How To Farm Pearlhorizon’s Specialty Change in Epic Seven

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The best places to farm Doll Maker Pearlhorizon’s Specialty Change are as follows:

  • Eliminate 500 Artificial Creatures – Episode 1 Stage 9-9 (10x per run)
  • Eliminate 20 Rose Apostle Priests – Episode 2 Stage 9-S2 (2x per run)
  • Acquire 1000 Reinger AP – Any Reingar Stage

These are the most effective and optimal stages to farm for Doll Maker Pearlhorizon


Why These Stages Are Most Optimal


500 Artificial Creatures

Red Smoke Remus / Epic Seven
Red Smoke Remus

There is no quick way to farm 500 of any enemy in Epic Seven.

Unfortunately, it will take a lot of time, Energy, and patience to get this done.

Episode 1 Stage 9-9 will allow you to encounter 10 Artificial Creatures per run, meaning it will take a total of 50 runs to complete this quest.

It is possible to farm Unrecorded History Stage 2-S3 as well, which has 1 Artificial Creature per run. Therefore, it’s recommended to farm this stage first until you reach 1000 AP, and then transition into finishing up the rest of the Artificial Creatures.

It takes approximately 115 runs to acquire 1000 AP, meaning you will be one-fifth of the way to completing the Artificial Creatures quest through this method.

Tip: Make sure to equip a pet with an S rank skill for farming. There is a chance that your acquired AP could be doubled at the end of every run.


Rose Apostle Priests

Rose Apostle Priest / Epic Seven
Rose Apostle Priest

Episode 2 Stage 9-S2 simply has the most Rose Apostle Priest enemies in a single battle.

There are only two per run, but only 20 are needed to complete the quest so it should not take too long.


1000 Reingar AP

While any stage in Reingar can be farmed in order to acquire the necessary AP for this quest, we recommend farming Stage 2-S3.

As mentioned, completing this quest first will eliminate a large chunk of the Artificial Creatures you have to farm anyway.


What Else Do You Need for Pearlhorizon’s Specialty Change?

Specialty Change Quests / Epic Seven
Specialty Change Quests

Like other Specialty Changes, completing the quests is only the beginning of your journey to a more powerful hero.

After finishing up Pearlhorizon’s Specialty Change quests, you will unlock her Skill Tree.

Here’s a list of the materials you’ll need to max out your Pearlhorizon’s Skill Tree.

Material Amount
Greater Life Rune 410
Epic Life Run 40

Tip: When farming runes, it’s recommended to wait for special buff weekends, when all Spirit Altars are open and pay out increased currency.

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