Guide To Memory Imprints in Epic Seven

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Memory Imprints are another way for players to strengthen their units aside from leveling them up and awakening them.

The types of Memory Imprint bonuses differ from character to character, but these bonuses make the team much better in their assigned roles — whether that’s as a tank, support, or a DPS unit.

You can visit the Memory Imprint Page in-game by going to a specific character in the Characters Page and tapping the “Memory Imprint” button.

The most common way to get Memory Imprints is to collect duplicates of characters. Although there are several other methods of doing so — and in this guide we’re looking into all the best ways to get Memory Imprints, along with some extra tips along the way.


Collecting Character Duplicates

Montmorency (5 Dupes) / Epic Seven
Montmorency (5 Dupes)

The most widely used way of upgrading a character’s Skill Imprint is by simply collecting and using their duplicates as materials.

Dupes can be farmed from the Summons Gacha and Summon Tickets, though they’re also obtainable from Connections or as Mail Rewards.

TIP: For Moonlight Characters, you can also use their RGB (Red Element, Green Element, & Blue Element) counterparts as materials to increase their Memory Imprint.

Of course, this also goes vice versa if you want to increase the memory imprint for an RGB Character instead.


Using Unknown Slates

Unknown Slate (Characters Page) / Epic Seven
Unknown Slate (Characters Page)

Unknown Slates are pretty rare, but they’re by far one of the most useful and highly valuable ingredients in the game.

After all, they’re used to upgrade the Memory Imprint of any base 5★ characters in the game regardless of their level.

It’s advisable to use these ingredients wisely, as you can only get a very limited amount of them per month.


Using Ego Fragments

Ego Fragment (Inventory Page) / Epic Seven
Ego Fragment (Inventory Page)

Ego Fragments are used as materials for the more advanced version of Memory Imprints called Concentrated Memory Imprints.

Leveling up a Character’s Concentrated Memory Imprint will also give them bonus stats. Although it won’t apply those bonuses to other characters in the team — unlike normal Memory Imprints.

Ego Fragments are also very rare just like Unknown Plates, so be sure to only use them for characters you regularly deploy.


Collecting Strength of Ilryos for Ras

Strength of Ilryos (Characters Page) / Epic Seven
Strength of Ilryos (Characters Page)

The Strength of Ilryos is a unique ingredient that’s reserved for upgrading the Skill Imprint of one and one character only — Ras Elclare.

You won’t be able to collect or even find any duplicates for Ras in the Summoning Gacha or Summoning Tickets.

The only way to increase Ras’s Skill Imprint (or Adventurer Ras’s Skill Imprint for that matter) is to collect these Strengths of Ilryos from Adventure and use them as ingredients.


Collecting World Fragments for Mercedes

World Fragments (Characters Page) / Epic Seven
World Fragments (Characters Page)

Like Ras and Adventurer Ras, Mercedes’s and Celestial Mercedes’s Skill Imprint can only be upgraded by consuming unique ingredients called World Fragments.

Like the Strengths of Ilryos, World Fragments are also farmable in Adventure mainly through clearing Crack in the World stages.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that dupes of Celestial Mercedes can be obtained in the Summoning Gacha and be used as Skill Imprint ingredients, while normal Mercedes cannot.

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