooldowns by two turns.

For a measly 3★ Unit, Taranor Guard’s kit isn’t bad at all. He has decent DPS potential, good debuffs, and a solid passive Skill.

The only thing is, Furious is just resoundingly better in terms of boosting his team’s DPS output and breaking enemy defenses.

Keep in mind that Furious can boost the Critical Hit Rates of his allies and break an enemy’s defense in just one turn thanks to his Skill 2. That’s pretty hard to beat, no?


PVE (Adventure & General Farming)

Adventure Stage (Furious & Taranor Guard) / Epic Seven

While I certainly wouldn’t recommend taking Taranor Guard or Furious to farm Adventure stages over most Characters anytime soon, they both still perform quite decently in them.

If you have no other options, Furious will almost always be the better pick over Taranor Guard for stages that you’re having difficulty clearing.

Although Taranor Guard is still viable for some stages. In fact, picking him over Furious can make your Auto-Repeat runs more time-efficient simply because his skills have fewer animations!


PVP (Arena & World Arena)

PVP (Loading Screen) / Epic Seven

Much like in PVE, picking Taranor Guard or Furious for PVP battles isn’t that advisable as opposed to just picking stronger Defense Breakers like Basar or Tywin.

Nevertheless, you can still make it work if you really need to — with Furious being the best candidate once again because of his superior team buff and Defense Break.

Taranor Guard’s not that bad of a “F2P” Defense Breaker either, although you’ll have to invest in him a lot if you want to make him viable for mid to high-level PVP.


Wyvern Hunt (Speed Set Farming)

Wyvern Hunt Stages / Epic Seven

Wyvern Hunts is where Taranor Guard and Furious perform the best as one-target Ice-element Defense Breakers.

Despite both of them being great units for Wyvern Hunts, Furious is still better than Taranor Guard, as he can easily go all the way to Wyvern 13 if you build him appropriately!

There is simply no reason why you shouldn’t pick Furious for your Wyvern team.

After all, you can get him as a Connection Hero for free even as a relatively new player. How’s that for accessibility?

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