How To Farm Greater Runes in Epic Seven

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The best way to farm Greater Runes is by clearing Spirit Altar Stages at the highest difficulty, which is the Hell Difficulty. Clearing Hell Difficulty exclusively limits your drops to only Greater Runes and Epic Runes — as opposed to other difficulties that give you other types of runes.

Participating in Events and sending material requests to your Guild via the Guild Aid system will also help you collect enough Greater Runes to go around.


Method #1: Farm Spirit Altar At Hell Difficulty (Best Method)

Forest Spirit Altar - Hell / Epic Seven
Forest Spirit Altar – Hell

The Spirit Altar is the only game mode that is centered around farming runes, which makes it the best game mode to focus on if you want Greater Runes.

Clearing the Hell Difficulty, which is the hardest one out of all difficulties, allows you to farm Greater Runes at a much faster rate as you can only get one other rarity of rune here (Epic Runes).

If you can’t clear Hell Difficulty yet, you may consider clearing Normal Difficulty instead. However I still recommend moving on to farming Hell Difficulty as soon as you’re able to.


Method #2: Participate In Events

Blood And Roses Event (Exchange Shop) / Epic Seven
Blood And Roses Event (Exchange Shop)

Events always bring along tons of giveaway rewards and farmable rewards whenever they come around.

Side Story Events, in particular, allow you to earn all three rarities of runes (Normal, Greater, & Epic) through the Event Currency Exchange Shop.

If you aren’t in a particular hurry to get those Greater Runes, though, then I’d recommend you pick up rarer items such as Molagoras or Bookmarks first. Especially since Greater Runes are easier to farm.


Method #3: Request From Your Guild

Guild Aid (Greater Flame Rune) / Epic Seven
Guild Aid (Greater Flame Rune)

You can also farm Greater Runes by requesting them from your Guild, which you can do once per day.

If anything, this is a much better alternative to requesting Catalysts, which are much harder to farm compared to runes.

You can request up to 5 Greater Runes per day, which isn’t bad at all – considering you can do this farming method every day if you want to.

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