Epic Seven: How To Limit Break Artifacts (+Tips)

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You can Limit Break your Artifacts simply by going to the Artifacts Page in your Inventory, selecting the Artifact you want to Limit Break, then finally Enhancing them with dupes.

Limit Breaking Artifacts is among the best things you can do to make your Characters stronger as it increases the maximum level of your Artifact.

And considering that every Artifact’s built-in Skill is improved every three levels (much like pieces of Equipment), Limit Breaks are essentially necessary to tap into each Artifact’s full power.

For detailed instructions, refer to the following steps below.


Step 1: Go To the Inventory Page

From the Lobby, simply click on the Inventory icon on the upper right part of the screen as highlighted in the image below.

Lobby Screen > Inventory Page / Epic Seven

Step 2: Go To the Artifacts List

After going to the Inventory Page, you’ll be taken straight to the Equipment List as shown in the image below:

Equipment List > Artifacts List / Epic Seven

Tap or click on the highlighted icon in the image above to go to the Artifacts List instead.

After doing so, you should be able to see all of your collected Artifacts just like this:

Artifacts List (Sorted by Grade) / Epic Seven

Step 3: Click on the Artifact You Want to Limit Break

After getting to the Artifacts page, simply tap or click on whatever Artifact you want to Limit Break.

Artifact Page (Cursed Compass) > Enhancing Page / Epic Seven

After selecting the Artifact, simply tap or click on the Enhance button and it will take you to the Artifact Enhancing Screen.


Step 4: Enhance Your Artifacts With Duplicates

Enhancing Page (Cursed Compass) / Epic Seven

And voila — you can finally Limit Break your Artifact!

You will be able to Limit Break an Artifact a total of five times — increasing your Artifact’s Level Limit up to Level 30 and Skill Level Limit up to Level 11.


Limit Break General Tips

Shop (Powder of Knowledge) / Epic Seven

When it comes to Artifacts, there are several very important things that you must keep in mind. They are as follows:

  • Keep at least one fully Limit Broken copy of each 3★ Artifact and above.
  • 2★ Artifacts can be used to farm Silver Transmit Stones.
  • Sell off excess dupes of Artifacts you don’t need or use them as Enhancing Materials.
  • Lock your most precious Artifacts

In most cases, keeping a copy of every 3★ to 5★ Artifact will ensure that you won’t accidentally throw away useful Artifacts.

Also, keeping multiple copies of useful 3★ artifacts (even if they’re not fully Limit Broken copies) like Daydream Joker and Prophetic Candlestick is highly recommended, especially for newer players.

On the other hand, 2★ Artifacts and below are generally okay to be sold or used as fodder. Do note, however, that you can also Enhance each of them to Level 3.

If you do this 10 times, you’ll be able to get 10 Silver Transmit Stones.

Lastly, don’t forget to lock Artifacts to avoid losing them by accident.

Even 5★ Artifacts aren’t automatically locked, so you’ll have to do it manually.

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