Epic Seven: Is Kise Worth It? (Unit Review)

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Kise is an Ice element unit who fits best in high-speed, high-damage cleave teams.

Her kit alone makes her a good unit to pick up and invest in — not to mention she also performs well in most areas of the game.

To elaborate on how good Kise really is and why pulling for her might be worth it for you, here are a few bits of info that you might want to know.


Kise Skills Overview

Skills Page (Kise) / Epic Seven
Skills Page (Kise)

Here are all of Kise’s skills and a brief description of what they do:

  • Full Moon Scythe – Deals damage to one enemy. The damage dealt is boosted if the target has a Buff currently active. This Skill can also be soul-burnt which further increases its damage output.
  • Dark Scar – Deals damage to all enemies. The damage dealt penetrates the target’s defense. This Damage Penetration is further increased if Kise is under Stealth.
  • Nocturne – Deals damage to one enemy and applies Stealth and Barrier for 2 turns to herself. Her Combat Readiness is also increased along with her skill cooldowns. The damage dealt scales off of her remaining HP, and a critical hit will grant her another Barrier which then scales off of her Attack.

Kise’s kit allows her to be an effective single and AoE damage dealer who fits in most cleave teams that only needs one DPS unit.

Her most notable skill is, of course, her Skill 2 which allows her to deal devastating amounts of AoE damage that penetrates the enemy team’s defense.


Kise in PVE

Adventure Stage (Kise) / Epic Seven
Adventure Stage (Kise)

If you’re worried about Kise underperforming in most PVE stages, then don’t.

She’s actually among the best Ice element characters you can have for general mob-clearing.

She also does relatively well against PVE bosses — especially so when she’s surrounded by decent teammates who can support her and tank for her in the harder PVE stages.

All in all, you cannot go wrong with Kise when it comes to things like speed farming Adventure stages or slaying bosses in the Abyss floors.


Kise in PVP

Arena Loading Screen / Epic Seven
Arena Loading Screen

While her top-tier meta days might be long past her, Kise is still a pretty solid unit compared to most units that fulfill the same role.

She shines the brightest when she’s used as the main damage dealer in cleave teams.

Give her a couple of good supports and an AOE Defense Breaker and you will see her tear through the enemy team like a hot knife through butter.

Sure there are cleavers that are more well-suited for PVP matches than her, but if you don’t have any of them? I’d say she can do the job just fine!


Should You Use Kise?

MVP (Kise) / Epic Seven
MVP (Kise)

All in all, Kise is a great unit to pick up if you don’t have any cleavers for your PVE and PVP teams.

She shines as a farmer, a boss hunter, and an Arena unit who can both deal massive single-target and AoE damage if you build her correctly.

Also, I’d suggest going for her if you don’t have any decent Ice element damage dealers on your account in case you’re a beginner.

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