Epic Seven: Is Iseria Worth It? (Unit Review)

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Iseria is an Earth element Ranger who excels both as a single-target damage dealer and a single-target Defense Breaker.

She also has her highly coveted Skill 2, which when she’s paired with the right teammates, becomes a trump card that can turn the tides of battle in one combo.

To show you how good Iseria is and why pulling for her might be worth it for you, we’ll cover her best aspects & some build ideas in this guide.


Skills Overview

Iseria (Skills Page) / Epic Seven
Iseria (Skills Page)

Here are all of Iseria’s skills and a brief description of how they work:

  • Refined Flower – Attacks a single enemy. It has a chance to decrease the target’s Defense for two turns. Soul Burn is available for this skill. If used, the Defense Break chance and damage dealt will be increased, but it cannot trigger a Dual Attack.
  • Oathkeeper – Fully resets an ally’s skill cooldown before granting Iseria an Extra Turn. Iseria cannot be targeted by this skill.
  • Full Bloom – Attacks a single enemy. The target will be stripped of all of their buffs, have decreased Defense, and become Unbuffable for two turns.

Just from looking at her kit, it’s quite obvious why Iseria is still a very solid choice for a lot of game modes despite being released way back then.

Equipped with her Skill 2, Iseria is fantastic at setting her allied DPS units up. Not only that, but with her two other skills, she can be utilized as a viable primary or secondary damage dealer herself!

While she’s arguably not as good as her Moonlight counterpart, Iseria’s kit makes her a great addition to most PVE and PVP teams out there.


Iseria in PVE

Iseria (Adventure Stage) / Epic Seven
Iseria (Adventure Stage)

Iseria’s bread and butter is mainly her Skill 2 which can set up some pretty neat combos early in the battle.

While this is great and all, Iseria being a single-target damage dealer instead of your standard cleaver hurts her case when it comes to PVE speed farming.

She can either be a hit or miss in a few PVE game modes, although she generally does well against bosses with weak or neutral elements.

Pair her up with the “PVE Queen” Tamarinne and she becomes an excellent Skill CD battery who can carry any team through even the hardest PVE stages!


Iseria in PVP

Arena Loading Screen / Epic Seven
Arena Loading Screen

In Arena and World Arena, Iseria is surprisingly still among the best Earth element units you can use in your team comp.

This is mainly because of her Skill 2, which synergizes well with units like Tamarinne and Dark Corvus, who have excellent Skill 3s but with long starting cooldowns.

However, while she can hold her own even without allies who synergize well with her, Iseria isn’t really the best choice if you want a pure single-target DPS who can nuke enemies with one skill.

There are a lot of other units who do better than Iseria in that particular regard. So players have to make sure to at least have one unit who can make use of her Skill 2 when building their team.


Recommended Iseria Builds (Skill & Equipment)

Rosa Hargana (Artifacts Page) / Epic Seven
Rosa Hargana (Artifacts Page)

Recommended Artifacts: Sword of Judgment, Unseen Observer, Song of Stars, Rosa Hargana

For general use, Rosa Hargana and Song of Stars are the two best artifacts for Iseria because they will boost her and her team’s DPS output.

Unseen Observer is also viable if you have units who can synergize with Iseria’s Skill 2 and the artifact’s Soul Restoration effect (e.g. Dark Corvus).

Recommended Skill Upgrades: 4/2/3

For Iseria’s skill splits, your priority should be her Skill 2 because of the reduced cooldown and Soul Restoration effect. Investing in her Skill 1 and Skill 3 is also recommended if you want to improve her as a DPS and Damage Breaker.

Recommended Equipment Sets:

  • Speed Set & Crit Set Build
  • Speed Set & Hit Set Build

Iseria is a single-target DPS and debuffer so your priority main/sub stats should be Speed, Effectiveness, Attack, Critical Chance, and Critical Damage.

Iseria (MVP Page) / Epic Seven
Iseria (MVP Page)

Iseria is a timeless character who has mostly been a mainstay in both PVE and PVP game modes ever since the game was first released.

While she’s indeed not as great as she used to be and has since been overshadowed by other top-tier damage dealers, Iseria is still a viable choice for some PVE and PVP team comps.

The reason for this is that, as mentioned before, Iseria only shines her brightest when she’s paired up with units that synergize well with her.

On that note, we recommend getting Iseria only if you can pair her up. Otherwise you’ll be just fine pulling for/investing in another unit instead.

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