Where To Farm Path Power Loops in Epic Seven

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The best stage to farm Path Power Loops is in 2-2 Arcsoru Library. But they’re also available from the Reingar World AP Exchange Shop, along with a few other sources. Here’s a list of all your best farming options:

  • Adventure Stage (Unrecorded History Reingar World, Stage 2-2 Arcsoru Library)
  • AP Exchange Shop in Reingar World (Recommended)
  • Events
  • Epic Catalyst Chests
  • Guild Member Shop
  • Guild Aid

Method 1: Unrecorded History Reingar World, Stage 2-2 Arcsoru Library)

Reingar (Stage 2-2 Arcsoru Library) / Epic Seven
Reingar (Stage 2-2 Arcsoru Library)

The best stage to farm Path Power Loops from is Stage 2-2 Arcsoru Library in the Prologue (Unrecorded History) Chapter of the Adventure Mode.

The reason for that is the lack of other options for Catalyst drops which raises your chances of getting Path Power Loops as the drop, along with the fact that you can also farm an Epic Catalyst here.

The other two Catalysts you can obtain as drops in this stage are the Rare Special Alarm Loop Catalyst and the Epic Reingar Student ID Catalyst.

TIP: Bringing Pets who can boost your AP acquisition rate will allow you to gain more Adventure Points per stage cleared, which you can then spend on AP Exchange Shops for Catalysts.

Needless to say, bringing these kinds of Pets along before farming this Adventure Stage is an absolute must if you want maximum returns!


Method 2: AP Exchange Shop (Reingar World)

Reingar World - AP Exchange Shop / Epic Seven
Reingar World – AP Exchange Shop

When it comes to farming any Catalyst (Epic or otherwise), no other source beats Adventure Point Exchange Shops in the Unrecorded History (Prologue) Chapter.

AP Exchange Shops are by far the most consistent sources of both Rare and Epic Catalysts — including, of course, Power Path Loops.

If you’re looking to buy Path Power Loops specifically, you can visit the AP Exchange Shop in Unrecorded History 2 Reingar World and buy it from there.

This is exactly why I recommend farming Stage 2-2 Arcsoru Library for Path Power Loops in the first place. It’s so you get Adventure Points specifically for that region!

TIP: Keep in mind that you can only buy ten Path Power Loops per week.

To get as many Path Power Loops from the AP Exchange Shop as possible, try to always buy what you need before the stock resets every end of the week.


Method 3: Events

The Rise of the Great Mortelix Event (Event Exchange Shop) / Epic Seven
The Rise of the Great Mortelix Event (Event Exchange Shop)

Events are another great way to farm not just Catalysts, but also all kinds of precious resources like Skystones, Gold, and Molagora.

Of course, the amount of Catalysts you can farm through events is no joke either. This is why you should always play them as much as you can!

You can get Catalysts like Path Power Loops either as clear rewards, reputation rewards, and most notably, as purchasable items in the Event Exchange Shop.

TIP: Like for Adventure Points from Adventure Stages, some Pets can boost the acquisition rate of Event Currencies from Events Stages too! Bring them along to make the grind more efficient.

Also, while their appearance as purchasable items is always guaranteed, keep in mind that the Epic and Rate Catalysts featured in Event Shops vary from Event to Event.

Keep an eye out for Event Shops that sell Path Power Loops and pick them up as quickly as you can!


Method 4: Rare Catalyst Chests

Rare Catalyst Chest Selection (Path Power Loop x11) / Epic Seven
Rare Catalyst Chest Selection (Path Power Loop x11)

Rare Catalyst Chests may not be as “rare” as their name leads you to believe, but they are still harder to acquire than most consumable items in the game.

However, they are by far your best bet if you want to obtain Rare Catalysts like Path Power Loops without having to do any of the tedious grinds.

Simply do a full sweep in your inventory if you have them, as they can often be buried and forgotten under the other Consumables you receive throughout the game.

TIP: Rare Catalyst Chests are not all alike. You can select which Rare Catalyst you’d like to have in some, while others give you a random Catalyst instead.

Hence, you should remember not to use the Selector Rare Catalyst Chests unnecessarily, as using them wisely instead may just save you from tons of repetitive farming.


Method 5: Guild Member Shop

Guild Member Shop (Rare Catalyst Chest) / Epic Seven
Guild Member Shop (Rare Catalyst Chest)

If you’re an active player and Guild member, then buying Rare Catalyst Chests from the Guild Member Shop should be no problem for you.

Here, you can buy Rare Catalyst Chests and Catalyst Chests (Epic & Rare) in exchange for Guild Currencies.

Do note that the Catalyst Chests that can be bought in the Guild Member Shop can only give you random Catalysts every time you open them.

TIP: Staying active by playing all kinds of game modes and completing certain tasks is all you need to do to accumulate enough Guild Currencies to buy these Catalyst Chests every week.

However, the most important thing for any player to do is to Donate every single day to your Guild so you can get as many Guild Currencies as you can!


Method 6: Guild Aid

Guild Aid (Path Power Loop) / Epic Seven
Guild Aid (Path Power Loop)

Finally, we have the Guild Aid where you can request any kind of Rare Catalyst from your Guildmates!

Naturally, this also includes Path Power Loops — as you can see in the image above.

You can only request two Rare Catalysts at most every day, so try to make the most of it whenever the game clock resets.

TIP: Try to ask for permission first before requesting Catalysts. Rare Catalysts are still quite valuable, and requesting them as Aid may even be seen as a rule violation by some of the stricter Guilds.

If you still plan on requesting Catalysts through the Guild Aid, try to Donate your excess Catalysts as well. Nobody likes leeches in any game!

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