Where To Farm Fused Nerve in Epic Seven

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The most reliable method of farming Fused Nerves is to Auto-Repeat Adventure Stage 9-S6. Blue Hawk Forest, so you can grind the AP you need to buy them from that zone’s AP Shop. An alternate option is to farm stage 9-8.

Here’s a list of all of your options:

Adventure Stages That Drop Fused Nerves Map Zone Chapter/Episode Availability of Fused Nerves in the Exchange Shop
  • 9-8
  • 9-S6 (Best Source)
9-2. Central Taranor World Epilogue (Unrecorded History) Available

Events are also a fantastic source of Epic Catalysts in general, along with your Guild Member Shop that allows you to purchase Epic Catalyst Chests in exchange for Guild currency.


Method #1: Farm Adventure Stage 9-S6. Blue Hawk Forest

Stage 9-S6. Blue Hawk Forest (Stage Details) / Epic Seven
Stage 9-S6. Blue Hawk Forest (Stage Details)

Farming Stage 9-S6 Blue Hawk Forest of the Epilogue chapter can potentially give you the most amount of Fused Nerve out of all the other methods listed here.

9-2. Central Taranor World (AP Exchange Shop) / Epic Seven
9-2. Central Taranor World (AP Exchange Shop)

Another great thing about farming Stage 9-S6. is that you can buy Fused Nerves from the AP shop stationed there for 400 AP each, with a limit of 5 Fused Nerves per week.

Bring Pets that boost your AP acquisition rate to make your Auto-Repeat farming sessions of Stage 9-S6. more efficient and fruitful!


Method #2: Participate In Events

Rise of the Great Mortelix Event (Exchange Shop) / Epic Seven
Rise of the Great Mortelix Event (Exchange Shop)

Rare and Epic Catalysts can always be farmed from active Events – just like other precious resources and materials like Runes, Gold, or Molagoras.

Most of the rewards you get from these Events require little to no farming at all, so make sure you’re participating in as many of them as you can!


Method #3: Visit Your Guild

Guild Member Shop / Epic Seven
Guild Member Shop

You can buy up to two Epic Catalyst Chests per week from your Guild’s Member Shop.

I highly recommend that you save up for these chests – especially if you’re short on Epic Catalysts like Fused Nerves, for example.

All you have to do is Donate and participate in your Guild’s daily activities often and you’ll be able to buy these chests in no time!

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